Beating the Heat with Summer Eats

Beating the Heat with Summer Eats

Ever since I moved to Toronto, I’ve been on the hunt for decent places to eat. Although I do try, I don’t really cook because I’m pretty bad at it. I usually eat frozen food, grab takeout, or have dinner with friends. Frozen food sucks, so it’s usually the last option.

It’s fun going out and trying cool new restaurants, but sometimes you just like having those regular places where you know exactly what you’re going to order and know it’s not going to cost you more than $10. There was this really great oyster place on King called Big Daddy’s, but it shut down last month and I’ve been pretty miserable about it. It would have been on this list. RIP.

These are all the places I ate at the most this summer. Be sure to check all these places out and let me know if you have any restaurant recommendations! ✌

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1. Banh Mi Boys

Banh Mi Boys Toronto
I pretty much lived at Banh Mi Boys and Chipotle the last two months. Pictured above is the meatball banh mi, but my personal favourite is actually the squid banh mi. I got recommendations from a few friends to try the pork belly bao and let’s just say you won’t regret it.

399 Yonge St. | Website

2. Roti Cuisine of India

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures because roti isn’t a very attractive dish. You can search it up if you want. However unattractive it may be, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Lamb korma roti is amazing and I would eat it everyday of my life if I could. It’s a little far out at Spadina and Dupont, but it’s worth visiting. If you want something closer to the downtown core, try Indian Roti House at Church and Wellesley – they give you about half the amount of meat, but the taste is comparable.

308 Dupont St. | Website

3. Queen St. Warehouse

Queen St. Warehouse Toronto
This place is awesome because even though everything is only $5, you get pretty decent portions. Lily introduced me to the Union Street noodle and ever since then I haven’t ordered anything else. It’s basically a bowl of noodles with a bunch of lettuce, avocado, chicken, and soy sauce. Amazeballs.

232 Queen St. West | Website

4. Fresh Off the Boat

Rui and I checked this place out after a day at the Beaches and holy crap was it delicious. We were deciding between this place or Little Fin (the lobster grilled cheese here is pretty disappointing), and I’m glad we chose Fresh Off the Boat. We both got lobster rolls and fell in love with our food. I even came back the next day to get the same thing because it was so good.

404 Queen St. West | Website

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