Hello to Fan Expo

Hello to Fan Expo

My sister and I went to Fan Expo over the weekend for the first time. We went to Comic Con earlier this year, which was smaller but just as fun. It was really amazing seeing cosplayers all dressed up and people just having fun. We wanted to cosplay as well but we didn’t have time to make any costumes. Maybe next year!

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Day One

We spent day one browsing and shopping because we knew it would be the least busiest day and things would get sold out later on in the weekend. We went through the entire con twice to make sure we didn’t miss anything.

Fan Expo 2015 Wristbands

Fan Expo 2015 Scooby Doo Fan Expo 2015 Lego

These sculptures were made out of lego! I didn’t believe it until I went up close. We didn’t really know about any panels or events because we didn’t check the schedule ahead of time, so we didn’t check anything out on day one.

Day Two

Even though we walked through the entire building twice already, we decided to do one more round on day two in case we missed anything. Our plan for the rest of the day was to check out the Scream panel and the Geek Film Fest. We were expecting so much more for the film fest and it was pretty disappointing. However, it did get me interested in geek/cosplay films.

Metro Toronto Convention Centre Fan Expo 2015 Metro Toronto Convention Centre Fan Expo 2015

Fan Expo 2015 Scream Panel

We checked out the Scream panel and it was great. Roger L. Jackson (the voice of Ghostface) was hilarious, Skeet Ulrich was cool, and Neve Campbell was charming. Scream is probably one of my favourite horror franchises next to Insidious. RIP Wes Craven.

Holy Chuck Burgers Toronto Holy Chuck Burgers Toronto

For dinner we got burgers from Holy Chuck at Front Street Foods and holy crap are they the most delicious burgers I’ve ever had. The patties literally melt in your mouth. I highly recommend checking it out either at the market or the actual restaurant.

Day Three

Being the most expensive and busiest day of the entire weekend, getting around the con was pretty hectic on Saturday.

Fan Expo 2015 The Strain Panel

We went to The Strain screening with a Q & A. I wasn’t sure what to expect because it just said “pre-screening” on the schedule and it turned out to be a screening of the episode that aired the week before, season two episode eight. I’m still only on season one so I guess I know a little bit about what’s coming next. After the screening, we got to meet and greet with the producer, Miles Dale, and one of the actresses, Natalie Brown, from the show.

Fresh Off the Boat Lobster Roll Uncle Tetsu Matcha Cheesecake

We went to Front Street Foods for dinner again and I got the lobster roll from Fresh Off the Boat this time. I feel like it tastes a lot better at the actual restaurant, so if you wanted to try it, go there instead.

We also tried the matcha cheesecake at Uncle Tetsu, and it’s a lot better than the original cheesecake. The original cheesecake just tastes like sweet bread you can find at any Asian bakery. The Uncle Tetsu at the market is way less busy than the actual store in case you haven’t checked it out yet.

Day Four

Our only plan for day four was to check out The Walking Dead panel.

Fan Expo 2015 The Walking Dead Panel

We planned on getting there for 10:15 to beat the rush, but it was already packed by that time. We didn’t get to sit that close but we still enjoyed it. Unlike all the other panels we visited, The Walking Dead reached maximum capacity – unsurprisingly. Chandler Riggs, Norman Reedus, and Lennie James were on the panel.

Fan Expo 2015 Stormtroopers

As we were heading out, we saw these guys lined up and I thought it was so cute. The night before we also caught a Stormtrooper parade.

Canteen Restaurant Toronto TIFF

For lunch, we had Canteen. I’ve had the “Untitled” pizza before and it’s one of my most favourite pizzas ever. The base sauce is guac instead of tomato and it’s smothered in chicken, shrimp, and feta cheese.

Fan Expo 2015 Merch

I’m pretty happy with all my purchases from the weekend. Here’s what I got from left to right: bubble tea, Impossibear, chicken baby, Artemis, Con Funk Away lotion, french vanilla lip balm, a bar of soap (I don’t remember what the smell was supposed to be), and a Catbug keychain. The bath stuff was six pieces for $20 so my sister and I figured we might as well try it out. I also wanted a Catbug plush but they only had one with closed eyes and I wanted one with open eyes.

We had a lot of fun this year. Until next year, Fan Expo!

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