I Took a Phone Hiatus for a Day

Unless I’m with someone interesting enough to keep me off it, I’m almost always on my phone. Whether it be taking pictures of cool things or checking my social media notifications, I usually check my phone at least every few minutes.

I’ve always noticed that people often avoid making eye contact with you by looking down at their phone. What if you had no phone to look down at? Losing my phone forced me to actually look up and see everything around me. I noticed when people were looking at me and I had to look back at them because I had no phone to pretend to look down at. Which wasn’t so bad. I noticed little things around me that I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

Having no phone also forces you to actually talk to people you’re with. Emily and I both lost our phones on the same night and we spent the next day without our phones together. We spent most of the day at Nathan Phillips Square. Since we didn’t have our phones, we actually had to talk to each other. It sounds like I’m saying this negatively but I’m not. Even with my other friends we end up being more interested in our phones than in each other and I think it’s kind of sad.

You also get to enjoy little moments without having to take pictures of everything you see (I’m guilty of always doing this). No food pictures, no sunset photos – just seeing things and enjoying them as they are.

The funny thing about this entire fiasco was that Emily and I were extremely calm about the entire situation. Despite not having phones, we had a really good day. I was only phone-less for a day and a half, but I realized a lot about myself. I think we should all try to be more invested in people and things around us rather than our phones. Technology isn’t ruining our lives; we just have to be able to manage our use of it well.

Jessica Lam

Jessica Lam

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Jessica Lam