Urban Exploring in the Toronto Financial District

Urban Exploring in the Toronto Financial District

I’ve recently been getting more into photography (as you can see from the quality of the photos in my last few posts). Adam’s also been getting into photography, so we decided to try urban exploring. We really didn’t know where to go so we figured the Entertainment District and Financial District would be the best areas.

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We started off our adventure at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel. We were hesitant because we thought we would get kicked out as soon as we walked in, but no one even blinked an eye. It was really nice inside the hotel, but we didn’t get any good photos.

We moved onto the Financial District and got a few cool shots.

Financial District Toronto Financial District Toronto

We came across First Canadian Place (which has really nice marble walls if you’re looking for somewhere to take #OOTDs). Luckily there was someone in the elevator with us because we couldn’t get anywhere without a key pass. He asked us where we were going and we told him we were just taking photos. He was nice enough to show us around his office and give us a tour of the different views it had.

First Canadian Place Toronto

He led us to a room with a view of the rooftop hockey rink.

Rooftop Hockey Rink Toronto

We knew we’d get decent photos at Brookfield no matter what so we went there. It definitely looked prettier during the holidays.

Brookfield Place Toronto Brookfield Place Toronto

And thus ended our brief urban exploring trip because I had an assignment due the next day and Adam wanted to go to the gym. We’ll probably try again when the weather gets warmer.

Financial District Toronto

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