I Lost Interest in My University Major

I Lost Interest in My University Major

Throughout high school, I explored different career possibilities. I wanted to be an author, but it was obviously a very unstable career path. I wanted to be a graphic designer, but I wasn’t that great of an artist. I wanted to be a journalist, but I was only good at creative writing. At last, I stumbled upon my ultimate career dream: a film editor.

I’d always had a fascination with editing. I taught myself how to use and experimented with Sony Vegas Pro and Final Cut Pro. I even did high school co-op at Rogers TV as a video editor.

Five years ago, Ryerson University became my dream school. To my disappointment, I didn’t get into my first choice of Film Studies at Ryerson, but I did get into my second choice, Radio and Television (now called Media Production). First year was great – I learned a lot of brand new skills and enjoyed every second of it. It was everything I expected to get out of RTA and more. Second year was fun as well. Somehow, once I got into third year, my passion for editing and film production just died.

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In fall semester, 4/5 of my courses were for my English (mandatory for my program) and Film Studies minors, which made me miserable about school. In an effort to change things up for winter semester, I picked courses related to children’s programming and gaming to see if I was interested in those industries. I also took EFP (electronic field production) in an attempt to rekindle my love for production. Unfortunately, all of this has just reminded me that I have lost interest in what I believed for so long would be my future. I’m enjoying what I’m learning, but none of it is anything I would want to do in the long-term.

Over the past half year, my interests have been gearing towards digital media. I’ve been working in digital media (professionally and personally) for over a year and everything I’ve learned, I’ve learned on my own or from my employers. You don’t really need to go to school to learn how to create online content or use social media.

Several people Adam has interviewed for Students of Ryerson have said they’ve lost interest in their programs as well. I think Media Production is an excellent program and you really do learn a lot, but it’s not related to what I want to do in my future anymore. It terrifies me that I don’t know what I want to do when I graduate, but I have confidence that I’ll figure it out. For anyone in the same position, I think the best thing to do is power through it and have your degree as a backup.

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What to do if you've lost interest in your college/university degree

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