We Went to That Drake Restaurant

We Went to That Drake Restaurant

I’d been wanting to try Drake and Susur Lee’s Fring’s since they opened several months ago and I finally went to try it this weekend. Adam and I wanted to go two weeks ago but we were told we had to make reservations ahead of time because it was so busy.

As soon as you step inside the restaurant, you’re surrounded by two walls with hundreds of circular holes in them. If you look closely, you’ll see still birds lined up in a glass casing. Real? Stuffed? Fake? We couldn’t tell, but it was pretty darn creepy.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was hip and cool and a lot darker and more cramped than the photos below show. The tables were placed extremely close together and it was a struggle for any of us sitting in the booth seat to get in or out. If you decide to make reservations here, be sure to ask for the single fuzzy seats (behind Adam in the photo below) because they look a lot more comfortable.


We were amused by the drink menu, which had cocktails titled things like “Proper Ting”, “Sweeter Man”, and “Waste Man”. The food menu was separated into toasts/appetizers, small plates, and large plates. We were told that the large plates were big enough to share, so I decided to only eat small plates because Adam wanted the burger.

I decided to try the fresh oysters and grilled octopus. The fresh oysters were really good and so was the vinaigrette sauce that came with them.

img_6664 img_6665

I was eager to try the grilled octopus after seeing photos of it all over Instagram. It was paired with red pepper relish and potato salad, and it was all delicious. I’m not a fan of peppers at all, but the red pepper relish was actually pretty good.


Adam got the Susur burger. It was under the “large plates” part of the menu, but it was pretty small and definitely not shareable. However, he said the large amount of fries filled him up.


We got the molten lava cake for dessert.


One of the reasons why we came to Fring’s was because we wanted a photo of the sign, and it turned out that it was in the basement where the washrooms were. So, if you only want a photo of the sign, you don’t even have to eat here. Also, be prepared to awkwardly ask people coming out of the bathroom to take your photo.


Overall, we really liked Fring’s and we’ll definitely be back to try one of the actually shareable large plates.

Feature photo taken by Adam G.

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