Basic Torontonians, Basic Instagrams

Basic Torontonians, Basic Instagrams

Adam and I decided to go urban exploring earlier this week. We had several locations in mind: Billy Bishop Airport, Canoe Landing Park, the City Place bridge, and the Humber Bay Arch Bridge. We only made it to the first two, but we did come across some pretty neat spots along the way.

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Our first destination was Harbourfront. We got prepared food from Longo’s and ate our food on the docks. Our plan was to walk along the lakeshore and see all there was to see on the waterfront.

Harbourfront Skyline

We came across the Toronto Music Garden, which I had been wanting to visit for awhile. I didn’t get any photos though. We also came across this nice little area:

Harbourfront Toronto

We stumbled across Ireland Park, which we’d been wanting to check out after seeing cool photos of it online.

Ireland Park

Photo by Adam G.

We mostly went to Billy Bishop to see what the tunnel was like, and it wasn’t as cool as we expected it to be. We ended up exploring around the airport and finding a nice spot to take photos.

Billy Bishop Airport Billy Bishop Airport Skyline

Billy Bishop Airport SkylineCanoe Landing Park was fairly easy to find thanks to the giant red canoe at the top of the hill. We arrived around sunset and it was really beautiful.

Canoe Landing Park Skyline

Canoe Landing Park Red Canoe

We ended our night off with a DQ blizzard and a sightly walk home.

CN Tower Rainbow

Taken by Adam G.

To sum it up, the best skyline views were at Harbourfront, Ireland Park, Billy Bishop Airport, and Canoe Landing Park. Where are your favourite spots to see the Toronto skyline?

Feature photo taken by Adam G.

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