10 Things That Make Me Happy

10 Things That Make Me Happy

When negative events surround you, it’s hard not to be swallowed up by the negative energy. Although I try my hardest to prevent it, negativity has a snowballing effect on my thoughts and emotions. As Shahrzad was saying to me the other day, surrounding yourself with positivity helps you to stay positive. It sounds like the most basic idea in the world but it’s not so easy to accomplish all the time.

I have two favourite quotes of all time. One of them is by John Green, and it’s: “How will we ever get out of this labyrinth of suffering?” I actually have this tattooed on me. The labyrinth of suffering is life, and the only way to get out of it is to get through it. It sounds like a depressing quote, but it’s not (to me, at least). It motivates me to push through and keep going.

The second quote is by Roald Dahl, and it’s: “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” I always try to stay as positive as I can, but it’s difficult sometimes. I want to beam with so much positivity that it encourages other people to be happy.

Here’s a list of things that make me happy. This isn’t in any particular order.

1. Boyfriend

Growing up, my mom always told me to find someone who puts me first. Adam makes me feel like I’m the most important person in the world. He makes me feel really good about myself even though I’m not that great, and no one has ever done that before. Cheesy as it sounds, thinking about how much we love and care about each other reassures me that everything is going to be okay.


2. Family

I’m very lucky to have such a wonderful and loving family. My parents are so selfless and caring and they give the world to my siblings and I. My siblings are kind-hearted and great people and I wish I could be half as great as them.


3. Friends

I didn’t really have friends in high school. Not to make myself sound like a loser, but I ate lunch alone and spent a lot of time in bathroom stalls. I was lucky to have met my best friend Rui seven years ago, but it was hard because we went to different high schools and universities. I was lucky to have met Jerry and Henry, but they also went to different schools. In university I met strong, amazing people who for once made me feel like I actually belonged somewhere. Shahrzad, Nick, Lia, Kevin – thank you for being great friends and inspiring me.

4. Food

Food is actually very important to me. If I’m not eating well, I’m not happy. I’d probably have a nicer body if I had a healthier diet, but I’d rather eat things that I like. And I’m always happy eating Indian and Mexican food and sushi.


5. Working out

As much as I complain about going to the gym, it always feels rewarding afterwards. I feel healthier, happier, and more confident. If I’m feeling angry or sad, working out always makes me feel better.

6. Cleaning

I find it very difficult to motivate myself to clean. When I finally do, I feel so much more relaxed. Messy habits can carry on into other aspects of your life so it’s good to stay organized and clean.

7. Sunsets

It probably sounds a little lame that sunsets are one of the top 10 things that make me happy, but it’s the truth. There’s just something very calming about watching sunsets. I love the way the sky turns into a gradient and the clouds string together in shades of cotton candy.

IMG_9579 2

8. Music

Like the majority of people, music helps me get through hard times. When I’m angry or sad or feeling any other negative emotion, music soothes me. I just blast my music and zone out from the world and everything feels a little better.

9. Social Media

As someone who’s awkward and unsociable in real life, social media is a huge part of my life. It’s the way I’m best able to communicate and express myself. Curating and maintaining my Instagram is one of my top priorities, believe it or not.

10. My Blog

Diary of a Toronto Girl began as an online journal dedicated to events and places I went to with my friends. I never could’ve imagined how it would blossom into what it is today. Thank you to everyone who reads my posts – it means so much to me.

Jessica Lam

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Jessica Lam
  • “As much as I complain about going to the gym, it always feels rewarding afterwards.” I couldn’t agree more! It’s such a great way to release stress and it’s good that it’s beneficial to our health. Great post, Jessica! And can I just say that I immediately fell in love with your website! Followed you on bloglovin’ and I can’t wait to read more from your blog! xoxo

    Elle | http://www.azedelle.com

    • Thanks for the sweet words Elle! I followed you on Bloglovin’ as well 🙂