10 Delicious Spots to Eat in Hong Kong

10 Delicious Spots to Eat in Hong Kong

I went to Hong Kong for the first time earlier this month, and it was an amazing experience. One of the things I was looking forward to most was all the food. Pretty much everything we ate there was really good!

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Although most of the food we ate was really greasy and I ate ice cream everyday (sometimes multiple times a day), I somehow managed to maintain my weight throughout the trip. Rui and I were worried that we’d put on a lot of weight while in Hong Kong, but we knew our limits (for the most part) and we walked a lot.

We pretty much ate out for most of our meals, and we visited a lot of restaurants. These were my favourite spots in alphabetical order!

1. Agnès b. Café

Agnès b. Café Hong Kong Agnès b. Café Hong Kong

We stumbled across this place while waiting for our friend in a mall, and I thought it looked pretty cute inside. I got the crème brûlée iced coffee, which was perfect for my sweet tooth. Rui got the ginger iced coffee, which has a strong taste of ginger if you’re into that (I’m not). The escargot was delicious, but the mashed potatoes underneath was the best part of the dish.

Located in Central (near Sheung Wan MTR Station) | Website

2. Café de Coral

Café de Coral Hong Kong

Café de Coral is the kind of place you could eat at every single day. It’s shockingly cheap and their food isn’t too bad. I tried milk tea at many different places while in Hong Kong, and theirs was actually my favourite. The condensed milk toast was really good as well!

Many locations | Website

3. Charlie Brown Café

Charlie Brown Café Hong Kong Charlie Brown Café Hong Kong

The outdoor sign for the Charlie Brown Café looks pretty sketchy, but the interior is really cute. This place lacked decent AC, which made it difficult to drink this cream of pumpkin soup, even though it was really good. The pancakes tasted like they were made of basic pancake mix – it wasn’t worth getting even for Charlie Brown’s face.

Charlie Brown Café Hong Kong

I got the mini burger platter and it was really, really greasy. The beef burger was delicious, but the chicken one was alright. I didn’t take a photo of Rui’s sandwich plate, but we ordered so much food that we could only finish half of it.  The portions are pretty large here, so I recommend not ordering a bunch of dishes and drinks like we did.

Located in Tsim Sha Tsui (near Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station) | Website

4. Dim Sum Icon

Dim Sum Icon Kobitos Café Hong Kong

We actually came here expecting the Gudetama Café, but apparently Dim Sum Icon changes the theme of the café every now and then, so it turned out to be the Kobitos Café. Kobitos is also a cute character, so we decided to stay and try it out anyways.

Dim Sum Icon Kobitos Café Hong Kong Dim Sum Icon Kobitos Café Hong Kong

How cute are the dishes here?! I’m still thinking about how delicious these custard-filled baos were. When you poked these little guys in the mouth, it looked like spit was coming out!

While the dim sum was good, but the service wasn’t very great. It’s still worth coming here though, because it’s really cute. There’s another Dim Sum Icon location in Central.

Located in Tsim Sha Tsui | Website

5. Grand Avenue Thai Café

The Grand Avenue Hong Kong The Grand Avenue Hong Kong
We also stumbled across this place at a mall, and we came here during afternoon tea (I never knew that was a thing anywhere). We ordered fruit soda, Thai iced tea, and mini burgers, all of which were very delicious. There are also two other Grand Avenue locations in Tseung Kwan O.

Located in Tsuen Wan (near Tsuen Wan West MTR Station) | Website

6. Pompompurin Café

Pompompurin Café Hong Kong Pompompurin Café Hong Kong
As you can tell, I have an obsession with cute things… I had to stop by the Pompompurin Café! I got a taco platter (Mexican food in Hong Kong? Yep) and it was surprisingly delicious. Rui got a carbonara pasta and it wasn’t as good.

Pompompurin Café Hong Kong

We also shared this caramel and banana hotcakes plate and it was amazing. I’d come back just for this dish!

Located in Causeway Bay (near Causeway Bay MTR Station) | Website

7. Shugetsu

Shugetsu Hong Kong
I’m usually not a huge fan of ramen and I usually can’t even finish the bowl when I do eat ramen, but the food here was good enough to make me want to eat the entire bowl. We went to the Central location, but there’s also one in Quarry Bay.

Located in Central (near Sheung Wan MTR Station) | Website

8. Teawood

Teawood Hong Kong Teawood Hong Kong
We went to this Taiwanese café called Teawood that reminded me of Ten Ren’s here in Toronto. The food basically tasted like what you’d get at Ten Ren’s, and it was good. I got the lavender milk tea, which was delicious. They used these cute mini shovels as spoons!

Many locations | Website

9. Uchi Coffee

Uchi Coffee Hong Kong Uchi Coffee Hong Kong

Despite the horrible service, the food at Uchi Coffee was awesome. This was definitely my favourite spot that we visited.

Uchi Coffee Hong Kong

I ordered the “hamburg”. I thought they misspelled “hamburger”, but I googled hamburg and it’s an actual dish. We went to the Ma On Shan location, but there’s also one in Tai Wai.

Uchi Coffee Hong Kong Uchi Coffee Hong Kong

Located in Ma On Shan (near Wu Kai Sha MTR Station) | Website

10. Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant, Hong Kong

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant, Hong Kong

We came here late one evening because we were hungry and didn’t know where else to go. I got the deluxe sashimi plate and it was really fresh! We also shared this delicious chicken skewer platter. We went to the location in Kwai Fong (near Kwai Fong MTR Station).

Many locations | Website

To conclude this post, what everyone told me is true: Hong Kong food is amazing! We also ate dim sum a lot while in Hong Kong, and I honestly thought it tasted like any dim sum you could eat here in Toronto – but it was still delicious!

Have you been to Hong Kong? Where are your favourite spots to eat?

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