What I Ate in Hong Kong

What I Ate in Hong Kong

One of the things I was looking forward to most in Hong Kong was all the food. Almost everything we ate was actually really good, and I miss all of it. Even though most of the things we ate were really greasy and I ate ice cream everyday (sometimes multiple times a day), I managed to maintain my weight. We were worried that we’d put on a lot of weight while in HK, but we knew our limits (most of the time) and we did a lot of walking.

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Agnès b. Café

I got the crème brûlée iced coffee and Rui got the ginger iced coffee. I really liked mine because it was very sweet. If you like the taste of ginger, you’ll like the ginger iced coffee. The escargot tasted the same as anywhere else, but the mashed potatoes beneath them were really good.

Agnès b. Café Hong Kong Agnès b. Café Hong Kong

Café de Coral

I’m still shocked by how cheap the food is here. I tried milk tea at many different places, and theirs was my favourite.

Café de Coral Hong Kong

Charlie Brown Café

The outdoor sign for this place looks pretty sketchy, but the inside is really cute. This place lacked decent AC, which made it difficult to drink this cream of pumpkin soup, even though it was really good. I don’t remember how much the pancakes were, but it was probably expensive. They tasted like they were made of basic pancake mix and we didn’t even bother finishing it.

Charlie Brown Café Hong Kong Charlie Brown Café Hong Kong

I got the mini burger platter and it was really greasy. The beef burger was delicious, but the chicken was meh. The wedges were also good.

Charlie Brown Café Hong Kong

We ordered so much food from here that we could only finish half of it. I didn’t take a photo of Rui’s sandwich plate. The portions are pretty large here, so I recommend not ordering a bunch of dishes and drinks like we did.

Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant

This place looked like a really nice restaurant so I was expecting it to be amazing, but the food tasted like anything you’d have at Congee Wong in Markham (maybe a little better). The deep fried squid, deep fried tofu, and lobster were good.

Chuen Kee Seafood Hong Kong

Chuen Kee Seafood Hong Kong Oyster

Dim Sum Icon

We actually came here expecting the Gudetama Café, but it turned out to be the Kobitos Café. Kobitos is also a cute character, so we decided to stay and try it out. The dim sum was good, but the service wasn’t very great.

Dim Sum Icon Kobitos Café Hong Kong

The tarts were yummy (and adorable). I’m still thinking about how delicious these custard-filled baos were.

Dim Sum Icon Kobitos Café Hong Kong Dim Sum Icon Kobitos Café Hong Kong

L’Éclair de Génie

Zoe told us they had really good eclairs here and neither of us had ever tried eclairs before. The vanilla pecan was amazing, and the salted caramel was pretty tasty as well.

L'Éclair de Génie Hong Kong L'Éclair de Génie Hong Kong

Emack and Bolio’s

I found this place on someone’s Instagram profile awhile back and I wanted to check it out because of how Insta-worthy the ice creams were. Honestly, this place is only worth coming to for photos because the ice cream itself isn’t anything special.

Emack and Bolio's Hong Kong

The Grand Avenue

We came here during afternoon tea, and ordered fruit soda, Thai iced tea, and mini burgers. The fruit soda was awesome and everything else was pretty good.

The Grand Avenue Hong Kong The Grand Avenue Hong Kong

Greyhound Café

This was the first place we ate at when we arrived in HK. I got the ink noodles with seafood, and it didn’t taste that great. Neither did the Thai iced tea. They have a huge menu with tons of options, but I wouldn’t come back here.

Greyhound Café Hong Kong

Honeymoon Dessert

The first time I came here, I got green tea and durian ice cream in vanilla sauce, but it turned out to be total bogus. The green tea ice cream tasted like something you could buy at T&T and the durian “ice cream” was just mashed up durian. The second time I came here, I got mango sago. The dessert here tastes decent, but it definitely isn’t anything special.

Honeymoon Dessert Hong Kong Honeymoon Dessert Hong Kong

Hungry Korean

I got the squid bi bim bap and it was okay. I’m not really into Korean cuisine. However, the iced green milk tea I got with it was delicious.

Hungry Korean Hong Kong


We got the matcha and hokkaido milk twist, and it was delicious. I think it actually tastes better than Tsujiri. We tried matcha ice cream at tons of places in HK, and Log-On was our favourite.

Log-On Hong Kong Matcha and Hokkaido Ice Cream

Mellow Brown Coffee

The coffee was good, but the food (according to Vivian) tasted homemade and wasn’t that great.

Mellow Brown Coffee Hong Kong


I’d been told before that MUJI stores had cafés in Asia, so I really wanted to check one out. I love tasting really obscure flavours, so I tried this dragonfruit soda. It wasn’t mind-blowing and it wasn’t something I’d get again, but it was definitely worth trying.

MUJI Café Hong Kong

Pokka Café

This was the only dessert place in the HK airport, so we came here. I got the taro iced latte, which was just okay. The chips were salty and weird and the drink itself was too creamy. We got this salmon sashimi platter with salmon roe to share. Since coming to HK, I’ve fallen in love with salmon roe.

Pokka Café Hong Kong Pokka Café Hong Kong

Pompompurin Café

I got a taco platter (weird because Mexican food in HK) and it was delicious. Rui got a carbonara pasta and it wasn’t good.

Pompompurin Café Hong Kong Pompompurin Café Hong Kong

We shared this caramel and banana hotcakes plate and it was amazing. I’d come back just for this.

Pompompurin Café Hong Kong


I’m not a huge ramen fan, but the food was good enough to make me want to eat the entire bowl (I usually can’t finish them). If I remember correctly, the entire ramen menu only has pork belly as a meat option.

Shugetsu Hong Kong


We went to this Taiwanese café and I tried their lavender milk tea, which was really good. The food tasted like what you’d get at Ten Ren’s. They used these cute little shovels as spoons.

Teawood Hong Kong Teawood Hong Kong

Toriyamana Restaurant

The food here was alright. They put wasabi in almost every piece of sushi and it killed me (I can’t eat spicy things or wasabi). Dessert was definitely the best part.

Toriyamana Restaurant Hong Kong Toriyamana Restaurant Hong Kong

Uchi Coffee

Despite the horrible service, the food here was awesome. This was definitely one of my favourite places we ate at.

Uchi Coffee Hong Kong Uchi Coffee Hong Kong

I got the “hamburg”. I thought they misspelled “hamburger”, but I googled “hamburg and it’s an actual dish.

Uchi Coffee Hong Kong

Uchi Coffee Hong Kong Uchi Coffee Hong Kong

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant

I got the deluxe sashimi plate and it was pretty good. I would come back here for this. We also got this chicken skewer platter, and it was also good.

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant Hong Kong

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant Hong Kong


While in Cheung Chau Village, we ate at this little noodle place which I didn’t know the name of. The food was very simple, but still pretty good.

Cheung Chau Village Noodles

This Sunkist Pomegranate Pink Guava drink was my second favourite bottled drink I tried in HK. My absolute favourite was Nestea’s Watermelon Tea, which has an icy aftertaste (the same feeling as chewing Excel gum).

Sunkist Pomegranate Pink Guava Drink

These ice cream-flavoured Oreos were amazing.

Ice Cream-Flavoured Oreos

Ube-flavoured Drumsticks were good as well. We were trying to decide on whether ube and taro were the same thing, and according to Google, they’re not.

Ube-Flavoured Ice Cream Drumsticks

This wasn’t everything we ate, but I was too lazy to take photos of or vlog everything. To conclude this post, what everyone told me is true: Hong Kong food is amazing!

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