We Went on a Road Trip for These Milkshakes

It was 7 AM and I received several Snapchats from Shahrzad about being woken up by people talking loudly outside her window. I’d been up since 6 AM because I slept early the night before. Since we were both up anyways, we decided to have an early morning, and she picked me up about an hour later.

We didn’t have a plan for the day. We grabbed breakfast at Wimpy’s and decided to go to the Boyd Conservation Area in Woodbridge because we didn’t know what else there was to do. We drove all the way there, only to find that there wasn’t a worker in attendance and we had to fill out forms to enter. It was all just too much of a nuisance, so we left.

We decided to go on a spontaneous road trip to Oshawa to visit Hollywood Cone. It was about an hour drive from Woodbridge. As you’d expect by the name, the ice cream shop was very glamorous both inside and outside.

Hollywood Cone Oshawa Ontario

They had theatre seats sprawled against the wall and it was so unique. Their wall was painted the same colour as the Friends wall.

Hollywood Cone Oshawa Ontario

Hollywood Cone is famous for their mutant milkshakes, and that is what we ordered. They were super Instagram-worthy and pretty tasty. I don’t remember the names, but mine was coffee-flavoured with sprinkled donuts and Shahrzad’s was everything Nutella.

Since there was a waterfront, we decided to check it out. We went to the Lakefront Park West, which was actually kind of nice. There is an actual waterfront trail, but apparently that’s in Ajax, and we thought we’d have more fun finding our own spot to view the waterfront. It’s not somewhere worth coming all the way to Oshawa for, but it’s a nice place to stop by if you’re in the area.

Oshawa Ontario Waterfront

There isn’t really much to do in Oshawa – all Google listed were some museums. So, we just spent the morning there and arrived back home in the afternoon. We felt like troopers going out and coming home so early. We had a fun “day” in Oshawa and we’d definitely come back for the milkshakes.

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