Summer Lips = Forever Young

Summer Lips = Forever Young

Anyone who knows me knows I almost never walk out of the house without lipstick on (much to my boyfriend’s dismay). My favourite look for summer is simple and neutral eye makeup paired with colourful lips. I think it looks so fresh and ready for warm weather. I thought I’d share some of my favourite summer lipsticks. And yes, the title of this post was inspired by a The Academy Is… song.

Favourite Summer Lipsticks 2016

From top left to bottom right: MAC Happy-Go-Lucky, MAC Red Balloon, Marc Jacobs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, MAC Impassioned, and MAC Vegas Volt

I tried taking photos of the bottom half of my face and even just of my lips, but they all looked weird. So here are some awkward selfies ft. my favourite summer lipsticks.

MAC Happy-Go-Lucky

Happy-Go-Lucky is probably the most summery colour on this list, but it’s also the brightest, so it’s not a colour I wear often. I still love it. Unfortunately, it was limited edition, so it’s not available in stores!

MAC Happy-Go-Lucky Lipstick

MAC Red Balloon

I’m a lover of dark lipsticks and red lipsticks, and Red Balloon is the most summery combination of the two I have. Unfortunately, it was also limited edition.

MAC Red Balloon Lipstick

Marc Jacobs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

This is probably the most wearable lipstick on this list, and it’s perfect for everyday. I got it as my Sephora birthday gift and I’m so happy I chose this over the other option they have. I’ll definitely be purchasing the full size after I run out of this one.

Marc Jacobs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Lipstick

MAC Impassioned

This is similar to Red Balloon, but it’s more on the pink side. Wearing this colour makes me feel super girly.

MAC Impassioned Lipstick

MAC Vegas Volt

I’m not a big fan of coral or orange lipsticks, but I do like MAC’s Vegas Volt and Toying Around.

MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick

Out of all of these, I definitely wear MAC’s Red Balloon and Marc Jacobs’ Kiss Kiss Bang Bang the most. If your birthday is coming up, I highly recommend picking this Marc Jacobs lipstick as your Sephora birthday gift. Thanks for reading and happy rest of your summer!

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  • They all look amazing on you, but Mac’s Happy Go Lucky is what suits you best! Such a pretty shade! The Marc Jacob’s lipstick also looks flattering on your skin tone. 🙂