7 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Downtown Montreal

7 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Downtown Montreal

I went to Montreal for the first time this past weekend for Osheaga, and fell in love with how beautiful the city was. My best friend, Shahrzad, and I stayed in Le Plateau, and it was such a gorgeous neighbourhood. It was close to everywhere we wanted and needed to go, and it was just very pretty and picturesque. We also biked to and visited Old Montreal, and it was stunning.

I thought I’d do a little post on some of the Instagram-worthy spots we visited while in Montreal.

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1. Saint-Dizier Gallery

We stumbled across a bunch of galleries on a street in Old Montreal, and this one was my favourite. There are so many possible photo ops here!

Old Montreal Saint-Dizier Gallery

Old Montreal Saint-Dizier Gallery

Taken by Shahrzad A.

2. Walls and alleyways in Old Montreal

There are so many cool and rustic-looking walls and alleys in Old Montreal. It’s definitely a good place to take OOTD photos if you’re wearing colours – Shahrzad and I were both wearing black, white, or grey, so we didn’t really stand out from any backgrounds. I’ll definitely be sure to wear bright colours next time I visit to take more fun photos!

Old Montreal Alley

Old Montreal

Taken by Shahrzad A.

3. World Trade Centre Montreal

I’ve seen this place all over Instagram, and I’ve always wanted to come here. The reflections in the water look amazing in photos. I would love to visit here during sunset one day to take photos!

World Trade Centre Montreal

4. Cute brunch spots like Chez José

This brunch place ties up with my Toronto favourite, Fonda Lola. I got this Mexican omelette, and it was to die for. Our server was really nice and the overall vibe of the restaurant was just great. The restaurant is filled with colourful drawn-wallpaper and knick knacks that make for mouthwatering food photos.

Montreal Chez José

5. Cute dessert places like La Diperie

This ice cream place has been all over my Instagram feed, and Shahrzad and I were excited to have the chance to try it. They have tons and tons of flavours of dipped cones with so many possibilities for toppings. I was hoping my lavender-dipped cone would be purple, but it turned out to be brown and it also wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be. Shahrzad got the maple syrup-dipped cone, and it was delicious.

Montreal La Diperie

6. Walls in the Plateau

We were told the Plateau was the ‘artsy’ part of Montreal. There are lots of beautiful houses with beautiful staircases, colourful brick walls, and cool graffiti. So many OOTD photo ops here!

Le Plateau Montreal

Taken by Shahrzad A.

7. Saint-Catherine Street

Like the World Trade Centre, I’ve seen this place so many times on Instagram and I’ve always wanted to visit this spot. It’s much, much, much prettier during the daytime but I was only able to come here at night. I will be back here one day for a daytime photo.

Rue St Catherine Montreal

Mont-Royal Park and La Fontaine Park were also both really beautiful places, but I didn’t take any photos. Montreal is a gorgeous city and I can’t wait to come back. If you know of any other Instagram-worthy spots, I’d love to know in the comments!

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7 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Downtown Montreal

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  • Ameer

    Love these places 👍🏻 There are more spots around the old port and the lookout

  • Rahul Khurana

    All the spots look so great and vibrant. Any pic clicked here will surely get likes. Awesome!

  • We stayed in Old Montreal just last week and couldn’t believe our eyes, it was such a treat. There must be dozens of photo-worthy spots hidden in the winding lanes and alleyways.

  • The walls look great and I’d love to eat that ice cream!

  • These are some really good shots!! One day I’d like to go there!

  • LOVE THIS! I’m from Toronto and have been wanting to visit Montreal the last couple weeks. I’ll definitely check out these spots if I make the trip!

    xo Olivia | http://oliviadipede.com

    • Thanks Olivia! It’s nice to meet a fellow Toronto blogger haha 🙂

  • Kimberly @ Berly’s Kitchen

    Montreal sounds like it has a lot of fun stuff. Your pictures are great, especially the one from the museum with the cartoon characters. That’s really cute. Maybe one day I can make it to Montreal for a visit.

    • Thanks Kimberly, you should definitely pay a visit someday!

  • Christina Ropp

    Love the pics, it makes me want to visit! What’s the story behind Saint-Catherine street? It looks amazing, even at night!

    • Thanks so much Christina! I don’t know the story, but it’s even more stunning in person!

  • I need to pin this, Montreal is on the short list of where I want to go next. I live near NYC I am pretty sure we can drive there!

    • You should definitely visit Old Montreal if you do!

  • I’ll have to save this for my next visit!

  • graceblossoms.com

    Oh my goodness! These are great ideas and just enjoyable to read and see! Thank you for your post!

  • Saint-Catherine Street looks amazing. Nice list of spots!

  • Ayana

    Wow these are all great spots!! Nice job finding them! I’m sad to hear your lavender ice cream wasn’t up to par, it sure looks good!

  • Great list! My husband’s family is from Montreal so we visit there often. Old Montreal is definitely soooo Instagrammable!

    • Thanks Chrissie! I’d love to go back to Old Montreal just for the photos haha!

  • thesofieyahdiaries

    I’m saving Montreal for christmas… but this is making me want to go soooo bad! xD


    • Haha I really want to go back! Enjoy your trip hehe!

  • You’re right, all of these photos came out great! I really liked the walls in Old Montreal and the Trade Center photos the best though. I’d like to travel there at some point in my life. My fiancee and I took a greyhound bus into Canada a few years ago but it was just because we wanted to see Niagara Falls. We are going to be road tripping, this October, up to Seattle and we’re thinking about stopping into CA again. We’ll see what happens!


    • Thanks Ricky! I definitely recommend making the trip to Vancouver – it’s such a beautiful place. I have a blog post about my trip from earlier this year if you’re interested!