The Colourful Gallery That Will Complete Your Instagram This Summer

The Colourful Gallery That Will Complete Your Instagram This Summer

Coldstream Fine Art is one of my favourite art galleries to visit in the city. They’ve always got the coolest exhibitions going on by the most talented artists. Right now, they’ve got Peterborough-based artist Bill Batten’s Eye Candy exhibition on display at their gallery, and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

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Batten’s goal for this exhibition was to create works that were simply meant to look beautiful, hence the title Eye Candy. However, it’s up to you as a viewer to decide on whether you find the works beautiful or not.

“I’ve wanted to use the phrase ‘eye candy’ as the title of an exhibition for a long time, but I’ve always resisted the urge because of the negative implications that are associated with that term,” says Batten, “I’ve chosen to call this show Eye Candy precisely to challenge the seemingly axiomatic assumption that anything referred to as eye candy is automatically presumed to be lacking in depth or meaning, that their beauty is, so to speak, superficial. Or, to put it another way, the beauty caught by the term eye candy can (must?) only be skin deep.”


This series, as well as Batten’s studio practice as a whole is shaped by his interest in colour theory, modern and postmodern art history, and critical theory.


There are also works being displayed by three other artists: Djuna Day, David Liss, and Barry Oretsky. The photograph of the Georgian Bay above is a print by Barry Oretsky, and it’s stunning to look at in person.

You can check out the Eye Candy exhibition from now until August 25th at Coldstream Fine Art. For more information, check out Coldstream Fine Art’s website.

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