The New El Furniture Restaurant You Need to Check Out

The New El Furniture Restaurant You Need to Check Out

El Furniture Warehouse is one of my¬†top places to eat in Toronto, and has been so since they first arrived two years ago. You can’t beat their generous portions and $4.95 plates. Since then, they’ve expanded to Queen and McCaul (called Queen Street Warehouse), and now Queen and Bathurst (called The Dime).¬†Adam and I love the food at Warehouse, so we decided to check out The Dime for lunch.

The first thing we noticed when we walked in was that the service was¬†so¬†much better than the service at Queen Street Warehouse (where we usually go).¬†We¬†were told to choose any table we wanted (it was also because it was late afternoon and it wasn’t busy), and the host told us we could sit at the big table by the window. We were then greeted by our hostess, Erica, who was¬†really nice and pleasant.

The Dime - White Freezy Cocktail

I¬†got the White Freezy cocktail¬†and it was delicious¬†‚Äď it tasted like a white freezie with raspberry in it.

The Dime Restaurant Toronto

We got these tempura-battered, Korean barbecue-flavoured cauliflower bites, and they were¬†amazing. I hated eating cauliflower growing up, and battering and tossing them makes them so much more appealing. Home of the Brave makes buffalo-flavoured cauliflower bites and they’re really good¬†as well.

The Dime - Baja Shrimp Taco

The taco plates here are such a good deal ‚Äď $4.95 for three tacos! Where else in Toronto do you get good tacos for cheap on a daily basis? I love Grand Electric and La Carnita, but their tacos are like $4 to $5 each.

We decided to try the baja shrimp tacos (above) and jerk chicken tacos (below). The shrimp tacos were so delicious and I could eat them everyday for the rest of my life. The jerk chicken tacos were tasty as well, but the shrimp ones were definitely my favourite of the two.

The Dime - Jerk Chicken Taco

I highly recommend going to this El Furn location the most¬†‚Äď it doesn’t seem as busy, and the people working there are super friendly. We’ll definitely be back to try the al pastor pork tacos and avocado toast. The menu is obviously different than the other locations, and the food’s good at any of them. If you’re craving a burger, I say pay a visit to Queen Street Warehouse instead!

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