August 2016 Playlist

This past summer was the best of my entire life. I experienced¬†things I never thought I’d ever have the chance to, travelled to new places, and became closer with the people I care about. I feel as if I’ve grown a lot as a person this summer. I feel more “adult” than I ever have before, and I’m not so terrified of my future anymore. It feels really good, and I’m excited to see what the future holds.

These songs were on my playlist all throughout the last month, and they’ll forever stay in my heart as the songs of the summer of 2016. I have an actual playlist for Summer Sixteen, but it was all a bunch of songs I just discovered and loved at the moment. The songs in this playlist really mean something to me, and I hope you enjoy them as well.

If you liked this playlist, check out my Summer Sixteen Mixtape. What were your favourite songs of the summer?

Jessica Lam

Jessica Lam

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Jessica Lam