We Came for the Chicken and Waffles but Stayed for the Art

We Came for the Chicken and Waffles but Stayed for the Art

I can’t believe this is my first blog post in a week! The last two weeks have been so hectic and busy that I’ve barely had time to even think about my blog. After posting at least two to three times a week over the summer, it’s unusual to me.

I had the opportunity to kick back and relax at the Sleep Envie launch party, held at this beautiful space by King and Duncan. In honour of Nuit Blanche, they had five different bed art installations, all of which were really cool. They also had delicious comfort food that I’m still dreaming about – it was here that I discovered my new love for chicken and waffles.

Of course, we all know I love my neon signs.

This bed featured a projection of a pink-haired girl riding a ginormous puppy.

This was one of my favourite installations, and it’s really too bad that pictures can’t do it any justice. It was pretty surreal in real life.

Does anyone remember Charlie Brown and Snoopy?

Doesn’t this bed look so dreamy? I wish it was mine.

Of course there had to be milk and cookies, and a fancy cereal bar. Adam and I kept standing near where the kitchen was because we wanted to be first to get the food (this is basically me at every media event).

If you’re looking to purchase a quality mattress or pillows, be sure to check out Sleep Envie. For more information, check out their online website here. See you all at Nuit Blanche this weekend!

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Jessica Lam
  • Wow, that looks like a really interesting installation. Love their style! And I bet the food was good 🙂

  • LOL! I’d totally hover around the kitchen door too. Great post & event. I love the installations. I need to attend more art inspired events that involve yummy treats.

    • Thanks Bekka! These are my favourite kinds of events to attend 😛