10 Apps and Websites Every Content Creator Should Know About

10 Apps and Websites Every Content Creator Should Know About

The world of content creation today is huge. Thanks to the internet and moderately affordable photography and video equipment, anyone can be a “content creator” – and it’s a great thing. It’s awesome that so many people are able to express themselves in ways they never could have before. I, for one, would probably still have dreams of being a writer/journalist if I didn’t have things like my iPhone or Instagram or even my blog.

As a kid, I was always fascinated with media and content creation. Web design, graphic design, video editing – you name it. Over the years, I’ve only become more and more passionate about it, and I’m excited to share with you these great tools I use on a daily basis.

1. Title Capitalization

I’m usually pretty good with capitalization in titles, but it’s always good to proofread just in case. All you have to do is type in your title in the text box and it capitalizes what needs to be capitalized.

2. NoCopyrightSounds

One of my biggest struggles in life before I discovered NCS was finding non-cheesy, copyright-free music. NCS shares awesome, usable, copyright-free music, as long as you credit the artists. I use their songs in all of my videos.

3. We Heart It

If you’re ever feeling uninspired about posting photos on Instagram, scroll through We Heart It and get some inspiration from there. I usually screenshot photos I like and put them in my “Instagram Inspiration” folder on my phone. I also have a post on Instagram photo ideas.

4. Bloglovin’

If you’ve got writer’s block and can’t think of blog post ideas, browse through posts by other bloggers on Bloglovin’ for inspiration. You can also follow me on there if you’d like 😉

5. ShopStyle Collective

You can add affiliate links to certain products on your blog, social media, YouTube, etc. and make commission off of it. You can also try Amazon Affiliate, but ShopStyle has been much more effective for me.

6. Influenster

If you’re a blogger or social media influencer, you can get free products using Influenster. I actually found out about this from Natalie of Natalie Inspired, and you can read more about it in her blog post here.

7. bit.ly

I use this to shorten links for Instagram – it makes your page look so much cleaner.

8. Canon Camera Connect

If you have one of the newer Canon cameras with wifi capability, this app is amazing. You can shoot, import, and edit your photos in minutes without the need for a laptop.

9. Google Analytics

This is useful for anyone who has a website or blog. I used to go by my WordPress stats, and I was pretty shocked when I first came across my Google Analytics stats. It accurately tells you how many unique visitors and how many page views you get monthly, and it’s great.

10. Hootsuite

I never really bothered with Hootsuite despite hearing about it so much. I recently decided to give Tweet scheduling a try, and I’ve been loving it. It’s free to use, so take advantage of it!

I hope you find at least a few of these apps and websites helpful. I tried to create a unique list of things I hadn’t really seen in other similar blog posts. Let me know in the comments if you have any favourite tools for content creation!

Jessica Lam

Jessica Lam

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Jessica Lam
  • These are all awesome! I use most of them.. but I definitely never knew about title capitalization!

    • Haha that’s awesome! Title capitalization is really useful 🙂

  • Nicole Parise

    I saved a few of these, thanks for sharing! I love bloglovin as well, great way to see everything together 🙂

    xx nicole

    • I’m glad you found this helpful, Nicole! 😊

  • I have not heard of the frist two, but I am definitely going to check them out! As for the rest of them, I could not agree more…definitely some great sites!

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  • Such awesome apps to help with content. Sometimes i get stuck in various areas, these are perfect for getting me out of my jam!

  • Jenn McClure

    These are great resources, some of which I have never heard of before. I’ll definitely have to check out the capitalization one and the the music one. I definitely need some music for my videos and I am super excited to go check these websites out! Thanks for sharing!

    Love, Jenn

  • Omg! Such great resources! I especially love the Title Capitalization one. I am absolutely horrible with it sometimes. Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

    • Thanks Alexandra, I’m glad you found it useful! 😊

  • Great resources!