Skinny Coffee Club Review: Does It Actually Work?

Skinny Coffee Club Review: Does It Actually Work?

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Coffee that helps you lose weight? How is that even possible? Is it safe? Those were my exact thoughts as well. Skinny Coffee Club contacted me a few months ago to recruit me as a brand ambassador, and although I was a bit iffy about how coffee could help you lose weight, I decided to try it out.

First off, their coffee is completely safe. Their coffee is organic and uses ingredients with fat burning properties, which help your body to absorb nutrients from your food and make it easier to lose weight when you combine it with a healthy eating lifestyle.

With your order comes a free diet plan and exercising plan to help you lose weight, neither of which I ended up using. I exercised on my own schedule (several times a week) and ate my usual diet (working out allows me to eat whatever I want). They recommend that you drink the coffee black, and although it’s not very strong, it’s not something I enjoy drinking by itself. I usually pair it with some almond milk and agave.

Skinny Coffee Club claims to reduce bloating, help with weight loss, and regulate energy levels.


The only thing I’m 100% sure about is that drinking Skinny Coffee Club helped reduce my bloating. Usually after eating or drinking, I get a little bit of a belly, but when I started consistently drinking their coffee, I wasn’t bloating anymore. I made sure to ask Adam at least several times to make sure I wasn’t just imagining it.

Weight loss

As for weight loss, I’m not entirely sure. I fluctuate a lot between 115 and 120, so it’s hard to tell. I’m sure if I followed their diet plan and worked out more consistently it would’ve made a difference.


Throughout August I had very low energy and I always felt super exhausted even when I wasn’t doing anything. During the month of September, I started to feel more energetic and less tired all the time – I joked to Adam that it might’ve been the Skinny Coffee Club, and it probably was.

Jessica Lam

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Jessica Lam
  • tfr

    I was hoping to try the coffee alongside a good clean diet and regular exercise… I have now been having the coffee daily for 2 weeks and i’ll be honest, I am not noticing a single difference. Nothing like what others have said. I actually am beginning to think i may have been sent a ‘fake’ packet…. not sure but either way, doing nothing to me.

    • It definitely has different effects on everyone! A good diet and exercise is all you really need anyways – I haven’t drank Skinny Coffee Club in months and I’m fluctuating between 113-117 in weight as opposed to 115-120.

  • So, interesting. I always casted it off as a hoax but sounds like you actually saw benefits which makes me think I should check into it a bit more. Especially, if it reduces bloating 😉

    • It really does work! I’d love to know how you like it if you end up trying it 😊

  • Great honest review! I’ll admit, I also have been skeptical of this product and brand. But the bloating reduction alone sounds awesome to me! As if I needed another reason to drink coffee… hahah!

    • Haha, this is now the only coffee I drink!! Occasionally I’ll spoil myself with a Starbucks latte, lol.

  • Mary mozingo

    you’ve got me intrigued!! def going to try this

    • I’d love to know what you think of it when you do! 😊

  • How interesting, coffee that reduces bloating?!

  • I’ve never heard about this club before, but I love coffee in general so it seems like a very good idea!

    • It’s definitely worth a try! It feels much healthier drinking this than drinking Starbucks coffees 😛