5 Simple Ways to Curate the Perfect Instagram Feed

5 Simple Ways to Curate the Perfect Instagram Feed

There’s more to having a great Instagram feed than just having a bunch of nice photos. You might have heard of this thing called an “Instagram aesthetic”, and I’m here to teach you how to create the perfect one.

1. Create an attractive and informative bio

Let’s say someone comes across one of your photos in their “Explore” tab and decides to click on your profile to see more. The first thing they’re going to see is your bio, and it’s going to be one of the things that dictates whether they decide to follow you or not. Try not to make it too wordy and try not to use too many emojis – it looks really busy and it’s difficult to read. I prefer the minimalistic look and I don’t like using emojis:

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Another important part of writing bios is to make it as informative yet condensed as possible. You want people skimming through profiles to get the info they want right away.

2. Have a theme

Ah, the theme – the most important part of the Instagram aesthetic. The easiest way to implement this on your feed is to edit your photos all in the same way, so they look as cohesive as possible. I love using VSCO because you can copy and paste edits onto other photos. As you can see here, I incorporate a warm colour scheme with burgundy graphics. For my personal account, I incorporate themes in rows of three, which I explain how to do here.


3. Don’t post too similar photos one after the other

Unless you’re an Instagram girl or a makeup artist, don’t upload two selfies in a row – it just looks strange. Also be wary of the photos above, below, and beside each other. Split up your feed by having a variety of photos, whether it be selfies, food photos, flat lays, or nature shots. It makes your feed look a lot more interesting and it makes you look like you know what you’re doing.


4. Take time to plan your content

I plan out my feed using the MyPics app, which I talk about here. It allows me to move things around so I can see what order photos look best in before I post them.

In order to plan out your content, you have to have actual content, and here are some photo ideas in case your photo bank is dry. A really smart thing to do that I don’t do very often is bulk shoot photos, that way you have a lot of content to post over a longer period of time.

5. Be mindful of lighting

No one wants to see a grainy iPhone selfie of you and your friends in the dark. Find somewhere with decent lighting and take photos there instead. If I only have my phone on me and it’s dark out, I prefer taking Boomerangs over photos because it doesn’t turn out all blurry and grainy.

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These were my tips on how to curate the perfect Instagram feed. Let me know if this helped you, and if you have any other tips!

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