My Tattoos Explained

My Tattoos Explained

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Growing up, I always thought tattoos were so cool. I admired them so much as a teenager that my parents took me to get my first one for my 17th birthday. Over the course of my adolescence, I wanted tattoos all over my body (especially after discovering my idol, Claire Marshall), but I only ended up with a few tattoos.

A lot of people struggle with finding a good tattoo shop that has decent prices. I recently found out about a new tattoo shop in Toronto called North York Ink, and paid it a visit last week. It’s located right by North York Centre Station, so it was really easy to get to.


Benjamin Chen, the owner of North York Ink, showed me around the shop and informed me about the tattoo process. The shop itself is clean, simple, and attractive, and everyone on the team is super friendly. I find that most tattoo shops I’ve been to have an intimidating atmosphere, but North York Ink is much more chill and relaxed, and I didn’t feel out of place at all.


I actually decided what I wanted to get tattooed the day before by searching for random things on Google Images. I ended up going with this cute little heart tattoo. I totally forgot about what the pain of getting a tattoo felt like and I expected it to be much worse, but it actually wasn’t too bad. Afterwards, Ben told me everything I needed to know about aftercare.


Photos by Adam G.

If you’re thinking of getting a tattoo anytime soon, I definitely recommend North York Ink. Their work is amazing, and everyone there is just so friendly and cool. Here is some of their other work if you’re interested:


By Benjamin C. (left) & Nadia M. (right)

The first tattoo I ever got was this red rose on my shoulder blade. My parents took me to get it when I was 17. I knew I wanted to get a red rose, but I had no idea what kind of design I wanted, so I just let the girl do her thing. I still think it’s lovely, but I regret getting this at such a young age because it’s not my ideal design. There isn’t really a meaning behind it besides the fact that red roses are my favourite flower.

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I got my second tattoo at 18, and this one was a quote that had a lot of meaning to me. “How will we ever get out of this labyrinth of suffering?” is a quote from John Green’s Looking for Alaska, one of my all-time favourite novels. The “labyrinth of suffering” is life, and the only way out of it is by getting through it. Pain and suffering is inevitable – we all encounter it one way or another. But, with all the pain, there is happiness, and this is what gets us through and out of the labyrinth of suffering. It sounds like a dark quote, but it really isn’t. When I’m in a dark place, this quote is the light that keeps me going.

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My most recent tattoo, as you’ve already seen earlier in this post, is this cute little heart tattoo. It’s all dry and peel-y right now because it’s still healing, but I absolutely love it. I’d been wanting a heart tattoo forever, and had been debating on whether I wanted a colourful, extravagant one, or whether I wanted something more simple. There isn’t really any specific meaning behind it besides it being a reminder that I am loved and there are people who care about me. I struggle with this thought a lot, so it is something I need to be constantly reminded of.

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Thanks so much to Benjamin and the North York Ink team! For more information on North York Ink, visit their website or Instagram. For more posts like this, follow me on Bloglovin or like my page on Facebook.

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