My High-End Perfume Collection

My High-End Perfume Collection

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I love wearing perfumes. Not only does it make me feel feminine, but I get pretty self-conscious about whether I smell sweaty because I sweat pretty easily (especially when I’m running late to class everyday). Because of that, I will almost never walk out of the house without perfume. If I ever forget to, I always rush to Sephora and frantically spray myself.

I have a few Victoria’s Secret body sprays and this amazing green tea perfume from The Body Shop that I usually wear if I’m just going to the gym or running quick errands. I wear my high-end perfumes on a regular basis, and this is my collection in order of my most favourite to least favourite.

  1. Yves Saint Laurent Parisenne

    I’ve been wearing this scent since high school, and it’s always been my everyday go-to perfume. This is actually my second bottle because I love it that much.

  2. Michael Kors Glam Jasmine

    This is my other go-to perfume. Sometimes I’ll feel like switching things up, and I’ll wear this MK scent.

  3. Chloe Fleur de Parfum

    Sometimes if I’m feeling fancy or wearing a nicer outfit, I’ll wear this. It’s also usually what I go for if I’m going out to an event or dinner.

  4. Marc Jacobs Honey

    I eyed this perfume forever before I actually decided to purchase it. I love how sweet this smells, and the bottle is just so cute.

  5. Versace Bright Crystal

    I wear this when I feel like switching things up, or when I feel like it’s being neglected.

  6. Yves Saint Laurent Elle

    The bottle is probably the girliest out of my entire perfume collection, and wearing this makes me feel youthful and girly.

  7. Chanel N°5

    I’m actually not a huge fan of this scent and I don’t really wear it, but I keep it for the aesthetic (because that’s always important).

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