What to Do When You’ve Lost Your Creativity

What to Do When You’ve Lost Your Creativity

I used to be able to look at a scene and take a decent photo with just the first shot. I used to be able to write and finish short stories and poetry just for the sake of creative writing. I used to enjoy tweeting about silly things that happened throughout the day because I wanted to be able to look back on them later and laugh.

Nowadays, it all seems so forced. I can’t take a nice photo without thinking about it or looking at other people’s photos for inspiration. I only write if I have to. I don’t really tweet that often because anything I write seems or feels like I’m trying too hard. Whenever I have a blog post to write or photos to shoot, I kind of push it aside and tell myself I’ll get it done later.

I think what happened is that anything creative I’ve ever enjoyed doing has now become a chore. I guess that’s the problem with pursuing what you love as a career: it becomes less of a hobby, and more of something you just have to do.

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So what the heck do I do about it?! Here’s my mind-blowing tip for how to reignite the flame with your creative passion: start doing it for fun. Remember when you used to do that? Try to recall why you fell in love with your passion in the first place.

Back in the day, I was posting on Instagram all the time without even thinking about it. Now, I have to take the time to plan and schedule my posts to correlate with my blog posts and I have to find time to shoot and edit photos. Instagram stopped becoming fun for me when I had to post photos. I’m trying now to post whenever I feel like it, and to shoot more just for fun.

We all go through creative ruts sometimes. Just remember to have fun with it and stop treating it like a chore!

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