How to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

How to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

I am a very shy person. I’ve been an introvert all my life, and I’ve always preferred being alone over being around people. If you can relate to this in some way, I really hope this post can help you. I get that it’s difficult to break out of your comfort zone, but I think it’s essential to help you grow as a person. Here are some of my tips on how to step outside of your comfort zone and become more comfortable with yourself.

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1. Let the people around you be your inspiration

One of my good friends, Jerry, has always been my inspiration when it comes to social situations. He’s confident, polite, and outgoing, and he’s someone I model myself after when it comes to being in social situations where I don’t feel comfortable. My boyfriend, Adam, also inspires me. He always tells it like it is. I used to be the type of person who avoided confrontation, but after being with Adam for so long, I’ve started to feel more comfortable with standing up for myself.

2. Just go for it

I recently attended a media event alone, something I’ve never done before, and I was absolutely terrified. Food bloggers seem to all know each other, and since I’m not a food blogger, I didn’t know anyone. I started introducing myself to people and people started introducing me to others, and the night got off to a good start. After awhile I began to retreat back to my shell, but I was really proud of myself for at least trying. Whether you’re trying something new or doing something you have to, all you have to do is tell yourself “I can do this” and do it.

3. Don’t be discouraged by negative people

You will encounter bad people in your life – that’s just the way things are. The important thing is to not let them get to you.

4. Don’t be discouraged by negative situations

“Sometimes, you have to get knocked down lower than you have ever been to stand back up taller than you ever were.” There will be times where it will feel like life has gone to shit and you won’t want to break out of your comfort zone, but never forget that things always get better. I promise they will.

5. Keep practicing

Remember that things won’t change overnight, and you have to keep working for it if you want things to change. Be inspired by people you admire, take chances even if they terrify you, and don’t let negative people or situations get you down. You’re a tough cookie – I know you can do it.

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Some tips on how to step outside of your comfort zone and feel more confident about yourself.

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Jessica Lam
  • Michelle mink

    i think staying off our phones in social settings can help a lot too when it comes to breaking out of your comfort zone. For the most part as a generation we’d rather be on our phone than talk to strangers.

  • ‘Just do it’!
    Totally agree. Just get on with it. Grow some b**** and do it! 🙂
    Nadine Cathleen |

  • Carly Ned

    Love it! Such a positive post! One of my goals for 2017 is to break out of my comfort zone so I really appreciate your advice xx

    • I’m glad this could help you in some way Carly!!

  • This is an awesome post! A few years ago, I set a goal for the year to do things that made me uncomfortable for an entire year, and it totally changed my life. I can’t tell you how many doors it opened up for me, and it seems to be doing the same for you!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

    • That’s really amazing and inspiring!! Thank you for reading 🙂

  • Amy

    Love this! I have been really trying to get better at coming out of my comfort zone this year. It can be so hard sometimes though!


    Amy | Pastel N Pink

    • Thanks Amy, I wish you the best of luck this year!

  • This was a lovely post. I got to know how it feels for an introvert to come out their comfort zone but I believe if you want something magical or extra ordinary to happen, one needs to get out of her comfort zone. 🙂 And you exactly did that.

  • And like you I am shy as well and call myself an introvert. And I find this post really helpful not just for me but for anyone who struggling to get out of their comfort zone! Love all the stuff you wrote and will keep this in my mind. 🙂

    Kristine |

  • Love this! As an introvert, I found this advice to be super helpful. Every day I struggle to bust out of my comfort zone, but when I finally do it’s super rewarding.

    • I’m glad this helped you in some way Alexis!

  • love this hun! I definitely have to go for number 2 more. I always hold back and think that people/readers wont care about certain things that I post/write, or I think that theres always going to be someone better than me so theres no point :/! x

    • Thanks so much girl! I actually read all of your posts and love them haha, keep doing what you do <3

      • aw, thats so sweet! thank you I really appreciate it 🙂 <3

  • Mursal Rahman

    it’s hard but you got to do it

  • Emma S. Cheng

    Hi Jessica! I, myself am an introvert, so this post helped a lot! And I agree, sometimes getting up and saying hi to new people is daunting, but it’s always worth it! 🙂

    • I’m glad this helped you in some way Emma!! 🙂

  • I’ve been getting out of my comfort zone ever since I started my blog in August, and it’s been very rewarding!! Great post!
    Alexandra Christine Blog

    • That’s so awesome, congratulations Alex! 🙂

  • Ashley Vickney

    I really need to get out of my comfort zone, I have been trying to make friends in my new city and getting out of my comfort zone is key! This is such a great reminder!

  • Ashley Mason

    These are such awesome tips! I’m known to be an introvert, so sometimes I have a hard time being comfortable around people I don’t know or doing things I’ve never done before. These will really help!

  • Enjoyed reading this, and iwill have it as a reminder every day xoxo

  • I love this! Thanks for sharing xx

  • The Sunday Mode

    I love your first point because I’ve never really seen anyone mention that before, but it’s so true. Not even with people I know, but I look up to honestly so many different people for inspiration when it comes to breaking bad habits and leaving my comfort zones and rituals.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  • Greta Hollar

    #2 and #4 are big for me in 2017! This is great advice girl!

    Greta |

  • jennadesigns

    I’m an introvert too. It’s hard for me be break out of my comfort zone. I’m also a labor and delivery nurse and every day I’m challenged to be more outgoing than I really am at heart. Some days as so draining because I spend the entire day being “on” then need time to just decompress.

    • I hope this post helped you in some way, Jenna!

  • Jamie

    Breaking out of your comfort zone can be a tough one, but you listed so many great ways to do so!

    xx, Jamie

  • I’m also shy and I think that these tips are very helpful! You really do have to just go for it!!! Keep on going girl!

  • marge

    Im a total introvert and blogging events scare me to pieces. Good for you in coming out of your shell for the event. I KNOW how hard that can be!

    • Haha me too, I bring my boyfriend to most of my events and it makes me feel so much more comfortable! I hope we can both learn to be a little more extroverted this year!

  • I used to be such a shy person and tips like these make all the difference. “Just going for it” is so important. Sometimes you just have to say “what the heck” and go for it, because life is simply too short to worry about the things that could or do go wrong. Lovely post ♥️

  • I really like the ‘just go for it’ tip. I’m going to try that. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Elly Leavitt

    these are such good tips! I think just constantly trying new things is a great way to become more confident if you aren’t that used to certain things x

    • Thanks Elly! I agree – it definitely helps in breaking your shell!

  • Great ideas here! I also try to channel more outgoing loved ones when I’m in social situations. And I love how you acknowledged that, at the event, you eventually climbed back into your safe shell, but that you put yourself out there for a while. Way to give yourself kudos for trying! It’s so hard when you don’t have any familiar faces around.

  • Hannah Stark

    Love “Just Go For it”! I think many people shy away from great opportunities because they are scared.

    xoxo, Hannah

    • Thanks Hannah, I think the same thing too!

  • Anna

    #TeamIntrovert!! #2 and #5 for me. It’s tough being an Introvert in an extroverted society, like the US.

    • I agree – same in Canada, especially in a city as big as Toronto!

  • mckenna bleu

    Love number 2 and 3! Those are so important and so are the rest!

  • sofieyah l

    Love this — similar rules that I live by as well 🙂