5 Simple Ways to Clean Up Your Social Media Accounts

5 Simple Ways to Clean Up Your Social Media Accounts

You don’t realize how much of your life has been documented on the internet until you look back and see some of your old and most ridiculous posts. Why did anyone care about what I ate that day? Or who I was talking to at that moment?

It really sucks for kids today because they’re growing up during the age of social media, and they’re going to have to deal with a lot more weird stuff when they get older. I started using social media at 12 years old (dang, I cannot believe that was 10 years ago), so I do have some pretty embarrassing things out there on the internet.

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1. Delete inappropriate tweets

We’ve all tweeted things we’ve regretted. Sometimes you even hear stories about people getting fired from jobs because of things they posted years ago. No one wants this to happen to them, so it’s best to delete things you don’t want to be seen, even if they’re not reflective of who you are now. In the Twitter search bar, search your Twitter handle with keywords which might be featured in negative tweets. For example, I’d search up “@jessicailam fuck” and delete anything bad (but obvs keep the good stuff).

2. Clear up your Instagram feed

I used to love putting the Valencia filter on all my selfies and adding all those weird borders to make my photos more interesting. The quality of your photos from 2011 to now has probably changed, so maybe it’s time to finally delete them.

3. Remove old Facebook statuses

I can’t even begin to start about how embarrassing the Facebook statuses I wrote at 12 years old were. A few years ago I thought it would be hilarious to go through my friends’ Facebooks and like/comment on all their weird and old statuses. It was hilarious.

4. Private old Facebook albums

I took a lot of weird photos back in high school (does anyone remember the “troll face” pose from Tumblr?) and I wouldn’t want anyone looking at them now. This is why I put all of my photo albums on private – they’re still there for me and anyone tagged in the photos to look back on, but not for anyone else.

5. Curate your privacy settings on Facebook

Maybe I’m just a huge social media nerd, but my public Facebook profile is carefully crafted. Any prestigious achievements are public (my university education, awesome companies I’ve worked at), but things like my current job (ain’t no one tryna get creeped on) or photos with friends are private. I design my profile with current or potential employers in mind – you never know if they’re looking you up on social media!

Are there any other things you do or methods you use to clean up your social media? Let me know in the comments!

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Easy ways to clean up your social media accounts

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