A Special Delivery from Doritos Canada

A Special Delivery from Doritos Canada

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Happy Friday, friends! It’s been a pretty quiet week for me, but this weekend is going to be somewhat eventful and I’m excited for it.

My goal for this month is to reach 5,000 followers on Instagram, and so far I’ve been growing at a pretty good pace! I had 3.9k at the end of February and I’m currently just over 4.3k. I’ll be doing a giveaway once I reach 5k – be sure to keep up with my Instagram Stories if you want to see sneak peeks!

I received this amazing delivery from Doritos earlier this week and I was super excited to see what was inside. It arrived while I was at my internship and I was itching to just get home and open it!

Doritos Ketchup Roses

Inside were two bags of Doritos ketchup chips, a glue gun, materials for a bouquet, and a DIY guide on how to make Doritos ketchup roses. How cute, right?! Ketchup chips are hands down my favourite flavour of chips and Doritos makes the best ones, so I was sooo happy when I opened this.

Doritos Ketchup Roses

Doritos Ketchup Roses

Unfortunately all these delivery boxes are sold out, but you can get a coupon for $1 off a bag of ketchup Doritos and a free tutorial on how to make your own Doritos ketchup roses here.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Jessica Lam

Jessica Lam

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Jessica Lam
  • oh my gosh!!!! my husband would honestly die — he can’t even look at ketchup! LOL! april fools joke? http://www.heartofchic.com

    • Haha that would be hilarious! They’re actually really delicious though! 😄

  • Carly Ned

    Yum!! These look super good! I LOVE ketchup chips and my sister always used to make fun of me for it when I was younger 🙂 I’d love to try these!!
    xx Carly | http://www.thecarlycollective.com

    • You definitely should try the Doritos ketchup chips, they’re limited edition!!

  • This is so funny! We don’t have the ketchup chips in the US though, but it’s still a cute and funny craft!

    • You should definitely try them if you ever visit Canada!

  • Christine Martinez

    I don’t even like regular ketchup! But make me a bouquet out of Doritos Tapatio flavor, I would love you forever! haha

    • I’ve never had the Tapatio flavour but I’ll try it out haha!

  • thesofieyahdiaries

    I heard that Canada has really weird Dorito’s flavors and ketchup flavored doritoes kind of proves my point xD But the idea looks super cool 🙂


  • This is the funniest thing! I want to do this next year for valentines for my husband hehe

  • Who would have imagined this? I want to marry with a Dorito bouquet I don’t even care.

  • Doritos ketchup??! Can you say yum..ha I am a Canuck by birth and loved ketchup chips growing up! I haven’t seen these doritos here in the states yet..this makes me miss my Van city home!
    Great post!

    • You def need to try the Doritos ketchup chips – it’s actually my fave now haha! Thanks Valerie!

  • Omg Doritos always hit the spot. Love this idea, haha!

    Enclothed Cognition

  • Aww these are super cute! I had no idea that Doritos sent out packages like these! 🙂

    xo, Chloe // http://funinthecloset.com/never-enough-black/

    • Haha it was exclusive to Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal!