• Kate Hal

    Great tips, thank you! 🙂

  • Lauren Marinigh

    I’ve never even heard of shadow banning! Thanks for the tips. How do you make in your description under your photo spaces to appear on a separate line. Like for example, you do the dots on separate lines to break up the description from the hashtags?

    • Many people use dots – it looks much neater!

  • Emily

    Love the post! Quick question, would you continue deleting hashtags from posts once you continue posting?

  • Deleting hashtags is SO helpful. I saw a post of mine go glitchy and get affected, and deleting hashtags let me figure out exactly which one(s) was causing the problem!

    Coming Up Roses

  • Sophia Patel

    Great post, this was so useful! I’m definitely going to delete my previous hashtags now!

  • Macarena Ferreira

    Thank you for these tips! I hate all of Instagram’s craziness!

  • Lisa

    I just got instagram a few weeks ago and still haven’t used it!! Thanks for the tups!

  • Wow these tips are actually very useful! I’ve been struggling as well so it’s definitely hard but thank you so much for sharing these, Jessica! <3

    xo Tina

  • Great tips! Instagram has been so annoying recently but I agree with not putting your eggs all in. I’ve been focusing more on my followers and my content.

    • That’s awesome Silvia! I’ve also been focusing more on my blog content lately.

  • Anna Hubbard

    Ack, Instagram is getting on my nerves! I’ll definitely have to try these tips and maybe go back to a personal profile. Why can’t things just be easy?

    • It’s so annoying and definitely draining! Hopefully things get better soon haha.

  • Ashley Vickney

    This is a really interesting take on the Instagram algorithm. I haven’t hear about deleting the comments before hand!

    • My friend suggested it to me and it made sense that Instagram looks at previous activity to filter spam/bots!

  • thesofieyahdiaries

    Thanks for these tips!!! I don’t think I’m anywhere near being Shadow Banned but that seems like a scary thought… these still helped me out though! I just wish there was a nicer way for me to put in the hashtags without it clogging up the description box.. 🙁

    • It looks so ugly in the description box! I’m thinking of stopping using hashtags altogether or just using a few :/

  • Christina S

    This is SO helpful! Thank you for helping outline all these tips!

  • I definitely post my hashtags in the comments, so I’ll have to stop doing that asap!

  • This was a really interesting read! I fell under the “shadowbanned” category when I checked a few weeks ago, and I wonder if it’s because I post hashtags in the comments? When I first started on Insta, that’s what everyone recommended. I’ll have to switch it up and see if it helps!

    • I used to post hashtags in the comments because it looked less messy – I don’t know why it causes some photos to be banned! I see a lot of people still putting hashtags in the comments and not being banned.

  • The algorithm is SOO frustrating and the fact that Instagram hasn’t really given us any clarification about the shadow ban is also so frustrating! Thank you for the great tips and they are all really true and I think we have to remember that Instagram is about being a part of a community so interacting is key!


    • Thanks Shloka! Agree with the whole community aspect – so important to engage with others!

  • All great points! Just a clarification – it’s not enough to switch back to a personal from business – but you actually have to unlink it from your fb business page!

    • Thanks for the tip Rachel! Did you find that switching back to personal helped you?

  • The ban is SO frustrating. There are so many spammy/fake accounts out there but this is targeting genuine users… Thanks so much for the tips, I’m definitely gonna start to implement these.

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE

    • I hope these tips help you girl! I heard somewhere that the dip in likes could also be because IG banned some auto-like bots

  • These are great tips. I haven’t been shadow banned, but I have been afraid that I would be. I have taken a little break over the last week, maybe that will help!

    • People have been saying that the breaks do help!

  • mckenna bleu

    Great tips! Id consider doing some of these! Could always use help with instagram!

  • Jamie Fray

    This was a really helpful article. I noticed a dip in my likes in april as well, and I think it’s because I used a couple of the shadow banned hashtags. I appreciate the insight–and I’m pinning this article for reference. Thank you!

  • Awesome tips! I love the one about taking a 48 hour break – I’ve been doing that a lot lately and I’ve noticed that my Instagram isn’t being super funky. Must be working!

    • That’s good to know – I think I’ll give it a try too! Thanks Katie!

  • That’s really interesting about deleting my hashtags from old posts. I find that posting every couple of days gets me the same increase in followers etc as when I post everyday. So yes, breaks I think show IG I’m not a bot.

    • Hmm, that’s good to know. I think I’ll try to do the same sometime this month!

  • April Kitchens

    Thanks for the tips! Just today I started putting hashtags back in the caption. I also switched my account back to a personal account.

  • These are great tips, however, I’m not too sure if that shadowban website is accurate or not. I mean they didn’t even spell media right haha.

    • Haha my friends and I tested it out with random people’s accounts, and it showed that people were shadow banned even though they weren’t. It’s not 100% accurate but it does help!

  • Melissa Chee

    I’ve had the same issues with seeing my likes go wayyyy down! I’m curious if anyone has deleted their old hashtags and seen it help much. I don’t think I’m technically shadowban, but with Instagram’s changes my engagement has gone way down and it seems harder to grow the account at all.

    • I definitely recommend that you engage with other people’s photos, whether it be with people you’re following or people you find through hashtags!

  • IG is so frustrating right now but these tips are helpful!

  • Corey Wheeland

    Awesome tips! I follow most of these and haven’t seen my engagement or followers decrease since the new algorithm came out.

    • That’s amazing! I know a few friends who haven’t really been affected by the algorithm because they just have a really engaged following!

  • Brittany Daoud

    Thanks so much for these tips! I switched back to a personal account, we’ll see if it makes a difference! Thanks for sharing!

  • Tarah-Lynn

    Going try to adding my hashtags in my description! Thanks for the tips! <3

  • UGHH I’ve been trying to deal with this too! It’s so frustrating! I also hate how Instagram is being so hush-hush about it as well!
    Great tips – I’ll have to give the hashtag in the description one a try.

    • Thanks Deb! Hopefully they work for you 🙂

  • debbie_savage

    Hi Jessica! Thank you so much for these handy tips! I need to come back to this article and reread your points!
    xo Debbie | http://www.tothineownstylebetrue.com

  • These are great tips! I totally agree about not using a business account!

    xo, Liz

    • I actually haven’t found that switching back to a personal account has helped my engagement – I’ll be testing it out for a few more weeks to confirm!

  • hal

    Great tips – it’s so frustrating because I feel like I was finally hitting a rhythm & now I’m totally slowing down!

    • Thanks Hal! Hopefully some of these tips help you!

  • Miss ALK

    I never switched to business for that exact reason! And I love my pods!

    xoxo A

    • Pods are the best, especially when everyone becomes actual friends!

  • Casey

    Thanks for the tips. It’s definitely been frustrating seeing my engagement go down as my quality of posts are going up…

    • Agreed – I feel like my feed is better than it’s ever been, but my engagement is almost the same as when I had half the amount of followers!

  • Kimberly Hsieh

    So many great tips! The shadow ban is definitely a bummer, but as long as we continue to engage with other people, it helps everyone!

  • Adriana

    These are such great tips! Instagram is really making me crazy but these are so helpful!

  • Jessica this post is amazing! You covered so many things and included so many tips that even I had no idea about. Even though I know Instagram isn’t promoting bigger accounts as much since they want them to pay, I didn’t even think of changing from a business to a personal account! All the hashtag info is very useful too. Definitely gonna be re-evaluating my Insta methods and referring back to this!!


  • I actually did switch back to a personal account when I got shadowbanned which I kind of regret because I lost all of my analytics on my photos. I think it did help to “unshadowban” me, but I’ll never know the real reason!

    Also interesting to stop putting your hashtags in your comments. Will have to play around with that.


    • So far I’ve found that switching back to personal hasn’t done anything for my engagement, so I might switch back in a few weeks!

  • Joline

    OMG IG has been so sketchy lately (or forever!). They never announce what they’re going to do and they never provide support. TBH I just don’t bother and just use the app for fun…which was why I got it all those years ago in the first place.

    • It is very stressful! I’ve started focusing more on my blog because of it.

  • Amanda

    Very helpful! Thank you!

  • THANK YOU! This is such a helpful post! I didn’t even know shadow banning was a thing, but after checking the apparently all my commented hashtags are being shadowbanned too! How frustrating. 🙁 Thanks for these tips! Looks like I have some work to do.


  • I think I’m still a little confused on the business profile of Instagram — a lot of the advertising agencies I’m part of require you use a business version of Instagram to qualify for campaigns! Instagram has gotten so stressful lately!

    • I haven’t found that switching back to a personal profile has changed anything for me, but I’m going to test it out for a few more weeks to make sure

  • Celeste Wright

    I think there is some wisdom in this information, however, I don’t think this advice is for everyone. I primarily am an Instagrammer and I have never been Shadow Banned. If you are not a business profile, then you don’t know how many Impressions you are getting, which is what brands want to know when you work together. I think it depends what you are using Instagram for, for this advice to make sense.

    • Brands have never asked me for my business stats, but I have an idea of what mine are based on my previous stats. Lucky that you haven’t been shadow banned!

  • The whole Instagram thing is so annoying. I see stuff from celebrities and companies I follow and hardly anything from my friends, and I’m never sure if it’s because they aren’t posting or if it’s the algorithm. I used your link and so far I’m not shadow banned, but I switched back to a personal account so hopefully more people will see my posts!

    • It really is annoying not being able to see new posts from your friends – which is why I keep my post notifications on for them!

  • As a social media manager for some major national brands I sincerely appreciate this and agree with all your advice. I’ve never heard of deleting hashtags but I’m going to look into that now. I pinned this for future reference. Thanks!

    • Thanks Brittany! After I found out my photos were being shadow banned, I tested out using only a few hashtags and putting them in the comments, but my photos still got shadow banned. That’s why I think Instagram targets some people’s photos more than others, and why I recommend deleting all the older hashtags!