Blogging Q&A (Blue Sky Tag)

Blogging Q&A (Blue Sky Tag)

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Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. It was Adam’s birthday on Friday, so we celebrated with a ton of delicious food. I also met a bunch of amazing new blogger friends at a brunch hosted by Bri and Vicki. I’ve been online friends with Bri and Vicki for months, but I actually met them both at a media event several days ago – isn’t it amazing how the internet works?

I’m not too sure what this whole blogging award thing is about, but my friend Sophia from The Sophia Diaries nominated me for this thing called the Blue Sky Tag, so here I am! I don’t have much to say about it… So I guess I’ll let the post speak for itself. Thanks for tagging me, Sophia!


The blogger tagged has to:

  1. Answer 11 questions asked by the tagger
  2. Nominate 11 other bloggers
  3. Ask them different 11 questions


1. What is your guilty pleasure?

Watching or reading really obscure things like Flowers in the Attic or Confessions of a Brazilian Call Girl. I’m an oddball and dark themes fascinate me, which is why I love horror movies so much.

2. Who is your blogging role model?

Claire Marshall has been my idol for years, but she isn’t really active on her blog. I really admire Aimee Song’s blog and Instagram!

3. Why did you begin blogging?

I really just started it as a place to document my adventures with my friends. My first post was about a day out at the Elora Gorge!

4. What’s your favorite past time besides blogging?

I spend a lot of time creating content for or browsing through Instagram and I spend a lot of time binge-watching shows on Netflix. I’m not that interesting.

5. If you had to be another animal, what animal would you want to be?

A teacup Pomeranian! I’m obsessed with them and probably tag Adam in dozens of Pomeranian-related posts a week.

6. What is one fashion or beauty trend you never want to see return?

I used to love flared jeans back in 2006 or whenever they were popular… But I despise them now. The trend has already returned and I don’t like it one bit.

7. What is one thing you hate the most in this world?

I really hate when negative people try to bring others down with them. I firmly believe in the law of attraction, because from what I’ve observed from other people, negativity really does attract even more negativity.

8. What is your favorite social media platform and why?

Instagram, obviously! I’ve always been a creative person and I love having a place where I can express myself visually.

9. If you were to start your blogging career over, what would you do differently?

Knowing what I know now, I’d focus on SEO, Pinterest, and more relatable content! The majority of my earlier posts are just short and sweet posts about my personal life, which were fun to write, but no one really cares to read them except for myself and my parents.

10. What three things would you bring to a blogging retreat (assuming laptops, internet, and food/drinks is covered)?

My Canon T6i, Canon G7x, and iPhone… I may not be the best photographer in the world but I love taking photos.


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Nominee Q&A

  1. What is your most prized possession right now?
  2. If you could change one thing about Instagram, what would it be?
  3. Where do you draw inspiration from?
  4. What would you describe your personal style as?
  5. What was the first social media account you ever had?
  6. If you could retire anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
  7. Where do you usually do your blogging-related work?
  8. What is the last song you listened to?
  9. Who are the top five people in your “suggested” list when you search on Instagram? (If you don’t want to name specific people, just label “blogger friend” or whatever fits)
  10. What beauty products have you repurchased the most?
  11. What is your favourite quote of all time?

Feel free to tag yourself in the Blue Sky Tag (you can say I tagged you), or even answer any of my questions in the comments below! I’m actually very interested in hearing everyone’s answers.

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