10 Nostalgic Teen Websites from the Early 2000s

10 Nostalgic Teen Websites from the Early 2000s

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I often say that I grew up on the internet. When I was in primary school I had family members who were preteens, and I would often watch as they browsed websites like Asian Avenue or Neopets. One of my cousins even created my very first MSN account for me when I was in grade 4, named “cuti_gal68”.

Let’s take a look down memory lane, when “rawr” and “g2g bye” were things people actually said… Here are 10 nostalgic teen websites from the early to mid-2000s.

1. Dollz Mania

Remember playing those drag-and-drop dress-up games? I used to spend hours and hours dressing up dollz, screenshotting the finished products, and saving them all in a massive MS Paint file. The preppy ones were my favourite and the goth ones terrified me.

2. MSN Messenger

Not really a website, but remember spending hours just chatting on MSN? When conversations actually went like “sup”-“nm u”-“nm”? I used to be obsessed with making my own MSN icons and customizing my personal message. It was even a trend to use funky lettering and shortcodes to customize your personal message (one of mine was: ` ` { & тнe [b]s н α d o w[/b] oғ тнe [b]d α ч[/b] , wιʟʟ [b][c=4]e m в r α c e[/c][/b] тнe worʟd ιn [b]ɢ r α ч[/b] ; ×). And we can’t forget about Smarter Child.

3. Piczo

Piczo allowed you to create websites by dragging and dropping elements, so you didn’t really need to know any HTML. It’s actually where I first started to get a taste of graphic design – my friends and I made things like “celebrity blends”, MSN icons, and fixed backgrounds using Photoshop.

4. MySpace

I wasn’t a frequent MySpace user. Maybe it was just my age group, but I found that not a lot of my Canadian friends used MySpace – they were all on Facebook. However, all my American friends used it!

5. Bebo

Bebo was another social networking site back in the day. You could customize your profile using skins (like WordPress themes), friends could draw things on your “White Board”, and you could create quizzes about yourself to see if your friends really knew you.

6. Freewebs (now Webs)

Freewebs allowed you to create free websites, and you could customize them completely using HTML and CSS. I was pretty nerdy about this stuff, so I created a lot of sites to practice my HTML skills.

7. Photobucket

I used to upload all my photos on here so I could use my HTML skillz and <img src=””> them onto my websites. It still exists, but it’s a jumbled mess of ads in your face and you have to pay to use it now.

8. Barbie.com

I don’t know what was so fun about feeding Baby Krissy or making over Barbie… but I spent hours doing it. It was my guilty pleasure! I think there were some MyScene games I really liked as well.

9. Neopets

Remember sneaking onto Neopets during computer lab and having to switch browsers every time the teacher walked by? I spent way too much time on Neopets back in the day… I used to collect their monthly magazines, toys, and plushies, and I was so excited when they collaborated with McDonald’s that one time.

10. Runescape

Runescape was a huge part of my childhood. What made the game so much fun was all the great friends I made on it, but I unfortunately don’t have any connections with any of them anymore. Adam and I actually still play, but we don’t talk to any of our old friends on it.

What are your favourite nostalgic teen websites from the 2000s? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Nostalgic teen websites from the early 2000s

Jessica Lam

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Jessica Lam
  • So many good throwbacks! I used to love MSN Messenger!

    The Blush Blonde

  • Dominee

    NEOPETS! I miss them so much. I still check on mine from time to time but I tell myself not to get sucked back in. I still love my Kaus!

    • I lost the password to my old account, but I made a new one a few years ago that I go on every now and then haha!

  • Oh god, this makes me feel so old because I only used a few of them haha.

    Myspace and MSN was my jam. Freewebs, LiveJournal and DeviantArt were big ones too haha.

    Laura ¦ http://www.laurahasblog.co.uk

    • I didn’t use LiveJournal or DeviantArt, but my younger sister used DeviantArt haha!

  • carla

    I loved dress up games omg! I’d forgotten about them haha.

    Carla x

    • Hahaha they were so addicting! I forgot about them too!

  • Ugh, I don’t even want to get on the subject of Photobucket! I was totally into making those dollz, so much fun! I was always on MySpace– before they had cool profile templates you could upload, you had to do any stylizing with html, I used to code all my friends’ profiles for them 😀

    • Haha I miss going on all of these sites!!

  • HAHA Neopets was my jam!! I also had a really embarrassing Xanga account that was on the receiving end of a lot of my teenage angst! haha

    • Lmao oh gosh! I never used Xanga, all my teenage angst went on Facebook and Twitter hahaha

  • I wish I could see my old myspace account. haha.

  • Oh my goodness, I was always on MSN messenger & MySpace! We also did Xanga back in the day!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

    • I was never on Xanga but my younger sister was haha!

  • I always got a good chuckle out of Hampster Dance. I checked and it’s still in operation! Though, far more elaborate now than it was back in the day…

    Prerana | http://broadcloth.co

    • Haha I don’t remember if I ever visited the website, but I loved the video!!

  • mckenna bleu

    I was all about myspace and photobucket!

  • thesophiadiaries

    actually never heard of most of these but I totally remember bebo and messenger xD messenger was actually amazing haha I kind of wish they kept it but just updated it instead xD

    • Hahaha I stopped using MSN ages ago and converted to Skype, but since then I’ve converted to FB messenger!

  • OMG I lived for Dollz and Neopets! The early 2000s were the best!

  • I definitely squealed when I got to Neopets on this list. I was just talking to my younger cousin the other day about all of the computer games I used to play back in the day, most notably Neopets and Club Penguin (and, okay, Endless Online *hides face*). And a big #TBT to when I used to code Myspace layouts just for funzies. It feels like so long ago!!! Loving all the nostalgia this post brings hahaha. Thanks Jessica!

    • Hahaha it took me forever to dig through the internet and my memories to come up with this list! I wasn’t a huge fan of Club Penguin but I still played for a bit :p

  • I wasn’t even around for myspace lol I’m to young

    • I was too young for it as well but I still made an account :p

  • Viridianna

    Oh my gosh, this brought back so many memories! Loved this post!

    -Viridianna | http://www.lifestyleinstyle.com

  • Oh my goodness – I was constantly on Myspace and messenger! Glad we have better things now haha!

    • Hahaha Myspace and MSN were fun while they lasted!

  • slynch223

    Myspace, Photobucket, and Neopets!!! I didn’t use MSN messenger much, but was on AIM all the time! I remember how important it was to come up with the perfect away message!

    • I was the opposite haha – wasn’t on AIM that much! I found that my American friends were more AIM users and my Canadian friends were more MSN users!

  • Okay, I totally loved the Barbie website when I was younger. I thought it was embarrassing, but I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who used it! This is such a clever post idea!

    Cassie | blushandfairydust.blogspot.com

    • Haha thanks Cassie! I never told anyone about it bc I was embarrassed about it too lmao

  • I spent so much time on dollz mania, lol. And neo pets! I still have (and use!) my photo bucket accounts. Do you remember club penguin?!

    • Hahaha oh gosh! I wasn’t much of a Club Penguin user, but I did go on it a few times!!

  • This is such a fun post. I remember most of these websites so well!