7 Ways to Fall Back in Love with Instagram Again

7 Ways to Fall Back in Love with Instagram Again

I know that many of us have a love-hate relationship with Instagram right now. Whether it’s the shitty algorithm causing us to gain a portion of the likes we used to, or our follower count staying the same number for months because of people doing the follow-unfollow method, Instagram is not in a great place right now.

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Do you remember why you started using Instagram? I remember sharing my bad quality mirror #OOTDs and over-filtered food photos back in 2012 just for the fun of it. I remember back in 2013 when white borders were a thing because Instagram still only had square crop back then. I remember back in 2014 when I started becoming more interested in photography and sharing that on my Instagram.

Times have changed, especially now that I’ve been running my Instagram account as a blogger/business over the last year. I stopped posting for fun and started posting because I felt like I had to, or because I had to post a sponsored post.

In my post last month about why I lost interest in Instagram, I mentioned how I thought my trip to Iceland would help to re-inspire and re-motivate me. It worked! I took tons of photos during my trip, but none were specifically taken for Instagram – if a photo happened to look good on my feed, I’d post it. The trip was more about Adam and I enjoying each other’s company and shooting photos for memories (and because we both love photography).

You don’t have to travel somewhere to regain your inspiration (although you could if you wanted to). I’ve started to regain my passion for Instagram, and I thought it might help to share some of my tips with you guys as well. Here are just a few methods I’ve used to fall back in love with Instagram.

1. Stop worrying too much about numbers.

I’ve said this a million times, and I’ll say it again: it’s one thing to have goals, and it’s one thing to be completely obsessed with your follower count that you’ll do anything to gain new followers. As for likes: if a photo doesn’t do as well as you anticipated it would, let it be. Numbers are important, but you shouldn’t be obsessive over them.

2. Follow accounts that inspire you.

The easiest way to be re-inspired? To find people who inspire you. Lately I’ve been really into travel photos, and I’ve been loving Lauren Bullen and Elise Cook’s profiles.

3. Shoot for fun.

Stop and smell the roses. Shoot photos just for the fun of it, not because you have to. Before I started blogging, I took pretty photos with my iPhone, filtered the heck out of them, and posted them on Instagram just because I felt like it. I miss those days, and I’ve been trying to get back into doing that.

4. Don’t feel like you have to post everyday.

Yes, you should probably post daily if you want to gain new followers quicker. No, you shouldn’t be doing it if it’s out of a sense of obligation rather than by personal choice. Many of my Instagram friends don’t even post everyday anymore, and post every few days.

5. Do less sponsored posts.

This one applies to bloggers and influencers. Sponsored posts take a lot of work, and when it becomes work, it becomes less fun. Don’t take every sponsored opportunity that’s offered to you, and only accept the ones you’re truly excited about. Otherwise, shooting, editing, and writing is going to feel like a complete chore.

6. Build a community.

Instagram is all about community and engagement – make friends and build relationships! This is what makes Instagram truly fun. And don’t fake it either; people can tell when you’re not being genuine and just fishing for comments on your own photos.

7. Take a break.

If you just can’t deal with Instagram anymore, consider taking a little break. I’ve taken breaks as short as a few days, and I’ve seen people take breaks as long as several months. Take the time you need to feel inspired again, follow points 1 through 6, then hopefully you’ll be able to fall back in love with Instagram!

It seems that Instagram’s algorithm isn’t getting better anytime soon, so all we can do is adapt to the changes and try to make the best of it.

Have you lost your passion for Instagram as well? What methods have you used to fall back in love with Instagram? I’d love to know in the comments!

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How to regain inspiration from Instagram if you've lost your passion for it

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