5 Ways to Make Toronto Winters a Little Less Miserable

5 Ways to Make Toronto Winters a Little Less Miserable

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I absolutely dislike everything about winter. Although I’ve lived through 22 Toronto winters, I will never appreciate the negative temperatures, the salty slush lining the streets, or the fact that I’m always either freezing or sweating (and nothing in-between).

This winter is supposed to be pretty bad here in Toronto, so I thought I’d share some of my tips on how I make winters for myself just a little more bearable and a little less miserable!

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How to make winters less miserable | Toronto winters | Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Counter Climate Winter Boot

1. Always keep tissues and lip balm on you.

Runny noses and chapped lips are some of the downfalls of winter. Keep some tissues and lip balm in your back pocket – you’ll thank me later. Some hand cream might help as well! I love this one from First Aid Beauty.

2. Find a favourite hot drink and stick to it.

Whether it’s your classic double-double at Timmie’s or a chestnut praline latte at Starbucks, a hot drink will warm you up and make you feel even just a bit better about the cold.

3. Keep your skincare routine in check.

A skincare routine is always important, but it’s especially important to keep your skin well-moisturized during the drier Toronto winters. I use Biotherm’s Skin Oxygen collection every morning and night, along with Olay’s Total Effects Anti-Aging Moisturizer (currently on sale for 20% off).

How to make winters less miserable | Toronto winters | Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Counter Climate Winter Boot

4. Treat yourself to hot comfort foods like ramen or pho.

One of my favourite things about living in Toronto: all the amazing food options! I particularly enjoy eating more soups like ramen or pho during the colder season. I love Jinya’s Kara-Men ramen (I posted an Instagram photo here) and Kinton’s Spicy Garlic Pork ramen.

5. Invest in warm winter boots – they’ll be your saviour throughout all Toronto winters.

Standing in the cold while freezing your toes off is not fun. Converse’s Counter Climate collection is made for all weather conditions, and is the perf stylish boot to keep you warm, dry, and comfy all winter. It features a waterproof leather upper and an inner neoprene bootie construction to keep your feet from getting cold or wet.

There’s both a unisex boot and a women’s boot, both available in a variety of different colours. I’m wearing the women’s boot in Pale Putty and Adam’s wearing the unisex boot in Raw Sugar. You can shop the Counter Climate collection on Converse.ca, Brown’s Shoes, Little Burgundy, and Foot Locker for only $150.

How to make winters less miserable | Toronto winters | Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Counter Climate Winter Boot

How do you prepare for and survive Toronto winters? I’d love to know in the comments!

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Photos by Adam G. & Jessica L.

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Jessica Lam
  • Lovelovelove these tips! Winter can be hard, so ti’s best to be prepared and make the best of it!

  • Cyn Gagen

    Love those boots! I’m in London, Ontario so I feel your pain with our winters. For me, I bundle up before going out – especially with a scarf to keep that bitter cold away from my face and neck.

  • Great tips for winter survival. For me, good winter skin care is absolutely essential, along with drinking plenty of water!

  • Roshunda Russell

    Investing in winter boots are a must in chicago

  • I love Toronto but in the height of winter it can really be a bit rough on the body… brrr cold.

  • Victoria Rowe (The Real Blonde

    Coffee – for sure. i don’t think I could survive ANY season without my triple shot flat whites. They are my saviour. I’m also in a habit of carrying around a lip balm and it has saved me in winter AND summer!

  • Julia Marrocco

    Such good tips Jess!! I still hate the winter 🙁 haha – Julia (www.daisyjar.com)

  • Seree Dee (SPF40)

    Nice post! I also dislike Toronto Winter but not all of us can afford California!

  • Emma S. Cheng

    Great tips, Jessica! I especially like the first one 🙂 I would also add investing in warm winter scarves.

  • Samantha

    Love this post! So applicable to NYC cold winters too!

  • Love these tips so much! Winters can be so harsh but these are great ways to combat this 🙂

    Enclothed Cognition

  • Kimberly Hsieh

    Ramen and pho for sure!! I love the white pair of Converse shoes 🙂

  • Catherine Turner

    Thanks for writing this! It’s my first winter in Toronto, so I’ve been looking for tips!