PanPan Noodle Bar is the Best New Spot for Chinese Noodles in Toronto

PanPan Noodle Bar is the Best New Spot for Chinese Noodles in Toronto

A complimentary meal was provided and I chose to write a review. As always, all opinions are my own.

Last week I had the chance to visit PanPan Noodle Bar, and I was astonished by how delicious everything was. Before I tried PanPan, the only Chinese food I liked was dim sum! PanPan offers popular street food dishes from Wuhan, China. Will, the owner of the restaurant, actually grew up in Wuhan and came to Toronto around 10 years ago, so the food is as authentic as it gets!

I plan on taking Adam here soon, but I would totally go back all the time if I could. PanPan Noodle Bar is close to the Art Gallery of Ontario, and it’s a great place to warm up and have a tasty meal!

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PanPan Noodle Bar | Toronto restaurants

PanPan Noodle Bar | Toronto restaurants

The signature dish here is the Sesame Lover ($7.99), and it’s v good. You pick your noodles, spiciness, and toppings. It’s an additional $1 for meat sauce, $1 for shredded chicken breast, and $2 for sliced beef or beef brisket. It’s the main dish in the feature photo at the very top of this post!

Pictured below are the Wuhan Style Sui Mai ($5.99), Drowning Bull ($10.99), and Sticky Rice Crepe ($12.99). I didn’t try the Drowning Bull, but the Sui Mai and Crepe were so yummy!

PanPan Noodle Bar | Toronto restaurants

For dinner I ordered the Hot Dry Crab ($13.99), and it was 100% the best dry noodles I’ve ever had. It was so flavourful and delicious and it had the perfect amount of spiciness (although it did get really spicy as I got deeper into the bowl.) Even with all the appetizers I ate, I managed to eat 95% of my bowl, but I couldn’t breathe afterwards heh. Thanks Mary for the photo!

My table shared the Deep Fried Purple Yam Donut ($4.99), Soft Inside ($3.99), Wuhan Style Sui Mai, and Sticky Rice Crepe. All of the appetizers/snacks are perfect for sharing! And yes, the soft inside is really soft inside. We didn’t get to try the Sago Soup ($4.99), so I definitely need to try it when I come back!

PanPan Noodle Bar | Toronto restaurants

PanPan Noodle Bar | Toronto restaurants

PanPan Noodle Bar is definitely one of my new favourite restaurants in the city. Have you been to PanPan yet? What was your favourite dish? If you haven’t been, what would you try?

For more info on PanPan Noodle Bar, check out their Instagram. Thanks Jessica and Will for having me!

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  • Yum! Looks delicious!

    Narhee | Made in Mauve

  • Jenna

    Oh these noodles look incredible! I wish I was closer I would definitely go!!

  • Britt K

    This food looks absolutely delicious! I might just have to check it out next time I’m up there!
    Britt |

  • I adore noodles and there is literally nothing in your post that does not look delicious.

  • Those noodles look so good! I think I will have to make my own today!

  • This place looks delicious!

  • Denay DeGuzman

    I haven’t had dinner yet and your amazing photos have me salivating! I wish there was a PanPan Noodle Bar near me. I would definitely make it a habit of going there just to taste those scrumptious dishes. Mmmm….

  • Your food photography is getting TOO good. Seriously drooling!

  • Oh wow, those noodles look really good I wish there was a place like this close to me.

  • OurMiniFamily

    These noodles look amazing! I definitely wish I had these right now–wish we had a noodle bar in my neighborhood so I could go get some lol >_<

  • Marissa

    All of these dishes look so yummy! And that deep fried purple yam doughnut? Sign me up for one of those! Mmm.


  • Love the look of this noodle bar, the food looks amazing! If only they had PanPan in the UK 🙁

    Anika |