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30 Holiday Gift Ideas for Her Under $50

30 Holiday Gift Ideas for Her Under $50

Ah, ’tis the season. The holidays are approaching quickly, so today I’m sharing holiday gift ideas for her under $50.

Some of these are great Christmas gifts, and some of these make for great stocking stuffers as well!

Whether she’s into makeup or tech gear, I’ve featured tons of different gift ideas for her, all under $50.

I’ve separated the gift ideas into different categories to make it easier:

  • Beauty guru
  • Fashionista
  • Jet-setter
  • Fitness enthusiast
  • Kitchen aficionado
  • Homebody
  • Fandom geek
  • Tech nerd
  • Student

Here are my holiday gift ideas for her under $50!

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Holiday gift ideas for her under $50

Gift ideas for the beauty guru

For the beauty guru who loves playing with makeup and beauty products, here are some holiday gift ideas!

From pretty gift sets to glittery makeup, there’s guaranteed to be something for her to love.

The best MAC lipsticks for spring and summer

MAC Cosmetics lipstick ($25)

The makeup lover in your life will definitely love a MAC lipstick as a holiday gift.

I buy most of my lipsticks from MAC because they’re such great quality and have such a wide variety of shades.

I recommend “Dark Side“, “Rebel“, or “MAC Red” for holiday gifts because they’re great, timeless shades for fall and winter.

OPI Nail Polish ($13.30)

OPI makes some of the best nail polishes, and they make for a great stocking stuffer.

To align with the holidays, try a festive colour like oxblood or silver!

Routine Deodorant

Routine deodorant ($28)

If you’re looking for made-in-Canada gift ideas for the beauty lover in your life, you’ll definitely want to check out clean beauty brand Routine, which is based out of Calgary.

They make some of the best clean deodorants out there, and they manufacture their clean and natural products here in Canada!

They’ve got a bunch of lovely deodorant scents, and I love both Sexy Sadie and Superstar (charcoal).

Their glasses are also refillable, so the beauty lover in your life can take it back to an eligible store to get it refilled once it’s empty.

You can shop Routine deodorants online at or Amazon Canada!

I also have a blog post all about other amazing Canadian clean beauty brands if you’re interested in learning about more awesome brands.

Gift ideas for the fashionista

For the lady who likes to make a statement with her looks, here are some fashionable gift ideas she’ll probably love.

Holiday gift ideas for her under $50. Whether she's into beauty, fashion, or tech, there's bound to be something on this list she'll love!

Calvin Klein Bralette ($30.99)

These Calvin Klein bras are so comfy to lounge around in, or even to layer under sweaters.

During the summer, they look adorable under overalls!

They’re so versatile and you can’t really go wrong with them tbh.

Pandora Charm ($30-$150)

If she already has a Pandora bracelet, a Pandora charm is a simple yet thoughtful gift.

There are tons of charms you can choose from, and there’s bound to be something relatable to her.

Plus, if you shop through Rakuten, you can get 2% cash back!

You can sign up for Rakuten using my link to get a $30 bonus when you spend $30.

Riona Soho Double Gusset Crossbody bag from Bentley Canada
The Soho Double Gusset Crossbody is the perfect everyday purse for your fashionista.

Riona bags ($12.99-$129.99)

I remember going to Bentley during back-to-school season whenever I needed a new backpack, and it’s so cool to that they’re now making vegan and eco-friendly bags now!

They have a bunch of other brands on their site and in-store, but they also have their own collections.

Riona is their newest line of bags, and the entire collection is vegan and made with polyurethane and recycled plastic bottles.

The Soho Double Gusset Crossbody (on sale for $44.99) is the perfect everyday purse for your fashionista who’s always on the go – it has 3 interior compartments inside to store all their basic essentials!

The Mia Mini Backpack is also super cute and on sale for $44.99 – it’s the perfect day pack for running errands around the city.

If you’re looking for a great stocking stuffer, the Jacky Wristlet Card Holder is super chic and on sale for $14.99.

Gift ideas for the jet-setter

For the gal who loves to travel, here are some holiday gift ideas that she’ll definitely find useful.

Holiday gift ideas for her under $50. Whether she's into beauty, fashion, or tech, there's bound to be something on this list she'll love!

LANEIGE Hydration-to-Go! Set ($38)

Ain’t nothin’ better than soft, glowy, and hydrated skin when you wake up after a long, dry plane ride.

This Hydration-to-Go! set features some of my all-time skincare faves from LANEIGE, including the popular Water Sleeping Mask and Lip Sleeping Mask.

If she’s into Korean skincare, she’ll definitely love this set!

Cash back is 2% if you shop on Sephora through Rakuten, and you can sign up using my link to get a $30 bonus when you spend $30.

Lupa beanie, The Drop white turtleneck, Levi's ribcage jeans

LUPA Beanie ($26.99)

For your friend who travels to cold places, give them the gift of a quality, warm hat.

I love this cozy one from LUPA, and it comes in several colour ways.

They’re a Montreal-based outerwear and accessories brand, and they make their beanies here in Canada!

Eddie Bauer Plaid Throw Blanket ($36.99)

A cute throw blanket will not only look good on her Instagram feed, but it’ll keep her warm on those long road trips or in cold winter cabins.

This plaid sherpa throw is perfect for the winter season!

Gift ideas for the fitness enthusiast

For the lady who loves being up in the gym and working on her fitness, here are some holiday gift ideas that will help keep her moving.

Laluna Silk Scrunchie Set ($26.99)

I absolutely love silk scrunchies because your hair doesn’t end up in weird shapes after taking them out, and they aren’t painful to take out if your hair gets tangled.

This Laluna silk scrunchie set comes with three 100% silk scrunchies, and they’re made here in Ontario!

It’s a great stocking stuffer idea!

Nike Baseball Cap ($20.97)

I almost always wear caps when I do workouts at the gym, because it catches my sweat (lol) and it covers my makeup-less face.

Get her a cute baseball cap for all of her workouts.

It’s also just a great accessory for lazy errand days or greasy hair days.

Adidas Slides ($40)

Gym floors are gross, and I always prefer to walk around in slippers I have specifically for gym showers (or for gross Airbnb showers).

These Adidas slides come in a few adorable colours and they’re super comfortable.

S'well water bottle

S’well Water Bottle ($45)

S’well bottles are literally the best water bottles in the entire universe.

No, I really mean it.

They actually keep drinks cold for hours and hours (up to 24!) and they can keep drinks hot as well (though I haven’t tried it myself).

They’re great to carry around all day to classes or work and to the gym.

Ain’t nothin’ better than having some fresh, cold water after a sweaty as heck workout.

The quality is amazing, and she’ll probably be able to keep it forever – I’ve had mine for around 6 years now!

For the kitchen aficionado

For the host who pours all of her love into her dishes, here are some tools she actually might need in the kitchen.

A set of coasters ($35.41)

There’s nothing more annoying than ruining clean tables with coffee and drink stains.

Coasters are one of those things you don’t bother to get for yourself, so it’s a great holiday gift.

This set of genuine marble coasters is stunning, and comes with a beautiful holder!

Mini donut maker ($49.51)

You can make all kinds of delicious donuts in these babies, and they’re super easy to use. This is perfect for the baker in your life!

For the homebody

For the gal who’d rather stay in than go out, here are some holiday gift ideas that will help her feel even more at home.

Lohn Toronto candle

LOHN candle ($24-$52)

When it comes to holiday gifts, candles are always a classic gift idea.

LOHN is one of my favourite candle companies in Canada, and they’re based out of Toronto.

Their candles are made which coconut and soy wax, which are non-toxic and much safer than regular candles!

The Feu and Illa are my fave scents!

52 Lists for Happiness by Moorea Seal ($13.88)

For the homebody who enjoys journaling and writing, this is an adorable little gift idea.

It’ll help her kick off the new year with some extra happiness and positivity!

A cute mug ($12+)

She can never have too many mugs. Never.

Indigo always has the cutest mugs.

Reading socks ($29.50-$34.50)

Walking around in comfy socks is so much nicer than walking around barefoot.

Indigo makes the best and coziest reading socks.

Magic Bag heatable slippers

Magic Bag heatable slippers ($29.99)

Heatable slippers are sooo nice during the winter months, and these ones from Magic Bag are super cute and cozy.

It’s filled with organic oats, which are compostable after 100 uses or one year of use!

The slippers can be worn with or without the heatable insert (which goes in the microwave), so she can still wear ’em after the inserts are finished with.

You can also get the matching aromatherapy mask!

A huggable llama ($34)

This adorable lil dude will keep your fave lady warm or cool, depending on her mood. She can throw it into the microwave for warmth or into the freezer for cold!

For the fandom geek

For the fandom geek, here are some fun holiday gift ideas that’ll spark joy.

Funko Pop! Figure ($15+)

Can’t go wrong with an adorable little Pop! figure of her fave character(s).

Whether they’re fans of Pokémon, BTS, or Harry Potter, there’s literally a Pop! figure for every fandom.

I personally have Tyrion and Daenerys from Game of Thrones, Sailor Moon, and two Gudetama figures, all of which were gifted to me by my friends and loved ones.

A themed board game ($8.75+)

A huge reason why I love visiting Snakes & Lattes here in Toronto is because I feel like we all spend too much time on our screens.

It’s nice to unplug and get rowdy with some board games!

Pick up this Harry Potter Clue game, Star Wars game, or Game of Thrones card game for the fandom geek in your life.

For the tech nerd

For the lady who’s into the latest and greatest in tech, here are some holiday gift ideas she might be into!

Gaming mousepad ($20.99)

For the friend who obsesses over PC games, get her a proper gaming mousepad.

This LED rainbow mousepad is super fun!

Gaming headset ($45.99)

Perfect for your gamer friend, whatever she’s into!

Echo Dot

If she’s into Smart Home, an Echo Dot is a nifty little gift idea. I use Alexa every single day for everything from playing music to checking the weather and time.

For the student

For the gal who’s in school, get her some useful school supplies that she can use even beyond her school years.

Agenda or planner ($18.95+)

Cause yep, the new year is coming quickly.

I absolutely love ban.Do’s planners!

These 2022 planners from Fringe Studio and Southworth are also great options.

Brita water bottle

Brita water bottle ($24.97)

She’s gotta stay hydrated all day, and with a Brita water bottle, she can have clean water anywhere on campus.

It comes with a Brita filter inside, so it filters the water as she’s drinking it!

Thermos tumbler ($29.99-$43.99)

Daily coffee runs add up $$$, and having a cute thermal mug might give her an incentive to make more coffee at home.

Or, she can even take them straight to the coffee shop and be more environmentally-friendly.

Thermos makes the best tumblers on the market, and they actually keep your drinks hot for hours.

I love these pink and blue Thermos tumblers!

Marble Mouse Pad ($16.99)

Carpal tunnel ain’t a joke, my friends.

With a cute mouse pad, your girl boss might actually want to use a mouse instead of the trackpad on her laptop.

And yes, the gel wrist pad is totally necessary – it makes a huge difference!

These were some of my holiday gift ideas for her under $50!

If you can’t think of any specific gifts to get for someone, you can also share experiences for them!

Take them out to dinner, go out to watch a comedy show, or even just chill at home and watch holiday movies together.

It’s not all about how much you spend or what you get – the holidays are a time to cherish and share memories with your loved ones.

What are some gifts you’re shopping for this year? What are your top holiday gifts for her? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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Holiday gift ideas for her under $50. Whether she's into beauty, fashion, or tech, there's bound to be something on this list she'll love!

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