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18 Instagram Photo Ideas You Can Take at Home

18 Instagram Photo Ideas You Can Take at Home

Looking for some cool home photoshoot ideas for Instagram?

With the freezing cold weather and the fact that there’s really nowhere to go anyway, taking photos at home is the best option.

Whether you’re looking to get content for Instagram, or just get creative with your boredom, I’ve included ideas that are both realistic and fun.

Here are Instagram photoshoot ideas you can do at home!

Home photoshoot ideas for Instagram

Everlane ReNew crewneck sweater


The easiest photo you could possibly take at home? A selfie, obvs.

Find your perfect angles and take a good ‘ol selfie for Instagram.

Probably best to take selfies during golden hour to get the perfect glow on your face.

If you’re good at makeup, you can also do some outrageous or extra makeup looks and snap some cool selfies.

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Mirror selfie

If you’re not much of a selfie taker, you can take a mirror selfie instead.

Just try not to show off your over-filled laundry basket or your toilet in the background.

With a mirror

Get creative with a vintage mirror, or just any mirrors you have, and take some cool photos for Instagram.

Lay a mirror on the ground in your backyard, take a selfie, and have the sky reflection behind you!

Fall capsule wardrobe

Outfit selfie

Ever have those days where you’re just not feeling your face? Same.

Outfit selfies are perfect for those kinds of days!

Levi's balloon pants

With a bed sheet

Don’t have an aesthetically-pleasing space? No problem.

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Hang up a bed sheet against the wall (or your furniture) and snap away.

A neutral white bed sheet goes with everything, but feel free to make it interesting with any coloured (or even printed) bed sheets you might have, like pink or blue!

Tissue paper home photoshoot idea

With tissue paper

Get creative with some colourful (or even neutral) tissue paper.

Crunch and stick it up against a wall to make for a textured background, or even make some fun tissue paper crafts to create a cool backdrop!

Newspaper/magazine wall

Got some old newspapers or magazines lying around at home?

Make use of them by sticking them up on your wall and making a cool backdrop for some Instagram photos!

With books

There are plenty of fun and creative photos you can take with books!

Home photoshoot ideas with books:

  • Pretend to read a book
  • Have an open book covering your face
  • Have a bunch of books stacked around you
  • Lie down on a bunch of open books

With a projector

If you’ve got a projector at home, you can screen a cool backdrop, sit in front of it, and snap some ~aesthetic~ Instagram photos.

You can also screen something on your TV and sit in front of it, but you won’t be able to get the projection shadows on yourself!

Floral crown DIY
Home photoshoot idea with flowers

With flowers

If you’ve got any fresh flowers, dried flowers, or even fake flowers lying around, you can do all kinds of cool photoshoot ideas at home!

Stick them up on the wall and make a pretty floral wall, or wring them together into a chic floral crown.

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Home photoshoot ideas with flowers:

  • Cover your face with a bouquet
  • Stick flowers in your back pocket
  • Make a floral crown
  • Build a floral wall
  • Lie on top of the flowers on the ground

With plants

For all you plant moms out there – why not show off your collection with some cool Instagram photos?

Toronto holiday gift basket from Saul Good Gift Co.

Fairy lights

Bring out your inner Brandon Woelfel and play around with some fairy lights and bokeh.

Coloured lights

Have any coloured lights or smart bulbs at home?

Play around with different colours and get some futuristic photos!

7-Eleven pizza date night at home

With your partner

Get cutesy with your significant other and take some cute couple photos at home.

Working on a Macbook Pro

Home office

Show off your work-from-home setup.

Mine just so happens to be a couch.

Reading on the Kindle in the bathtub

In the bath

Grab a glass of wine, light up some candles, and take a relaxing photo in the bath.

Feel free to do a bubble bath, throw in a bath bomb, or even do an aesthetic milk-and-flower bath.

Drinking tea in bedroom

In bed

When in doubt, get cozy in bed.

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With food

Are you a wiz in the kitchen?

Show off your delicious creations with some beautiful food photography.

Feel free to include yourself in the photo, or just let your food shine.

Work flat lay with laptop, phone, Kindle, planner, and beauty products

Flat lays

There’s an art to taking good flat lay photos, and all it takes is a little bit of practice.

Be sure to include eye-catching accessories like makeup, jewelry, books, or magazines!

I also have a separate blog post all about how to take flat lays!

Here’s a list of all the home photoshoot ideas for Instagram:

  1. Selfie
  2. Mirror selfie
  3. With a mirror
  4. Outfit selfie
  5. With a bed sheet
  6. With tissue paper
  7. Newspaper/magazine wall
  8. With books
  9. With a projector
  10. With flowers
  11. With plants
  12. Fairy lights
  13. Coloured lights
  14. With your partner
  15. In the bath
  16. In bed
  17. With food
  18. Flat lays
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Those were some of my ideas for at-home Instagram photoshoot inspiration!

What are some other cool Instagram photoshoot ideas you can do at home? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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You don't have to leave the house to get creative or to shoot content – here are some fun, creative, and realistic home photoshoot ideas for Instagram!


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So helpful! I've been trying to work on my Insta game! Thanks!

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