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5 Healthy Morning Habits for Your Daily Routine

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5 Healthy Morning Habits for Your Daily Routine

I’m a firm believer in making healthy morning habits part of your daily routine.

Mornings are my favourite part of any day – I love the feeling of waking up after a good night’s rest, and it’s when I feel the most productive.

As difficult as it is to get out of bed some days, mornings are my favourite time to get things done.

I feel like how you spend your morning sets the tone for the entire rest of the day, which is why it’s important to keep healthy morning habits!

While I’d love to write a gratitude journal every morning and maybe even down a glass of fruit-infused water, that’s just not realistic for me.

For that reason, I’ve listed healthy morning habits that are actually easy for everyone to achieve and implement into their daily lifestyle.

Here are healthy morning habits to make part of your daily routine!

Healthy morning habits are extremely important for starting off your day right. Here are some tips on how to kick off your mornings and be more productive!

How to become a morning person

1. Wake up at the same time everyday

Wake up early, and wake up early every single day.

No sleeping in on weekends either!

The occasional sleeping in until 12 PM is fine, but it severely diminishes my productivity level when I sleep in that late.

If you struggle with waking up early, I have a blog post all about how to become a morning person.

You don’t have to wake up at 5 AM to be productive either.

But if that makes you happy, then you can totally go for it.

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I typically wake up anywhere between 7 to 8 AM on a daily basis as my “work day” starts around 9 AM.

While blogging full-time does allow me to choose my own hours, I still like to work on a regular 9-5 schedule.

Having a set schedule also helps you to be more productive while working from home!

Floral phone case, matcha latte, and Kindle flat lay

2. Avoid going on your phone right when you wake up

If you use your phone as an alarm to wake up every morning, I totally get how difficult it is to avoid actually going on your phone first thing.

I used to spend anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour scrolling through Instagram or Twitter in bed while procrastinating getting ready for my office job.

Was I late every single day? Yes.

Did I feel like I was wasting my mornings mindlessly browsing social media? Absolutely.

Try to stay away from your phone until you’ve done the bulk of your morning routine.

If you have to, maybe leave your phone in another room so you’ll have to get out of bed to turn the alarm off!

How to become a morning person

3. Make your bed

This is one habit I’m guilty of not really doing all that much.

But whenever I do make my bed, I feel good about myself and it makes me feel a lot more productive!

It’s like when you have a cluttered space: when there’s a physical mess around you, your mind feels a lot more cluttered.

Not only will your made bed look prettier – it’ll make you feel more at ease and ready to start the day.

Breakfast smoothie bowl

4. Eat a healthy breakfast

Eating breakfast every morning is a habit I’ve been doing for years, and it really makes a difference to your day.

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Your brain needs fuel to get through the day, and a large cup of coffee is simply not enough.

If you have to rush to work every morning, prepare overnight oats or matcha chia seed pudding the night before (or start waking up earlier lol).

Otherwise, smoothie bowls, oatmeal, or even eggs are all great healthy breakfast options!

Don’t go for the sugary processed cereals ’cause that ain’t healthy.

Nike pink sports bra with makeup products flat lay

5. Get some exercise

As much as it sucks to have to use up so much energy first thing in the morning, it’s one of the best healthy morning habits to implement into your lifestyle.

Whether it’s a hardcore HIIT workout or some soothing yoga, exercising will help to improve your mind and mood.

Maybe you’ll hate it in the moment, but it always feels amazing once it’s over.

Adam and I love Lita Lewis’ HIIT cardio workout and Yoga with Adrienne’s yoga sessions.

If you prefer to go to classes and workout amongst other people, feel free to do that!

I’m a homebody and prefer working out at home by myself.

Healthy morning habits for your daily routine:

  1. Wake up at the same time everyday
  2. Avoid going on your phone right when you wake up
  3. Make your bed
  4. Eat a healthy breakfast
  5. Get some exercise

Do you have any other healthy morning habits you do everyday? What does your morning routine look like? I’d love to know in the comments!

P.S. if you liked this post, you might like this post on self care activities you can do everyday, or any of my other posts on wellness.

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