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Why You Need to Visit Niuda Hand-Pulled Noodles in Toronto

Why You Need to Visit Niuda Hand-Pulled Noodles in Toronto

I was kindly invited to a complimentary tasting by Niuda Hand-Pulled Noodles and chose to write a review. As always, all opinions are my own.

I’d heard of hand-pulled noodles before visiting Niuda, but I was unsure of whether it was worth the hype.

Guys, after trying them for the first time, I have to say that hand-pulled noodles are 100% worth it.

The texture and chewiness of the noodles had me munching on them even after I was too full to breathe!

Niuda Noodles specializes in Lanzhou-style Chinese hand-pulled noodles, and the unique thing about this downtown Toronto spot is that their dishes are also inspired by Japanese ramen.

While traditional Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles have limited options for soup broth and toppings, Niuda uses Wagyu beef bones for their broth and toppings like soft-boiled egg and chashu.

Fresh Chinese noodles paired with rich Japanese-inspired flavours = perfection!

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Here’s why Niuda is the best spot for Lanzhou-style Chinese hand-pulled noodles in Toronto!

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What’s on the menu at Niuda, the best spot for Chinese hand-pulled noodles in Toronto

House-made drinks

Niuda has house-made fruit juices and sodas to satisfy your thirst.

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We got the Yuzu Soda and White Peach Soda, which both had actual pieces of fruit in them.

Their sodas are absolutely delicious, and the white peach is probably my favourite.

If you’re feeling something less sweet, they’ve got some beer options as well.

The White Peach Soda and Yuzu Soda at Niuda Hand-Pulled Noodles in Toronto
The White Peach Soda and Yuzu Soda.

Side dishes

Side dishes aren’t necessary for one or two people because the noodle dishes are very filling.

However, if you’re in the mood for one or two side dishes, Niuda has some fantastic ones to order!

Also, if you’re visiting as a group, it’s worth ordering a couple of side dishes to share.

The Cold Shredded Potato marinated in chilli oil had a little touch of spice.

It’s a nice, refreshing combination with the noodle soups, but the other side dishes definitely stood out more.

Niuda Hand-Pulled Noodles Restaurant, Toronto
The Cold Shredded Potato has a nice spicy kick to it.

The Fried Signature Beef Dumplings had a nice texture, and were absolutely delicious.

If there was a single side dish I would recommend getting at Niuda Hand-Pulled Noodles, it was totally be the dumplings!

They were flavourful and fried to perfection.

Fried Signature Beef Dumplings at Niuda Hand-Pulled Noodles Restaurant in Toronto
The Fried Signature Beef Dumplings are fantastic!

The Spicy Oil Chicken was absolutely amazing.

It doesn’t look super flavourful, but trust me, it is.

That spicy oil sauce was everything, and we actually even dipped the dumplings in it!

Spicy Oil Chicken at Niuda Hand-Pulled Noodles Restaurant in Toronto
The Spicy Oil Chicken is marinated to perfection.

Main dishes with Chinese hand-pulled noodles

Niuda Hand-Pulled Noodles makes their noodles fresh to order, and you can even watch them being made from the glass windows.

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The way the menu works is that you pick your noodle soup, noodle shape, and then the add-ons.

Some of the add-ons include over easy or soft-boiled egg, marinated chicken wing, and signature meat or vegetable dumplings.

The Dan Dan Noodles are a hot pick of the menu, and have already become a fan favourite.

If you haven’t heard of Dan Dan Noodles, it’s a popular noodle dish from Chinese Sichuan cuisine, and it’s typically very spicy.

It’s an incredibly flavourful dish, and you’re going to be craving it for days afterwards.

At only $10.99, it’s also an affordable dish to order on the menu!

Dan Dan Noodles at Niuda Hand-Pulled Noodles Restaurant in Toronto
The Dan Dan Noodles are a fan favourite.

The Braised Beef Noodle Soup features green veggies, cilantro, parsley, and pickled white cabbage.

You can get the regular size for $12.99 or large for $13.99.

We got the classic Chinese hand-pulled noodles, which had the perfect amount of chewiness.

You can choose from various noodle thicknesses, from angel hair to flat wide noodles!

What makes hand-pulled noodles so fantastic is that the freshness results in a more al dente texture.

The broth was light and mild, but still had a good amount of flavour – great if you’re feeling something a little more subtle!

The beef broth is made using Kobe beef bones and 13 different spices to give the ultimate amount of flavour.

Braised Beef Noodle Soup at Niuda Hand-Pulled Noodles Restaurant in Toronto
The Braised Beef Noodle Soup is perfect if you’re looking for something more light and mild.

Must-try dishes at Niuda Hand-Pulled Noodles

The portions at Niuda are pretty good, especially for the price.

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The noodle soups would’ve been enough to satisfy both Adam and I, but of course you’ve got to try at least one of the side dishes while you’re there.

Here are the most standout dishes you should try at Niuda:

  • Spicy Oil Chicken
  • Fried Signature Beef Dumplings
  • Dan Dan Noodles
Niuda Hand-Pulled Noodles serves up Chinese noodles in ramen-inspired broth in Toronto
Our full spread at Niuda Hand-Pulled Noodles.

Niuda is located right in the heart of downtown near Nathan Phillips Square, and it’s definitely worth the visit!

It’s now one of our fave noodle spots in all of Toronto.

For more information, please visit Niuda Hand-Pulled Noodles’ website.

Have you guys been to Niuda Noodles in Toronto yet? What are some other great Chinese hand-pulled noodle restaurants to visit in the city? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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Niuda Hand-Pulled Noodles serves up Chinese noodles in ramen-inspired broth in Toronto