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We Thought This Obstacle Course Would Be Easy

We Thought This Obstacle Course Would Be Easy

Pursuit OCR is difficult to notice unless you know what you’re looking for.

It’s located near Queen and Dufferin in a townhouse-lookalike building.

As soon as we walked in, we were a bit underwhelmed.

The space itself was smaller than we had expected and the obstacles looked pretty simple.

Don’t be fooled by either of those things, because it’s a lot tougher than it looks.

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Pursuit OCR Toronto

We went through the entire course once as a practice run, and we didn’t do it more than once.

I surprised myself from being able to do the monkey bars successfully.

Adam had to help me get over the walls in the beginning of the course because I was too short.

We found that with certain obstacles, my height worked in my favour, and for others, it worked in Adam’s favour.

There were a few obstacles neither of us could do at all because they were too difficult.

We kept going in the ball pit, which was definitely the most fun part of the course.

I was able to get across it on the hoop rings once, but my hands hurt from so much climbing that I couldn’t repeat it.

Adam kept John Cena-ing me and trapping me in the pit.

Pursuit OCR Toronto
Pursuit OCR Toronto
Pursuit OCR Toronto

I attempted to walk up a wall (it wasn’t part of the course) and hurt my shoulder because I didn’t fall properly in time.

The employee who showed us around the course told us to turn around and raise our hands in the air if we knew we were going to fall.

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We attempted walking on a tightrope and neither of us could do it without holding the other’s hand.

We also played ping pong, and I feel like I got the hang of it after a little while.

Pursuit OCR Toronto
Pursuit OCR Toronto
Pursuit OCR Toronto

Adam and I both had a really great time at Pursuit OCR.

Adam took me here as part two of my birthday – it’s an excellent birthday or date idea.

All-day passes are $20 and you’re allowed to leave and come back, but we didn’t see how we could spend more than a few hours there.

You get tired quicker than you expect to.

For more information, please visit Pursuit OCR’s website.

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