Awkward Phases I Had as a Toronto Kid

Awkward Phases I Had as a Toronto Kid

We all go through phases throughout our elementary school and teenage years. They shape who we become as adults and become a huge part of us. I think a phase is a period of time in your life when you become immersed in a certain culture or style or activity and it impacts you in some way.

These are all the phases I went through myself and are probably phases you might be able to relate to as well. Unless you were a cool kid. Then you’re an exception.

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Gamer Phase

When I didn’t have many friends in real life, I turned to the friends I made in the gaming world. For about 5 years, Runescape became my life. I used to be ashamed of it but I’m not anymore. Only people who’ve gamed or are gamers can understand the relationships you make with people online. They’re as real as you are and the friendships are just as strong, if not stronger. I mean, you really get to know people when you spend 20 hours a day with them daily.

Runescape is also where I discovered my passion for video editing. I made music videos starting from the basic methods of Windows Movie Maker to the more advanced techniques of Sony Vegas Pro. I probably wouldn’t be studying media right now if it wasn’t for Runescape. Here’s a little something I made during my better days of music video-making:

Emo Phase

It was mostly just the “scene” look I was going for: arm warmers, coon tails, razor haircuts, and heavy black makeup. I think I even remember having a Facebook album back in 2008 dedicated to cool scene hair. This was where I began to develop a sense of my own style and express myself through my appearance. I pretty much deleted every single one of my selfies (we actually called it “camwhoring” back in the day), but here are the less extreme “scene” looks I had:

Cwalk Phase

I don’t remember how I came across cwalking but I thought it looked cool so I started watching tutorials in grade 8. I don’t even remember why I named myself LuvSik. For the next year or two, I became immersed into the cwalk community and I met a lot of awesome people from all over Toronto. We hosted cwalk meets and anywhere between a few of us to dozens of us would make x-way cwalk videos. Before anyone asks, I don’t remember how to cwalk anymore.

Here’s a 29-way cwalk:

Social Media Addict Phase

“All Signs Point To Lauderdale” was basically my high school anthem. During grade 11 and 12 I had a lot of teenage angst so I turned to social media to deal with all my issues. This is why I have over 70k tweets and a decent number of followers today.

I became mutuals with a lot of Toronto (particularly Mississauga) people on Twitter via lots of #hashtags and other mutuals. It’s because of this phase that I pretty much became “good” at social media and it’s also where I learned to be funny (in my writing, at least). Despite its unpopularity, I think the following is the funniest thing I ever tweeted during this time (excuse my language):

Since high school, I don’t think I’ve gone through any particular “phases”. These were the most significant ones I went through and ones some of you can probably relate to especially if you’re around my age. We all go through phases, whether they be good ones or bad ones, and they’re nothing to be embarrassed about. They obviously shape who we become and that’s probably a good thing.

If you had any awkward phases besides these ones, I’d love to know in the comments.

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The feature image is a photo I took of an installation by Toronto artists Claude Miceli and Jean-Christian Knaff called “Fragile”, which was featured at Nuit Blanche 2015.

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  • Chloe Tzang

    Love it. Never got into gaming but the whole emo scene thing was me back in High School and I can totally relate to that. Then I went off to College to study Nursing and I was just to darn busy for anything else….

    • Haha the emo/scene phase was terrible but it’s funny to look back on!

  • joshmdmd

    I knew about the rs but damn you killed the cwalk scene. +1 for the Justice song. Also if you’re still into that shuffling check out Toronto Rockers Union