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The Best Instagram Hashtags for Different Types of Photos

The Best Instagram Hashtags for Different Types of Photos

Looking for the best Toronto hashtags to get good engagement on your Instagram photos?

Hashtags are super important for growing your Instagram account, and if you’re not taking advantage of their possibilities, you’re missing out on a huge potential audience.

During my first few years of using Instagram, I was too embarrassed to use hashtags.

Today, as a content creator who relies on social media engagement, I’ve realized just how essential hashtags are to growing your brand and audience.

I’ve listed the best Instagram hashtags that work for me, along with accounts I tag to help get more likes or reposts!

The categories I’ve listed for the best Instagram hashtags for are:

  • Lifestyle bloggers
  • Fashion bloggers
  • Beauty bloggers
  • Food bloggers and restaurants
  • Travel bloggers
  • Portrait photographers
  • Urban photographers
  • Flat lay photography

Here are the best hashtags for bloggers, Instagrammers, and photographers, as well as the best Toronto hashtags for each category.

Macbook and Canon G7x flat lay

Best Instagram hashtags for lifestyle bloggers

Lifestyle is a pretty broad category on Instagram, but it typically features photos of your everyday life.

It’s usually populated by minimal, pastel, and pretty photos with a lot of pink and white.

I usually use these hashtags when I don’t have a more specific category to place a photo under.

Toronto lifestyle hashtags

Best lifestyle blogger hashtags

Colourful lifestyle hashtags

Wool sweater from Lankun Fashion

Best Instagram hashtags for fashion bloggers

There are tons and tons of fashion hashtags out there, and you can find all kinds of specific ones to help you get noticed.

You can find all kinds of niche hashtags all about sustainable fashion, thrifted clothing, and so on.

I’ve included a good list of the best fashion hashtags below, and you can easily copy and paste them for your Instagram photos!

I’ve also listed the best fashion repost accounts to tag on Instagram, including both general ones and Toronto-based ones.

Toronto fashion accounts to tag

Fashion accounts to tag

Toronto fashion hashtags

Best fashion blogger hashtags for Instagram

Minimal fashion hashtags

Streetwear fashion hashtags

Sustainable fashion hashtags

Best Instagram hashtags for beauty bloggers

I don’t post too much about beauty on Instagram, but there’s a massive community of beauty lovers out there.

The beauty hashtags I’ve included feature mostly full-on makeup looks, so if that’s the type of content you post, these will be perfect for you!

I’ve also included skincare hashtags, which are definitely more up my alley 😉

Toronto beauty hashtags

Best beauty hashtags for Instagram

Best skincare hashtags for Instagram

Clean beauty hashtags

The Commoner Restaurant, Toronto

Best Instagram hashtags for food bloggers & restaurants

The foodie community on Instagram is insanely large, and there are endless hashtags you can use down to the specific city you’re eating in.

From ice cream to noodles, you can find hundreds of popular hashtags that’ll fit your photos.

Here are the best hashtags and repost accounts for food photos, perfect for foodies or restaurants!

Toronto food accounts to tag

Food accounts to tag

Toronto food hashtags

Best food blogger hashtags for Instagram

Toronto coffee hashtags

Best coffee hashtags

Muckross Abbey, Ireland

Best Instagram hashtags for travel bloggers

Travel seems to be the “it” thing on Instagram right now, with waves of people jet setting off to “trendy” places like Bali or Marrakech.

I think travel content is absolutely beautiful, and I personally get very inspired by it.

The female traveler community is huge, and there are dozens of popular repost accounts with their own hashtags.

You can also find specific repost accounts from different cities and countries with their own hashtags.

General travel accounts to tag

Female travel accounts to tag

Best travel blogger hashtags

Best female travel blogger hashtags

Banff Village, Alberta

Best Instagram hashtags for portrait photographers

Portrait photography is a huge community on Instagram, with photographers getting super creative with their portraits.

There are plenty of portrait photography hashtags and repost accounts you can tag!

Portrait photography accounts to tag

Best portrait photography hashtags

Toronto Financial District

Best Instagram hashtags for urban photographers

Urban exploring was a big thing a couple years ago, and it sparked a movement of repost accounts and popular hashtags.

It also inspired a lot of people to get into photography, which I think it pretty darn awesome.

Here are some great cityscape and architecture photography hashtags, as well as localized Toronto hashtags!

Toronto urban accounts to tag

Urban accounts to tag

Toronto urban photography hashtags

Best urban photography hashtags

MUJI notebook flat lay

Best flat lay hashtags for Instagram

Flat lays used to be huge on Instagram, but I find that they don’t get as much engagement as they used to.

Nevertheless, I think they still make for beautiful photos, and I’m all for posting whatever the heck you want.

Here are the best flat lay photography hashtags you can copy and paste for Instagram!

Flatlay photography accounts to tag

Best flatlay photography hashtags

Don’t forget to tag brands in OOTDs or flat lays, and restaurants in food photos.

The more reach you can get on your content, the better!

Do you have any specific hashtags that work for you? What are the best Instagram hashtags you’ve found? Let me know in the comments!

Jessica Lam | Toronto lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and travel blogger | Diary of a Toronto Girl, a Canadian lifestyle blog

Best Instagram hashtags
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  3. Jessica Lam says:

    Glad you found it helpful Kirsten!!

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    I’d love to know if these hashtags worked for you! 😊

  5. ‘I used to think it looked thirsty but now I don’t care’. HA! Best opener I’ve read all day. I do social media marketing for 3 companies, so I love the hashtags. Thanks for a very useful list!
    xoxo, erin |

  6. Jessica Lam says:

    Haha, thanks Erin!

  7. IamBryant says:

    Great post! As someone who is pretty new to the blogging world (and also set up a new Instagram separate from my personal one) a lot of the followers that I have received, as well as quite a few of my likes, have came from me using hashtags!

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  12. Jessica Lam says:

    Glad you found this helpful Allison! 🙂

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    I am bookmarking this post ASAP. I need this. Now where do you store the hashtags for later? In a spreadsheet? Docs?

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    Okay, you’re a lifesaver! As a fellow Toronto girl, this post works out perfectly for me! Thanks a BUNCH!

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