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6 Best Sushi Spots in Vancouver

6 Best Sushi Spots in Vancouver

On the hunt for the best sushi spots in Vancouver to eat at?

One of the main reasons why I love traveling to Vancouver at least once a year is for the incredible food – especially the sushi.

The sushi in Vancouver is so dang fresh, and there are so many fantastic sushi restaurants to eat at!

Vancouver sushi is way, way better than anything you can find in Toronto.

Here are some of the best sushi spots to hit up in Vancouver, British Columbia!

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Where to stay in Vancouver

If you’re looking to book your flights and hotels for Vancouver, I’d recommend booking on Expedia, so you can collect points towards free rewards and discounts!

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Hotels can be pretty pricy in Vancouver, but they’re great if you plan on only staying downtown and walking around without a car – Downtown Vancouver is very walkable!

Here are some of the best hotels to stay at in Vancouver:

Hilton Vancouver Downtown, British Columbia
Inside the chic Hilton Vancouver Downtown.

I also love staying in Airbnbs when I visit Vancouver, though I usually stay in Burnaby as it’s a little more budget-friendly.

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Best sushi in Vancouver


Minami is a sister restaurant to the popular Miku restaurant, and I think I actually prefer eating here.

The sushi is also pretty expensive, but I find myself liking the options at Minami more.

Be sure to make a reservation because it gets super busy!

LOCATION: 1118 Mainland St, Vancouver, BC

Salmon aburi at Miku Sushi in Vancouver, British Columbia


While I definitely think Miku’s overrated and overpriced, some of their sushi is pretty amazing.

The Scallop Sashimi and Salmon Oshi are wonderful and I’d say are totally worth the price.

I haven’t been to their Toronto location, but I hear the sashimi isn’t as fresh as west coast sashimi (obvs).

LOCATION: 200 Granville St. #70, Vancouver, BC

Green Leaf Sushi

Green Leaf is known for their aburi sushi, but they also have oshi sushi.

The food here is delicious, and it’s not too far from the airport – perfect if you’re doing a quick layover in Vancouver!

LOCATION: 3416 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC

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Nu Sushi Bar

Nu Sushi is actually located in Burnaby, but I figured I’d include it anyway.

Their Salmon Oshi is awesome, and their Chicken Karaage is the best we’ve ever had.

LOCATION: 3787 Canada Way #100, Burnaby, BC

Sushi Modo

Sushi Modo is probably my favourite sushi restaurant in all of Vancouver because of the great food and fair prices.

Like Nu Sushi, it’s also located in Burnaby, but it’s totally worth going out of downtown for.

They have a ton of different oshi sushi options, and I absolutely loved the Tobiko Hotate Oshi Sushi (scallop) and Salmon Oshi Sushi.

LOCATION: 7874 Edmonds St, Burnaby, BC

Sushi California in Vancouver, British Columbia

Sushi California

The sashimi at Sushi California is so fresh and so good.

I actually came here for the first time a couple of years ago because one of the friends I was traveling with worked here!

LOCATION: Various locations

Best sushi in Vancouver:

  1. Minami
  2. Miku
  3. Green Leaf Sushi
  4. Nu Sushi Bar
  5. Sushi Modo
  6. Sushi California

These were some of the best and most delicious sushi restaurants to hit up in Vancouver, British Columbia!

What are the best sushi restaurants in Vancouver in your opinion? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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