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13 Best Birthday Freebies in Canada

13 Best Birthday Freebies in Canada

Searching for birthday freebies you can get in Canada?

Ain’t no better way to celebrate your birthday than getting some free stuff, and there are tons of places in Canada that give out birthday freebies.

A lot of these places require you to sign up for their apps or programs ahead of time, so definitely do that before your birthday comes up.

From handcrafted bubble tea to delicious sandwiches, here are some of the best spots to get free stuff on your birthday here in Canada!

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Best birthday freebies in Canada

Pumpkin spice milk tea and taro milk tea from Chatime Canada


Chatime is one of my absolute fave bubble tea spots, and they offer a free handcrafted drink on your birthday.

You have to register your birthday on the Chatime app, and you’ll get the free birthday drink loaded onto your card 7 days before your birthday.

You do have to make a minimum purchase of $2.50 before your birthday in order to get the free drink, and it’s valid for 7 days before and after your birthday.

The Signature Milk Tea is my fave drink at Chatime, but I also love their Thai Milk Tea!

The Alley bubble tea in downtown Toronto at Yonge-Dundas Square

The Alley

The Alley is another one of my fave bubble tea spots, and they also offer a free drink on your birthday.

You just have to have the app on your phone, and you can only claim it on your actual birthday!

The Deerioca Fever with fresh milk is my go-to drink at The Alley, but I love trying their seasonal drinks as well.

I love how aesthetically pleasing and Instagrammable their stores are!

Holding Starbucks holiday drink on the Toronto Gardiner Express highway


Starbucks also offers a free drink or breakfast sandwich for your birthday with the app, though it’s only good for the day of your birthday.

You have to register for the Starbucks Rewards program at least 7 days before your birthday, as well as make a purchase using the card before your birthday.

You also have to claim it at a standalone Starbucks location – it doesn’t work at certain Starbucks locations (such as inside grocery stores)!

One of my go-to drinks is the Caramel Macchiato (iced or hot), and their cold brews are amazing as well.

Tim Hortons

Can’t get enough caffeine, or just looking for some free breakfast?

Tim Hortons offers a free drink (worth 70-100 points) or free breakfast sandwich on your birthday.

You’ll have to download the Tims Rewards app to claim your birthday freebie!

Marble Slab Creamery

This one’s for ya ice cream fiends out there.

Marble Slab offers a $5 coupon that expires 7 days after your birthday.

You have to sign up for their mailing list at least 48 hours before your birthday!

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins offers buy one get one free on soft serve cones for your birthday, so it’s not exactly free, but it’s still something.

You just have to register for their Club 31 program to get the coupon for it, and you can register the day of your birthday!

They also offer $3 off an ice cream cake if you’re part of the Club 31 program.

Mr. Sub

Mr. Sub offers a free 6-inch Classics sub if you sign up for their Mr. Sub Rewards program.

This includes their Assorted Sub (my personal fave), Veggie and Cheese, Ham Sub, and Pizza Sub!

South St. Burger

South St. Burger offers buy one get one free burger on your birthday.

Not exactly free, but it’s something!

They have awesome burgers that are made with Canadian angus beef, raised without antibiotics or hormones.

You have to register online for their Birthday Club at least 72 hours before your birthday, and you’ll receive the coupon on your birthday, which will be valid for 14 days.

Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza is one of my family’s favourite Canadian restaurant chains – their food is actually super delicious.

We especially love their pastas and pizzas, and their appetizers are pretty good as well!

You can get a free dessert on your birthday if you sign up for their MyBP Loyalty Program.


Kelsey’s is another great Canadian restaurant chain, and they also offer free dessert on your birthday if you sign up for their emails.

Another awesome perk if you sign up for their emails: free spinach dip with the purchase of an entrée!

The Keg Restaurant in Niagara Falls, Ontario

The Keg Steakhouse + Bar

The Keg has always been one of my family’s go-to restaurants for special occasions, and they give you a free Billy Miner Pie on your birthday.

Of course, you have to grab one of their steaks for dinner while you’re here!


Denny’s offers a free Build Your Own Grand Slam on your birthday, and it’s only valid for dining in.

You can choose 4 different breakfast items as part of the Build Your Own Grand Slam!

The free meal doesn’t include taxes or tips, and it’s not valid at their Niagara Falls or Nepean locations in Ontario.

Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick Candy Cane swatch


Sephora comes out with a few different options of free birthday gifts each year that you can choose from.

They’re usually mini sets of makeup, skincare, or haircare products, and you have to register for their Beauty Insider program in order to get the free birthday gift!

You can walk into one of their stores and get the free birthday gift without purchasing anything, but you’ll have to buy something if you want to redeem it online.

The gift is redeemable 2 weeks before or after your birthday.

Birthday freebies in Canada:

  1. Chatime
  2. The Alley
  3. Starbucks
  4. Tim Hortons
  5. Marble Slab Creamery
  6. Baskin Robbins
  7. Mr. Sub
  8. South St. Burger
  9. Boston Pizza
  10. Kelsey’s
  11. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar
  12. Denny’s
  13. Sephora

These were some of the best freebies that you can get on your birthday in Canada!

Will you be claiming any of these birthday freebies in Canada? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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