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10 Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Hamilton, Ontario

10 Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton is one of the most beautiful places in Ontario, and there are plenty of Instagrammable spots worth checking out.

It’s one of my favourite cities to do a day trip from Toronto, because it’s not too far, and there are so many cool things to do!

From stunning waterfall hikes to aesthetically-pleasing restaurants, Hamilton is filled with cute and Instagram-worthy places.

Here are some of the most Instagrammable spots in Hamilton, Ontario!

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Sam Lawrence Park in Hamilton, Ontario

1. Sam Lawrence Park

Sam Lawrence Park offers up the most incredible skyline views of Hamilton, whether you’re visiting during the day or at night.

It’s one of my favourite spots to visit in Hamilton – it’s a view you’d never get sick of looking at!

You can park right in front of the viewpoint, then take a little walk around to see the pretty florals and greenery surrounding the park.

LOCATION: 255 Concession St, Hamilton, ON | Website

Whitehern Historic House and Garden in Hamilton, Ontario

2. Whitehern Historic House and Garden

Built back in the Victorian era, the Whitehern Historic House is now a historical museum.

Originally lived in by the McQuesten family, it’s now owned by the City of Hamilton.

You can do a guided tour inside the museum, or you can take a walk around outside the gorgeous property.

LOCATION: 41 Jackson St. West, Hamilton, ON | Website

Historic BMO Building in Hamilton, Ontario

3. Bank of Montreal Building

The old Bank of Montreal building is a beautiful historic landmark that was built back in the early 1900s.

It’s no longer an actual BMO, but the building itself stands as a heritage building.

LOCATION: 1 Main St W, Hamilton, ON | Website

Aberdeen Tavern in Hamilton, Ontario

4. The Aberdeen Tavern

Not only does The Aberdeen Tavern have great food – it’s also super Instagram-worthy.

With its Victorian-inspired interior and rustic vintage aesthetic, it’s a super cute spot to visit for brunch, lunch, or dinner.

LOCATION: 432 Aberdeen Ave, Hamilton, ON | Website

5. Motel Restaurant

Motel is another pretty restaurant in Hamilton that’s popular on Instagram for its pink and teal accents.

They serve up fun brunch dishes like Champagne Pancakes and Loaded Breakfast Nacho Fries!

LOCATION: 359 Barton St. East, Hamilton, ON | Website

Detour Coffee Roasters in Dundas, Ontario

6. Detour Coffee Roasters

Detour Coffee Roasters is Instagram-worthy both inside and out.

It gets packed really quickly, so come during off hours if you want a seat inside the café!

LOCATION: 99 Clinton St, Hamilton, ON | Website

7. Hello Baked

Hello Baked is famous for its “hello” mural outside the bakery, but it’s also got a v cute interior.

Pick up some aesthetically-pleasing sugar cookies and maybe even some ice cream from Hamilton’s very own Willard’s Ice Cream!

LOCATION: 342 Barton St. East, Hamilton, ON | Website

Dundas Peak, Hamilton, Ontario

8. Dundas Peak

Dundas Peak is definitely the coolest hike in Hamilton.

It’s about an hour roundtrip to get to the peak, and the views at the end are absolutely incredible.

I’ve only hiked it during the summer, but I can only imagine how beautiful it is during the fall when the all the trees are coloured in autumn shades.

Remember to be smart and not get too close to the edges of cliffs – falls can be fatal here!

LOCATION: Harvest Rd, Dundas, ON

Tiffany Falls, Hamilton, Ontario

9. Tiffany Falls

Hiking to Tiffany Falls is as easy as it gets when it comes to waterfall hikes in Hamilton.

It’s a short and easy walk from the parking lot, which gets filled up pretty quickly.

Don’t try to make up your own parking spots, unless you want a pesky ticket on your dashboard when you get back!

LOCATION: Hamilton, ON | Website

Sydenham Lookout in Hamilton, Ontario

10. Sydenham Lookout

Sydenham is a pretty lookout I actually stumbled across while driving by.

You can park right in front of it, then take a quick peek at the gorgeous nature views.

It’s especially beautiful during the fall, which is when I visited!

LOCATION: Sydenham Rd, Dundas, ON

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The most Instagrammable spots in Hamilton:

  1. Sam Lawrence Park
  2. Whitehern Historic House and Garden
  3. Bank of Montreal Building
  4. The Aberdeen Tavern
  5. Motel Restaurant
  6. Detour Coffee Roasters
  7. Hello Baked
  8. Dundas Peak
  9. Tiffany Falls
  10. Sydenham Lookout

These were just a few of the most Instagram-worthy places to visit in Hamilton!

Have you been to any of these Instagrammable spots in Hamilton? What are some other cool places worth checking out? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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