35 Weird Foods You Need to Eat at the CNE This Summer

35 Weird Foods You Need to Eat at the CNE This Summer

A complimentary meal was provided and I chose to write a review. As always, all opinions are my own.

Everyone’s favourite summer event is back and better than ever. Summer 2016 may be coming to an end, but at least we can end it while riding a gondola into the sunset and eating bacon-covered desserts. I had the chance to go to the media preview for the CNE, and it got me super excited. Adam and I will def be paying a visit again when it opens.

CNE Media Package

I’m usually pretty open to trying new things when it comes to food, and I’ve always wanted to try all the weird things CNE has to offer. Last year I only tried the deep fried red velvet Oreos, and this year I tried a bunch of new things.

I got too excited about all the food that I left my media package somewhere, so I don’t know all the details about some of these dishes, but you can find out more about them when the CNE opens this Friday 😉.

1. Deep Fried Cookie Dough Balls from Cookie Dough Me

These cookie dough balls were the first thing we tried, and they were delicious. They have both chocolate chip and red velvet cookie dough.

CNE Cookie Dough

CNE Cookie Dough Samples

2. Cinnamon Rolls from Howie’s Cinnamon Rolls

As gross as these may sound, they’re definitely worth the try. These cinnamon rolls from Howie’s Cinnamon Rolls feature either bacon, pulled pork, or both, along with frosting. Bacon seems to be a huge trend on this year’s menu.

CNE Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

3. Mega Sandwich from San Francesco Foods

This sandwich was too ginormous for us to try, but if you’re feeling super hungry, you should go for it. It’s got chicken, veal, eggplant, two cheeses, fries, mayo, tomato sauce, and a giant meatball to top it off.

CNE Big Burger

4. Bug Dogs from Bug Bistro

I wasn’t brave enough to try these crispy mustard cricket-covered hot dogs, but if you are, check out these Bug Dogs from Bug Bistro.

CNE Bug Dogs 2

CNE Bug Dogs

5. Sexy Surf and Turf from Hot Bunzz

It was love at first sight with this sexy dish. It’s a braised beef-stuffed bao topped with lobster and a bunch of delicious spices and toppings.

CNE Bunzz

6. Cartoon Dog from Maggie’s

Feel like a kid again with this deep-fried, bacon-wrapped hot dog topped with Capt’n Crunch cereal, peanut butter, jam, and spicy mayo.

CNE Cartoon Dog

7. The Raclette from House Of Brisket

For anyone who loves cheese, potatoes, and pickles.

CNE Cheese Pickles

8. Chimney Stax with Yogurty’s Froyo

Chimney cones have been everywhere this summer, and they’ll be making an appearance at CNE. These ones are filled with Yogurty’s froyo and they are uh-mazing. We tried the Chocoholic Supreme with brownies, chocolate fudge sauce, and oreo crumble. They have one with chocolate Turtles, one with gummy worms, and even one with bacon bits and maple syrup.

CNE Chimney Stax

9. The Sloppy Redneck from Smokin’

We didn’t try this because we were already getting full, but if you feel like eatin’ sloppy, try this sandwich with pulled pork, baked beans, coleslaw, and crushed pineapples.

CNE Burger

10. Churro Burgers from Epic Burgers & Waffles and I Love Churros

Churros are my second true love. I didn’t get to try the churro burger because I was so full, but I’ll definitely be giving it a try when I visit again.

CNE Churro Burgers

11. Fruity Drinks

I don’t know where these fruity drinks from, but the red one was good. I’m also loving the cute little umbrella toppings.

CNE Drinks

12-13. Bacon Croissundae and Blueberry Pie Milkshakes from Fran’s Restaurant

I’ve been to the actual Fran’s twice and I’ve never been disappointed. We were too full to try the bacon croissundae, but we did try the Blueberry Pie Milkshake, and it was SO GOOD.

CNE Frans Bacon Croissundae

CNE Frans Milkshakes

14. The ThreeSum Burger at Corrado’s Authentic Italian

The ThreeSum Burger is a triple threat with flavours from Italian, Canadian, and Greek cuisine. It’s got meatballs, mac n’ cheese, and Greek fries. Surprise, surprise, we were also too full to try this one.

CNE Huge Burger

15. Ice Cream from Just Cone It

Seeing the bacon on this cone kind of weirded me out, but it tastes better than it sounds. The cone also has cotton candy on it and it tastes amazing.

CNE Ice Cream

16-18. Spam Double Down, Tater Tots, and a Root Beer-Flavoured Burger from Miami Press

Miami Press is one of the places you 100% have to pay a visit to this year. They’ve got a bunch of delicious things on their menu, including a Spam Double Down, tater tots, and a root beer-flavoured burger. The Double Down was my absolute favourite.

CNE Miami Press Spam Sandwiches

CNE Miami Press

19. Dessert Nachos from Nacho Libre

These nachos are topped with bananas, strawberry puree, and Nutella.

CNE Miami Press Nachos

20. The Poutine Dog

Remember eating Pogo sticks when you were younger? These Poutine Dogs will take you back, except they’re even better because they’ve also got tater tots and cheese, as you can see below.

CNE Pickle Cheese Dogs

21-22. Pickle Dogs and Deep Fried Butter Tarts from Pickle Pete’s

I’m not a pickle person, but if you are, try this deep fried, hot dog-stuffed pickle dog from Pickle Pete’s. They’ve also got deep fried butter tarts, and anything deep fried is always good.

CNE Pickle Dog

CNE Buttertarts

23-24. Fried Pig Ear Sandwich and Sweet Potato Pie from Farm to Fryer

Pig ears are a reg food item for Chinese people, so it wasn’t that weird for me. Adam found it pretty weird, but we both enjoyed the sandwich. The sweet potato pie was sweet and delicious and the bacon made it even more delicious.

CNE Pig Ear Sandwich


25-27. Nachos, Fish and Chips, and Sushi Burritos from Su&Bu

If you’re looking to eat something healthier, try Su&Bu. We tried the nachos and the sushi burrito, which were both really good. We didn’t get to try the Fish and Chips featuring wonton chips, but it looked really delicious.

CNE Sushi Nachos

CNE Sushi Bowl

CNE Sushi Burritos

28. Canadian Bacon Taco from Bacon Nation

I pass by Bacon Nation at Queen and Spadina all the time and I’ve been wanting to try it for years. These tacos feature peameal bacon in place of a tortilla, topped with delicious pulled pork. Warning: it gets pretty messy.

CNE Tacos

29-32. Cotton Candy and Jolly Rancher Chills and Froot Loop and Jolly Rancher Donuts from Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is winning the game at this year’s CNE. The Cotton Candy Chill was my fave, but the Jolly Rancher Chill was really good as well. The Jolly Rancher donut is def a must-try if you’ve got a super sweet tooth.

CNE Tims Drinks

CNE Tims Donuts CNE Tims Jolly Rancher Donut

CNE Tims Froot Donut

33. Philly Steaklair from Philthy Philly’s

Brave enough to try this dessert-lunch? The Philthy Philly’s combined a steak and cheese sandwich with an eclair to create the Philly Steaklair. It’s even got chocolate icing and whipped cream on it.

CNE Whip Cream Dog

34. Roast Beef in an Edible Bowl from Eat My Bowls

Honestly, the presentation of this dish wasn’t very good, so we didn’t care to try it. After reading the description about it later, I wish I’d tried it. It’s an edible Yorkshire pudding bowl filled with roast beef, gravy, and horseradish cream.

CNE Bowls

35. Baked Apple Dumplings from One Sweet Mama

These ice cream covered dumplings looked so good, but it was at the very end, so we were too full to try it 😢.

CNE Pies

Last year I was really badass and I won myself a jumbo Pikachu on my first try (here’s a photo), and this year Adam and I are seeing who can win the other prizes.

CNE Prizes

There are a bunch of performers at the CNE this year, including acrobatic entertainer from Spain, Eddie Eighty – his fire show was really awesome.

CNE Fire Guy

I never even knew the waterfront was part of the CNE before, but for the first time in decades, the CNE is returning to the waterfront with this super cool water skiing stunt show called The Great Canadian Water Ski Caper. Adam got a bunch of great Snapchats of the show.

CNE Water Show Guy

The CNE is happening from August 19th to September 5th this year. Let me know what you’re planning on trying at the CNE!

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