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10 Instagram-Worthy Dessert Spots in Toronto

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10 Instagram-Worthy Dessert Spots in Toronto

Whether you’re looking for jiggly soufflé pancakes or decadent cakes, Toronto has plenty of awesome and Instagram-worthy dessert places to satisfy your sweet cravings.

I’m a big fan of anything sweet, and I always love hitting up new dessert spots around Toronto (especially ice cream).

If you’ve also got a sweet tooth, you’ll definitely want to hit up every Toronto dessert spot on this list.

Here are some of the best and most Instagram-worthy dessert places to try in Toronto!

Short and Sweet Bakeshop in Toronto

Short and Sweet Bakeshop

Short & Sweet Bakeshop is sassy, sweet, and all of the good things.

Taste one of their amazing cupcakes or try one of their incredible ice cream sammies!

Short & Sweet has all kinds of sweet pastries, all that are worthy for the ‘Gram.

They have locations on Avenue Road and inside the PATH.

LOCATION: Various locations | Website

Glory Hole Donuts

Glory Hole serves up fresh, handmade doughnuts at their Parkdale and Gerrard locations, all made with whole ingredients.

The inside of their doughnut shop is also super cute, if you’re looking for Instagram-worthy indoor photo spots in Toronto as well.

LOCATION: Various locations | Website

COPS Coffee & Doughnuts

COPS is another adorable doughnut shop in Toronto, and all their doughnuts are made from scratch daily.

Their location is just as Instagrammable as their doughnuts, especially if you’re a pink lover.

They’ve got 3 locations on Adelaide, Lansdowne, and in Riverside!

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LOCATION: Various locations | Website

Daan Go

Daan Go is the brainchild of Christopher Siu, who was on season 2 of Masterchef Canada Season 2!

They’re famous for their adorable character macarons, but they also have beautiful cakes and other pastries.

They have 1 downtown location in Kensington Market and 2 locations in Scarborough.

If you’re wondering what the name daan go means, it’s “cake” in Cantonese!

LOCATION: 202 Baldwin St, Toronto, ON | Website

Fuwa Fuwa Pancakes

In the mood for some jiggly, jiggly Japanese soufflé pancakes?

Stop by Fuwa Fuwa in Toronto and enjoy these fluffy stacks of goodness in all their glory.

The word “fuwa” literally means “fluffy” in Japanese, and that’s exactly what you can expect with their delicious pancakes.

Their downtown locations are in the Annex and at Yonge & Eglinton, but they’ve also got locations in Mississauga and Vaughan.

LOCATION: Various locations | Website

iHalo Krunch soft serve ice cream in Toronto

iHalo Krunch

The charcoal soft serve and cones at iHalo Krunch are probably one of the most unique and Instagram-worthy dessert finds you’ll get in Toronto.

The charcoal soft serve is coconut flavoured, and they also have ube, matcha, and vanilla soft serve available to swirl with your charcoal cone.

I also love that they have limited edition flavours every now and then!

Their downtown location is by Trinity Bellwoods, but they also have uptown locations in Vaughan and Newmarket.

LOCATION: 831 Queen St. West, Toronto, ON | Website

Fugo Desserts, Toronto

Fugo Desserts

Another epic ice cream spot in Toronto is Fugo Desserts, which you’ll find near Dundas and University.

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Not only are their desserts absolutely delicious – they’re super Instagram-worthy as well!

They also have cute and Instagrammable mini donuts if you’re craving pastries instead!

LOCATION: 205 Dundas St. West, Toronto, ON | Website

Dutch Dreams in Toronto

Dutch Dreams

I just love ice cream too much to not add one more Instagram-worthy ice cream spot on here.

Dutch Dreams is an ice cream spot you’ll find in midtown Toronto, and their flavours are completely kosher-friendly.

They serve up jazzed up ice cream cones that you can customize from the waffle cone to the toppings, and they’re totally worthy of being on your Instagram feed.

LOCATION: 36 Vaughan Rd, Toronto, ON | Website

Eva’s Original Chimneys

Okay, I lied: here’s another ice cream spot in Toronto, but it’s more about the doughnut cones here than the ice cream.

Chimney cakes are a Hungarian pastry that’s crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, and Eva’s makes them with all-natural and mostly organic ingredients.

You can get chimney cakes on their own here, or get them decked out with ice cream and all the toppings!

LOCATION: Various locations | Website

ONYX Chocolates

ONYX is a Toronto-based artisanal chocolate shop, and they handcraft their delicious and Instagrammable chocolate bonbons.

They make chocolate bars as well, and all their chocolate creations are literally works of art.

You can get their chocolates inside Wong’s Ice Cream in the east end, an incredible ice cream shop that serves up unique Asian flavours!

LOCATION: 617 Gerrard St. East, Toronto, ON | Website

Instagram-worthy dessert spots in Toronto:

  1. Short and Sweet Bakeshop
  2. Glory Hole Doughnuts
  3. COPS Doughnuts
  4. Daan Go
  5. Fuwa Fuwa Pancakes
  6. iHalo Krunch
  7. Fugo Desserts
  8. Dutch Dreams
  9. Eva’s Original Chimneys
  10. ONYX Chocolates

Have you been to any of these Instagram-worthy dessert spots in Toronto? What are some of the best Toronto dessert places in your opinion? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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