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15 Best Soft Serve Spots in Toronto

15 Best Soft Serve Spots in Toronto

If you’ve got a craving for the best soft serve ice cream in Toronto, I’ve got ya covered with the ultimate list for some of the city’s top frozen treats.

While I love all frozen desserts, I definitely have a soft spot for soft serve.

There’s just something about the smooth and creamy texture, and Toronto’s got so many great ice cream spots offering up unique and innovative soft serve flavours.

From Asian-inspired soft serve flavours to decked out ice cream cones, here are some of the best soft serve ice cream spots to visit in Toronto!

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Best soft serve ice cream spots in Toronto

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iHalo Krunch

Wondering where the heck everyone in Toronto gets that cool-looking black soft serve ice cream?

iHalo’s ube and charcoal coconut twist soft serve is so good, you’ll literally cry tears of joy.

They’ve definitely got some of the best soft serve ice cream in Toronto, and you’ll definitely want to revisit them all summer long.

You can even get a free cup or cone of ice cream on your birthday.

You can enjoy their amazing ice cream either at their Trinity Bellwoods Park or High Park locations – both great locations for ice cream, I must say.

The High Park location also has bubble tea, ice cream cakes, and ice cream pints available!

P.S. don’t be freaked out by your next number two if you eat the charcoal flavour. I warned ya.

LOCATION: Various locations

Guava soft serve from Butter Baker Market Café in Toronto

Butter Baker

Butter Baker is an incredible French-inspired bakery in Toronto, and they’ve everything from croissants, to cakes, to soft serve!

Their soft serve is actually only available from April through October, and the flavours change up every month.

You’ll find a rotating selection of seasonal soft serve flavours, which change up every single month.

Past soft serve flavours include strawberry, mango, and guava, and they’ve currently got a banana passionfruit and black currant soft serve twist for the month of March!

It’s all handcrafted using natural ingredients and local Ontario dairy and free-run eggs.

They even make their own freshly-baked vanilla waffle cones, if you’re more of a cone than a cup person.

You can find them right in the heart of downtown by Yonge & Dundas (where they also have a waffle café and market), or in Markham.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Butter Baker, peep out my TikTok video all about it!

LOCATION: 120 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON

Roselle Desserts in Toronto, Ontario

Roselle Desserts

Roselle is actually a French-inspired bakery and dessert shop, but they’ve got some fantastic soft serve made in-house.

They change up their soft serve flavours every so often, but their famous Earl Grey flavour with white chocolate pearls and lemon filling is famous and a must for tea lovers!

Don’t forget to take some of their amazing pastries home with you.

LOCATION: 362 King St E, Toronto, ON

Matcha soft serve from Daigyo Cafe in North York, Toronto


Nothing beats matcha ice cream in Asia, but Tsujiri is an Asian dessert chain that makes really great matcha desserts at their locations around the world.

Their entire menu is focused on matcha, from lattes, to sundaes, to frappes.

They make probably my favourite matcha soft serve, which has the perfect strong tea flavour!

Hojicha and matcha soft serve ice cream at Tsujiri Toronto

Tsujiri uses ceremonial-grade, premium, and organic matcha from Shizuoka, which is a region known as the capital of tea production in Japan.

You can choose between either their matcha or hojicha soft serve flavours – neither of which you can go wrong with.

LOCATION: 147 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON

Bloom Café in Toronto

Bloom Café

Stop into this minimalist café for their incredible Japanese desserts, including fresh cream puffs, tea lattes, and soft serve.

Bloom’s whole menu is tea-inspired, with plenty of matcha and hojicha-flavoured options.

Their soft serve flavours change seasonally, with past flavours including matcha, peach, jasmine, and black milk tea.

Their cream puffs are also a must-try, and you can choose between vanilla, jasmine, strawberry, mocha, matcha, and earl grey.

You can find them at their two locations by Yonge & Wellesley or Spadina & College!

LOCATION: Various locations

Super Serve soft serve ice cream in Toronto's Kensington Market

Super Serve

Peep out this seasonal soft serve shop by Kensington Market for their epic soft serve cones.

They’ve got vanilla and chocolate soft serve, which are decked out in all kinds of delicious toppings.

They’ve also got monthly soft serve features, with past options like their mocha & coconut and pineapple & horchata.

You can check them out at their shop from spring through fall!

LOCATION: 562 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON

Tom’s Dairy Freeze

Tom’s Dairy Freeze is a favourite of local Torontonians during the summer.

Summer just ain’t complete without a visit to Tom’s for some fresh scoops of ice cream!

Choose between Vanilla or Chocolate soft serve (or get a twist), and get it dipped or add toppings!

Like Bar Ape, it’s also a seasonal takeout window, and it’s actually been running since the 60’s.

Their shop is located in Etobicoke, so you’ll need to drive or take public transit to get here.

LOCATION: 630 The Queensway, Etobicoke, ON

Bar Ape Gelato

Need a reason to get out of the house every week?

Bar Ape’s unique gelato flavours change by the week, which they usually announce on Instagram.

Some of their past flavours include Ontario Peach and Roasted Green Tea Caramel, and they occasionally have vegan gelato flavours as well.

Enjoy their gelato soft serve-style, or try one of their gelato ice cream bars.

Bar Ape opens from May through October, and they’re only open from the late afternoon through late evening.

Their shop is actually more of a takeout window, but there are benches around for you to sit and enjoy your gelato!

It’s also cash-only, so be sure to have some on-hand!

LOCATION: 283 Rushton Rd, Toronto, ON

Nani’s Gelato

Nani’s serves up artisan gelato and sorbettos on the daily, and they’ve also got gelato soft serve.

What makes them unique: their flavours are an infusion of Asian, Indian, and Italian flavours!

They produce hundreds of gelato flavours using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, and past soft serve flavours include Passionfruit (vegan) and Vanilla Bean.

They offer a different selection of 8-10 different flavours in-store every Monday, which they announce on their Instagram.

They actually started out as a food truck, and now they have several stores across the GTA, including in Yorkville, Mississauga, and Markham!

LOCATION: Various locations


You might know WVRST for their German sausages and bites, but did you know they also have some of the best soft serve ice cream in Toronto?

Some of their past flavours include Salted Maple Rosemary and Toasted Marshmallow!

You can grab their seasonal soft serve at their Union Station or King West locations.

LOCATION: Various locations

Taverne Bernhardts

Taverne Bernhardts is another Toronto restaurant that also has soft serve, and you can find them in the Little Portugal neighbourhood.

Their decadent ice cream comes as a full-on dessert, and they switch up their soft serve flavours every so often.

They’ve had super unique flavours in the past, including their Strawberry & Lovage Twist (with olive oil and basil), Creamsicle and Lemon Meringue (with candied sunflower seeds), and Rhubarb Currant Sour Cream (on top of jello)!

LOCATION: 202 Dovercourt Rd, Toronto, ON

The Fix Harbourfront, Toronto

The Fix Ice Cream Bar

If you’re taking a stroll along Toronto’s Harbourfront, stop into The Fix for some house-made soft serve ice cream.

Grab the classic Vanilla or Chocolate soft serve ice cream, or try their vegan Peanut Butter or seasonal flavours.

Their menu also changes up by the season, so you can peep in every now and then to try their new flavours!

They also serve up hard ice cream from Ontario-based Shaw’s Ice Cream, which they use in their decked out ice cream cups.

The Fix is a sister shop to Joe Bird, a Harbourfront restaurant dedicated to all things chicken and beer (heck yeah).

LOCATION: 207 Queens Quay West #150, Toronto, ON

Sweet Jesus Ice Cream in Toronto

Sweet Jesus

Sweet Jesus, now that’s one heck of a cone.

They have a couple of different soft serve flavours available, but their whole thing is their fancy, jazzed-up cones.

Their special cones feature either Vanilla or Chocolate soft serve, and they also have a seasonal soft serve flavour that switches up every so often.

Ice cream cone from Sweet Jesus in Toronto

Sweet Jesus has locations all across the GTA, and their OG location on John Street opens seasonally from April through November.

They’re also a sister shop to La Carnita, one of the best Mexican restaurants in Toronto!

LOCATION: Various locations

Eva’s Original Chimneys

Chimneys are a traditional Hungarian treat, and Eva’s Original Chimneys sweetens it up with all of the fixings.

You’ll definitely want to get your chimney cone with soft serve and toppings, and you can choose between a dairy Vanilla or vegan Vanilla flavour.

The cones are made using only 7 natural and mostly-organic ingredients, and each one is hand-rolled and baked-to-order!

Even their toppings are made from scratch, and they even have vegan options for my plant-based friends.

You can find them in the Annex downtown, or at one of their two locations in Mississauga.

LOCATION: 454 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON

La Diperie Ice Cream, Montreal

La Diperie

La Diperie is a Montreal-based dessert chain with several locations in the GTA, and it’s pretty much heaven on earth for dessert lovers.

Ice cream, ice cream cake, cookies – you name it, they’ve got it!

They’re actually most known for their dipped cones, which is vanilla soft serve dipped in your choice of heavenly Belgian chocolate and toppings.

If you’re a chocolate lover, you absolutely need to visit La Diperie.

LOCATION: Various locations

Best soft serve ice cream in Toronto:

  1. iHalo Krunch
  2. Butter Baker
  3. Roselle Desserts
  4. Tsujiri
  5. Bloom Café
  6. Super Serve
  7. Tom’s Dairy Freeze
  8. Bar Ape Gelato
  9. Nani’s Gelato
  10. WVRST
  11. Taverne Bernhardts
  12. The Fix Ice Cream Bar
  13. Sweet Jesus
  14. Eva’s Original Chimneys
  15. La Diperie

Whether you’re looking to try something super unique or just in the mood for a refreshing treat on a sunny day, there are plenty of awesome soft serve ice cream spots in Toronto.

Have you visited any of these soft serve ice cream shops in Toronto? Where are your favourite spots to grab ice cream in the city? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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The best spots to grab soft serve ice cream in Toronto, from unique Asian-inspired flavours to decked out ice cream cones!

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