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7 Best Restaurants at Toronto’s Harbourfront

7 Best Restaurants at Toronto’s Harbourfront

Looking for new restaurants in the Toronto Harbourfront neighbourhood to try?

I absolutely love wandering around the waterfront – it’s such a nice neighbourhood to walk around.

There are also some great restaurants and cafés in the Harbourfront area, no matter what kind of cuisine you’re into!

Here are some of the best restaurants to eat at in the Toronto Harbourfront neighbourhood.

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Best Toronto Harbourfront restaurants

Aburi Butterfish Dragon and Aburi Scallop Dragon Rolls from Kibo Sushi House in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Kibo Sushi House

Kibo Sushi is a favourite of many locals in Toronto, and they’ve got locations across the city (including both takeout-only and dine-in sushi restaurants).

Their Harbourfront location is takeout-only, and they have all kinds of delicious and affordable sushi rolls and combos.

My go-to order is the Spicy Maki Trio combo, which comes with 6 pieces each of spicy California, spicy salmon, and spicy tuna rolls – they make some of the best spicy rolls out there!

Spicy salmon and spicy tuna rolls from Kibo Sushi House in Richmond Hill, Ontario

I also love any of their aburi (torched) sushi rolls – they’re absolutely amaze.

They’ve also got plenty of different sushi and sashimi combos or a la carte rolls, alongside cooked dishes like Gyoza and Chicken Karaage.

You can order for pick up through Ritual, one of my fave Toronto food apps, and you can get $10 off your first order using my code!

LOCATION: 16 Yonge St. Unit D, Toronto, ON

Mama Lee’s Korean Kitchen

Mama Lee’s is a super cute and modern Korean restaurant located right by Kibo Sushi.

They’ve got a variety of rice bowls you can choose from, as well as classic Korean dishes like Jjajangmyun and fusion starters like Kimchi Fries!

This family-owned takeout shop is run by a mother-daughter duo, and they actually opened up during the pandemic.

LOCATION: 16 Yonge St Unit B, Toronto, ON

Indian Roti House

If you’re a fan of roti, you’ll love the roti at Indian Roti House.

Roti is a stuffed Indian flatbread with curry filling, and it’s absolutely amazing.

The Lamb Korma Roti is definitely my favourite here!

LOCATION: 256 Queens Quay W, Toronto, ON

Kinton Ramen in Toronto

Kinton Ramen

Got a craving for some hearty ramen in the Harbourfront neighbourhood?

Kinton serves up some of the best ramen in the city, and you’ll find them along Harbour Street.

Fun fact: they’re a sister restaurant to Kinka Izakaya, which is right next door!

LOCATION: 110 Harbour St Unit 108B, Toronto, ON

Kinka Izakaya, Toronto

Kinka Izakaya

If you’re a fan of Japanese pub food and drinks, you’ll love Kinka Izakaya.

I’ve loved pretty much everything I’ve tried on the menu, and I’ve been to Kinka dozens of times over the years.

Try the Chicken Karaage, Kakimayo (cheesy baked oyster), and the Salmon Natto Yukke!

You can order lunch specials, or share a bunch of tapas for dinner with your friends.

Kinka is one of my all-time fave restaurant chains in Toronto, and I’ve got a blog post all about my review of Kinka Izakaya!

LOCATION: 110 Harbour St Unit 108A, Toronto, ON

Miku Restaurant along Toronto's waterfront

Miku Toronto

Miku is one of the most popular sushi restaurants in Toronto, and they’re actually originally from Vancouver.

They serve up incredibly fresh and delicious aburi oshi sushi and sashimi, and some of the best sushi in Toronto!

Miku Restaurant along Toronto's waterfront
Miku’s famous aburi oshi sushi.

Aside from sushi, they’ve also got French and Italian-inspired cooked dishes like Kaisen Soba Peperoncino.

You also need to try some of their special menu items created in collaboration with Chef Ryusuke Nakagawa, the Michelin Chef behind Aburi Hana.

The Japanese Crispy Chicken, Salmon Shinjo Salad, Hotate Crudo, and Wagyu Carpaccio are all so decadent.

Each dish is so unique, and you’ll be thinking about them for days.

If you’re up for a splurge, try their Kaiseki (a traditional Japanese-style prix-fixe menu with small dishes) for $175 per person, which features 5 courses on handcrafted Japanese plateware.

You can also add wine and sake pairings for $60 per person!

Miku Restaurant along Toronto's waterfront

If you’ve still got room for dessert, the Green Tea Opera is sort of like a matcha Ferreror Rocher, and the Ichigo Mochi Dome is a must for strawberry lovers.

They also make their own black sesame paste for their Black Sesame Latte, which is definitely one of the best we’ve had in the city.

Miku Toronto

The story behind the company is pretty cool: the owner, Seigo Nakamura, took after his father’s sushi restaurant in the 90’s, and he’s since opened up several restaurants in Vancouver and Toronto.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Miku, you can check out my TikTok video!

LOCATION: 10 Bay St #105, Toronto, ON

Don Alfonso 1890 Toronto

Don Alfonso is well-known as one of Toronto’s best restaurants, and it’s also known as the best Italian restaurant outside of Italy.

They also received one Michelin Star on the 2022 Toronto Michelin Guide!

Chef Daniele Corona puts a unique and contemporary spin on Mediterranean dishes for her tasting menu, with concoctions like eel gelato and pistachio ravioli.

You can go for their Signature Tasting Menu for $220 per person, or order à-la-carte.

Wine pairings are also available – $120 per person for the classic wine pairings or $200 for the premium pairings.

You can find Don Alfonso inside the Westin Harbour Castle!

LOCATION: 1 Harbour Square, 38th Floor, Toronto, ON

Best restaurants at Toronto Harbourfront:

  1. Kibo Sushi House
  2. Mama Lee’s Korean Kitchen
  3. Indian Roti House
  4. Kinton Ramen
  5. Kinka Izakaya
  6. Miku
  7. Don Alfonso 1890 Toronto

These were some of the best restaurants to visit at the Toronto Harbourfront!

Have you visited any of these restaurants at the Toronto Harbourfront? Where are some other great places to eat in the neighbourhood? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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