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20 Best Restaurants in Richmond Hill

20 Best Restaurants in Richmond Hill

Searching for the best restaurants in Richmond Hill to eat at?

Richmond Hill has plenty of awesome restaurants to dine at, especially if you’re a fan of Asian food.

Although I grew up in Richmond Hill, I was always trying to get out of it – I couldn’t wait to live my best Toronto city girl life.

Pretty much the only places my friends and I went to growing up in Richmond Hill were the basic Canadian chains (All Star Wings, Kelsey’s, you know what I mean) and Destiny (a mediocre bubble tea spot all the ~kool kids~ used to hang out at).

The food scene in Richmond Hill has really been poppin’ off over the years, and there are so many great spots to eat all over the city!

Whether you’re craving Korean fried chicken or Japanese hotpot, there are so many incredible restaurants and places to eat at in Richmond Hill.

Here are some of the best Richmond Hill restaurants to check out!

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Best restaurants in Richmond Hill

Asian fusion brunch at Chillax Coffee in Richmond Hill, Ontario
Chashu Pork Belly and Smoked Duck Breast Eggs Benedicts.

Chillax Coffee

If you’re up for Asian fusion brunch, you’ll definitely want to pop into Chillax Coffee, located around the corner from Richmond Green.

I love the industrial vibes of the restaurant, and they even have a cool light bulb sign!

You’ll find a wide variety of brunch and lunch dishes at Chillax, with dishes like their Pork Belly Chicken Banh Mi, Thai Red Curry Clams Spaghetti, and Duck Breast Tonkotsu Ramen.

They’ve got really delicious Eggs Benedicts, and you can choose between smoked duck breast, chashu pork belly, smoked salmon, or Canadian bacon.

Asian fusion brunch at Chillax Coffee in Richmond Hill, Ontario
Their amazing Chicken & Waffles.

Their Chicken & Waffles is also amaze – they’re super generous with the portions, and the fried chicken is so juicy and flavourful!

For drinks, they’ve got quite a few coffee and tea options, including their Hojicha Latte (probably my fave in the GTA) and Rosy Latte.

You can also find fun and delicious seasonal drinks like their past Strawberry Shortcake Cappuccino and current Peppermint Mocha!

I like that you can order directly through a QR code at your table, and they used to allow you to pay that way as well, but I think they’ve recently changed this!

Definitely make a reservation or add your name to the Yelp waitlist if you visit on the weekend for brunch, ’cause it gets super busy.

They’ve now also got a second location in Richmond Hill on Yonge Street called Chillax & Co., and they serve up both brunch and dinner!

LOCATION: 10650 Leslie St #2, Richmond Hill, ON

Grill Gate Restaurant in Richmond Hill

Grill Gate

Grill Gate serves up Canadian-Persian fusion comfort food, and you’ll find a variety of unique cheeseburgers, Philly steak sandwiches, and pizzas.

I adore their Philly Steak Sandwich and Pizza Meatza, which are both amaze.

Grill Gate Restaurant in Richmond Hill

They’ve got four locations across the GTA, and their Richmond Hill location is actually their flagship!

It’s the only location that operates as a café as well, and you’ll find a variety of desserts and tea options alongside the savoury menu items.

The portions here are also massive, so you’ll definitely be able to take leftovers home with you.

You can find Grill Gate by Yonge & Major Mackenzie!

LOCATION: 10650 Leslie St #2, Richmond Hill, ON

Charcoal-grilled chicken at Hoolala Chicken in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Hoolala Chicken

If you love Korean eats, you’ll definitely want to pay a visit to Hoolala Chicken.

This South Korean chain is known for their delicious charcoal-grilled chicken doused in their signature sauces, and it’s absolutely delicious.

Korean-style charcoal-grilled chicken from Hoolala Chicken in Richmond Hill, Ontario
You can grab takeout from Hoolala.

Choose between two sizes for their charcoal-grilled chicken or Korean fried chicken – the portions are quite generous, and a small or half order is enough for two!

The Secret is my fave of their signature sauces, and you can get either the grilled chicken or fried chicken in this flavour.

Hoolala Chicken in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Spicy ain’t no joke here, so definitely go for the mild unless you can really tolerate spice.

They also use halal chicken for all of their dishes, which is amazing!

The decor of the restaurant is also pretty cute, with a mix of modern and industrial decor.

LOCATION: 1285 Elgin Mills Rd E, Richmond Hill, ON

Donburi in Richmond Hill, Ontario


There’s nothing like saucy, deep-fried food, especially at Donburi.

Donburi is an amazing little Japanese restaurant at the Commerce Gate plaza in Richmond Hill, and they serve up a wide variety of donburi (rice bowls), appetizers, and skewers.

I’ve been coming here since I was a teenager, and it’s one of my fave spots in Richmond Hill!

They’ve got plenty of donburi options, including Oyako Don (chicken with egg) and Chicken Katsu Curry Rice.

For appetizers, you can’t go wrong with their Deep Fried Gyoza, Nagoya Style Fried Chicken Wings, and Chicken Karaage.

The grilled skewer selection is also pretty darn great – try their Mentai Chicken or Beef Tongue!

LOCATION: 505 Highway 7 Unit #93-95, Richmond Hill, ON

Brown Donkatsu

Brown Donkatsu is actually a chain based out of South Korea, and they make Korean-style katsu.

If you don’t know what katsu is, it’s a Japanese dish of deep-fried meat coated in panko bread crumbs, and it’s absolutely delicious.

Especially when it’s stuffed with cheese, which you can find at Brown Donkatsu!

They actually make their own bread crumbs in-house, and their signature brown sauce comes in different levels of spicy.

Their Richmond Hill location is located right by Yonge & Weldrick, and they’ve also got locations in Markham (at First Markham Place) and in North York near Yonge & Finch.

LOCATION: 9580 Yonge St Unit 1, Richmond Hill, ON

Abruzzo Pizza

Abruzzo has been serving up authentic Italian eats in Richmond Hill for over 40 years.

Pizza is definitely the specialty here, with a variety of toppings you can choose from.

They use imported Italian tomatoes for their sauce and a blend of three local cheeses for their base cheese!

They’ve also got other Italian dishes on the menu like panzerotti, pasta, and chicken parmigiana!

LOCATION: 9010 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON

The Flying Fish in Richmond Hill, Ontario

The Flying Fish

If you’re craving sushi in Richmond Hill, you’ll definitely want to stop into The Flying Fish.

This Japanese fusion restaurant serves up a delicious menu of wafu pasta, nori tacos, and sushi.

Wafu pasta is Japanese-style spaghetti, and choose between options like their Wasabi Cream Carbonara or Spicy Rose Cream Seafood Pasta.

Their nori tacos are basically deconstructed sushi rolls stuffed inside crispy seaweed shells, and you can choose between options like their Seared Spicy Salmon Sashimi Taco or Beef Bulgogi Taco.

TFF Plate lunch special from The Flying Fish in Richmond Hill, Ontario

The omakase sushi boxes are what you’ll want to try, and most of their fish is sourced from Japan!

Their lunch specials are also quite good, and we love the TFF Plate – the Double Shrimp oshi sushi is heavenly, and the pieces of fish on the nigiri are thick and fresh.

TFF Plate lunch special from The Flying Fish in Richmond Hill, Ontario

You can find The Flying Fish on Highway 7 near Bayview Avenue, sort of in an obscure plaza.

If you’re looking to dine in, definitely make a reservation ahead of time because it gets super busy!

LOCATION: 324 Hwy 7 #3, Richmond Hill, ON

The Owl of Minerva

Got a craving for some authentic Korean food in Richmond Hill?

Owl is an amazing Korean restaurant chain based in Toronto, and they’ve been around for over two decades now.

They’ve got locations all across Ontario, with one right by Bayview & Major Mackenzie in Richmond Hill.

Their Kamjatang (pork bone soup) and Kalbi (BBQ short ribs) are my absolute faves to order!

You can even find some of their products inside T&T, including their kimchi and (frozen) pork bone soup.

LOCATION: 815 Major Mackenzie Dr E, Richmond Hill, ON


This cute and cozy restaurant at Yonge & Elgin Mills also serves up Korean comfort foods, with classic dishes like Gamja Tang (pork bone soup) and Bibimbap (rice bowl).

The menu is honestly a little pricy, but it’s worth it for the delicious food and lovely service.

Their Jeyuk Dolsot Bibimbap is absolutely delish!

Something that’s also super cute: bueokae means “love’s kitchen”!

LOCATION: 10737 Yonge St unit 2&3, Richmond Hill, ON

Beefing with 7 Chinese restaurant in Toronto

Beefing with 7

Beefing with 7 is a Hong Kong-style restaurant by HK actor/singer Jordan Chan, and they’re all about homey Cantonese comfort foods.

Try their Signature Beef Brisket Noodles or Braised Pork Feet!

Their Satay Beef Noodles are my absolute fave – the soup and the beef slices are so dang delicious.

You also can’t enjoy an HK meal without a Hong Kong milk tea (called lai cha in Cantonese), which you can have iced or hot.

You can visit them at their restaurant by Highway 7 & Leslie!

LOCATION: 9021 Leslie St, Richmond Hill, ON

Truffle Ramen from Midori Ramen in Toronto
The limited-edition Truffle Ramen, perfectly truffle-y with truffle oil and truffle paste.

Midori Ramen

Chefs Masaru Ogasawara and Natsuhiko Sugimoto both hail from Japan, and they serve up some of the best ramen in Toronto at Midori.

From their Signature Tori Paitan Ramen, to their Black Garlic Ramen, to their Duck Shoyu Ramen, they’ve got a delicious and unique variety of ramen options to choose from.

They even create limited-edition ramen specials every so often!

Black Garlic Ramen from Midori Ramen in Richmond Hill, Ontario
The Black Garlic Ramen is one of my faves.

Their ramen is made using either their milky chicken broth or their cauliflower-based vegetarian broth, both of which are amazing.

For my fellow spicy food lovers, the Spicy Tan Tan Ramen has the perfect amount of spiciness: spicy, but not too spicy.

Tan Tan Ramen from Midori Ramen in Toronto
The Spicy Tan Tan Ramen has the perfect amount of spice.

If you’re looking to share an appetizer, definitely go for their delicious Purple Yam Fries, which comes with a side of honey butter mayo.

Our only complaint is that they don’t really give you much sauce, so you kinda have to cheap out on dipping 😛

You can also enjoy one of their Appetizer Flights for $10.99, with a meat/seafood or vegetarian option.

Purple Yam Fries from Midori Ramen in Toronto
We adore the Purple Yam Fries.

You can find Midori’s Richmond Hill location by Yonge & Weldrick, and they’ve also got locations on Queen West and in Scarborough and Vaughan.

We especially love their Scarborough location – the decor is super nice, and the service there is fantastic!

I’ve got a video over on TikTok featuring Midori Ramen if you’re interested in seeing more.

LOCATION: 9625 Yonge St unit 6, Richmond Hill, ON

Sansotei Ramen in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Sansotei Ramen

Got a craving for something warm, hearty, and spicy?

If you’re a ramen lover, definitely pay a visit to Sansotei Ramen in Richmond Hill for your ramen fix.

If you can handle spicy dishes, you should definitely grab the Spicy Tantan Ramen – it’s truly heavenly.

They’ve also got a Tomato Ramen, which is pretty unique – it’s something I’ve only seen at a ramen restaurant in Hawaii!

Sansotei Ramen in Richmond Hill

Their Richmond Hill location is at Yonge & Weldrick, and I’ve got a TikTok video here if you’re interested in seeing more!

They’ve also got tons of locations across Ontario, including in Markham.

LOCATION: 9555 Yonge St, Unit 12, Richmond Hill, ON

Liuyishou Hot Pot in Richmond Hill

Liuyishou Hot Pot

Liuyishou is one of my favourite hotpot spots in Toronto, and they offer all-you-can-eat Chinese hotpot.

You can choose from tons of meat, seafood, soybean, and veggie options!

Liuyishou Hot Pot in Richmond Hill
Quail eggs are a must.

Broths are an additional fee, and you can choose from a bunch of different options like Tomato, Chinese Sauerkraut, and Liu’s Spicy Soup Base (so good but so spicy).

You can either do a pot with a single broth, or you can do two or three flavour pots!

There’s also a full-out sauce bar where you can create your perfect dipping sauce.

I honestly just toss in whatever looks interesting to me, and it turns out delicious no matter what.

You’ll also find other delicious eats like pork trotters, chicken feet, and crab legs, as well as desserts like mantou and cake.

I would definitely try not to fill up on these, as hot pot is what you’re here for!

They also give out free strawberry and vanilla soft serve at the end of your meal, and it’s delish.

This Chinese hotpot chain started out as a single restaurant on a small street in China, and it’s now one of the largest hotpot chains in the world.

They opened their first location back in 2000, and now they’ve got over 1,200 locations around the world, with almost a dozen locations in Canada!

Strawberry and vanilla soft serve from Liuyishou Hot Pot in Richmond Hill

You can find their Richmond Hill location by Highway 7 & Leslie, and they’ve also got locations in Chinatown and Scarborough.

I’ve also got a video over on TikTok featuring Liuyishou Hot Pot if you’re interested in seeing more!

LOCATION: 650 Hwy 7 #102, Richmond Hill, ON

Japanese hotpot at Ushi Shabu Shabu in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Ushi Shabu Shabu

Located in the bustling Times Square plaza, this Japanese hotpot spot serves up delicious Japanese-style broths with a wide selection of meat options.

They’ve got great lunch specials, but they also have all-you-can-eat all day if you’d prefer!

We went with the create-your-own-lunch-set, where you get to choose from several different noodle, broth, meat, and sauce options, and it also comes with a platter of veggies and sides.

We absolutely loved the Cheese Mochi Fish Ball, which was super unique!

I got the Spicy Miso broth with udon noodles while Adam got the Sukiyaki broth with ramen noodles, and both were delicious.

They didn’t give us the onsen tamago or dessert that was supposed to be included, but we were super full by the end of our meal anyway.

Japanese hotpot at Ushi Shabu Shabu in Richmond Hill, Ontario

The interior of the restaurant is also really nice – it kinda feels like dining in a cozy cave!

The food also comes out on robotic carts (that play the Jujutsu Kaisen theme song on repeat), which is pretty cool!

LOCATION: 550 Hwy 7 Unit 80-82, Richmond Hill, ON

Mikaku Udon Bar in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Mikaku Udon Bar

Adam and I randomly stumbled across Mikaku Udon Bar when parking in the plaza it’s located in, and we had to come back to try it.

Their udon is absolutely incredible, with such rich flavours!

Adam got the Chicken Curry Udon and I got the Spicy Cream Udon, both of which were so delicious.

Spicy Cream Udon and Chicken Curry Udon from Mikaku Udon Bar in Richmond Hill, Ontario

The service was also very friendly and attentive, and they refilled our sides (pickles and coleslaw) without us asking.

They even gave us Yakult drinks to end off our meal because it was our first time there!

We also loved the beautiful interior of the restaurant, with cool murals on the walls and other Japanese art pieces.

The menu is a little pricy, but it’s so worth it for the incredible food and service.

They also have an izakaya in North York that’s all about Asian fusion bites paired with sake, which we’re itching to try next!

LOCATION: 360 Hwy 7 Unit 10, Richmond Hill, ON

Saigon Star

Curry crab is as dreamy as it sounds, and I’ve been craving it ever since I had it literally once years ago.

If you’re a fan of seafood, you’ll definitely want to visit this Vietnamese/Thai fusion restaurant for their huge selection of seafood dishes.

They do the typical pho and vermicelli dishes as well, but the fancy seafood dishes are what you’ll want to come for!

LOCATION: 330 Highway 7, Richmond Hill, ON

Omei Restaurant in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Omei Restaurant

You’ll find classic Cantonese dishes alongside seafood galore at Omei.

The seafood feasts are what you want to come here for, and they’re actually quite pricy.

The Jumbo Lobster Feast is amazing if you love lobster – it’s prepared four different ways, including:

  • Steamed Lobster Claws with Vermicelli and Garlic
  • Lobster Tail with Ginger and Scallions
  • Fried Lobster Legs with Pepper and Salt or Golden Egg Yolk (my fave)
  • Fried Rice with Lobster Tomalley
Jumbo Lobster Feast at Omei Restaurant in Richmond Hill, Ontario

There’s also a King Crab Feast, where the crab is prepared five different ways:

  • Steamed Crab Legs
  • Steamed Crab Legs & Claws with Vermicelli and Garlic
  • Crab Body with Ginger and Scallions
  • Crab Body with Pepper and Salt or Golden Egg Yolk
  • Fried Rice with Crab Tomalley

Keep in mind that they’re temporarily closed until 2024 for renovations!

LOCATION: 420 Highway 7, Richmond Hill, ON

Sushi Gin

If you’re looking for an omakase spot in Richmond Hill, you’ve gotta check out Sushi Gin.

The omakase menu is $170 per person, and they’ve also got a few a la carte items you can add-on like their Foie Gras Sushi.

Chef Kevin Li co-founded two other omakase restaurants in the GTA before joining Sushi Gin!

If you don’t know what omakase is, it’s a traditional Japanese tradition where the chef puts together their own selection of dishes featuring the freshest seasonal seafood.

It’s basically a set menu, and the chef makes each dish right in front of you!

You can find Sushi Gin inside the Commerce Gate plaza, right by Highway 7 & Leslie.

LOCATION: 505 Hwy 7 Unit 76, Thornhill, ON

Yu Seafood

Yu Seafood is a fine-dining Chinese restaurant serving up elegant seafood dishes and dim sum.

Enjoy unique dim sum offerings like their Bamboo Charcoal & Egg Yolk Bun or Scallop Red Rice Roll w/ XO Sauce, or go for classics like their Steamed Beef Ball or Steamed Chicken Feet.

Their original location is in Richmond Hill, and they’ve got a second location in Yorkdale with a heavier focus on seafood!

LOCATION: 270 West Beaver Creek Rd, Richmond Hill, ON


Frilu is kinda on the border of Richmond Hill and Thornhill, so we’ll include it in here.

It’s the only restaurant outside of Toronto to earn a Michelin Star on the 2022 Toronto Michelin Guide, which is amazing!

The $260 contemporary Canadian tasting menu features Asian influences and focuses on quality and seasonal ingredients.

The coolest thing about this spot? They source ingredients from their own farm for a true farm-to-table experience!

LOCATION: 7713 Yonge St, Thornhill, ON

Best restaurants in Richmond Hill:

  1. Chillax Coffee
  2. Grill Gate
  3. Hoolala Chicken
  4. Donburi
  5. Brown Donkatsu
  6. Abruzzo Pizza
  7. The Flying Fish
  8. The Owl of Minerva
  9. Bueokae
  10. Beefing with 7
  11. Midori Ramen
  12. Sansotei Ramen
  13. Liuyishou Hot Pot
  14. Ushi Shabu Shabu
  15. Mikaku Udon Bar
  16. Saigon Star
  17. Omei Restaurant
  18. Sushi Gin
  19. Yu Seafood
  20. Frilu

These were some of the best restaurants to eat at in Richmond Hill!

Sadly there are quite a few great restaurants I grew up visiting that have shut down since, but at least there are always new places popping up in Richmond Hill!

Have you been to any of these spots? What are some of your favourite restaurants in Richmond Hill? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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The best Richmond Hill restaurants to eat at, from upscale oshi sushi to authentic Vietnamese dishes! Here's where to eat in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

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