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7 Best Japanese Restaurants in Toronto

7 Best Japanese Restaurants in Toronto

Searching for the best Japanese restaurants in Toronto to eat at?

Japanese cuisine is much more than just sushi, and there are plenty of incredible restaurants in Toronto for authentic Japanese eats.

Whether you’re in the mood for sushi, ramen, or izakaya eats, here are some of the best Japanese restaurants to visit in Toronto!

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Best Japanese restaurants in Toronto

Kinka Izakaya, Toronto

Kinka Izakaya

If you’ve never been to a Japanese izakaya before, prepare to be amazed.

They basically serve up tapas-style bar eats alongside cocktails and drinks, and Kinka Izakaya does not disappoint.

Literally everything I’ve ever had at Kinka has been amazing, and I’ve been coming here since they opened in Toronto almost a decade ago.

Kinka Izakaya, Toronto
The Oyster Kakimayo is one of my faves at Kinka Izakaya.

You absolutely need to try their Salmon Natto Tartare, Oyster Kakimayo, Karaage, and Kinoko Cheese Bibimbap.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Kinka’s menu, I’ve got a blog post all about my Kinka Izakaya review.

My fave Kinka locations are definitely the original spot on Church and their giant resto in the Annex!

LOCATION: Various locations

Katsuya Restaurant


Tonkatsu is a breaded and deep fried pork cutlet, and it is absolutely delish.

Katsuya has all the katsu you could ever dream of, and you can choose from their different signature sauces to top it off.

My fave is the Curry Katsu, and I’d highly recommend getting a katsu stuffed with cheese (you can thank me later).

They have various locations across the GTA, with a downtown location by Church & Gerrard.

LOCATION: 66 Gerrard St. East, Toronto, ON

Gyubee Japanese Grill

You’ve probably had Korean BBQ, but have you had Japanese BBQ?

Gyubee is an all-you-can-eat Japanese barbecue spot with several locations across the GTA.

From Miso Pork Belly to Sake Steamed Clam, they’ve got all kinds of delicious dishes you can grill up!

You can find them on Bloor or Dundas, and they’ve also got locations in Markham, Scarborough, and Mississauga.

LOCATION: Various locations

Holy Cow Japanese Steakhouse

This casual and modern Japanese-inspired steakhouse is heaven on earth for beef lovers.

Indulge in juicy and flavourful steaks sourced from Prince Edward Island, or wagyu imported from Australia.

They’ve also got a variety of Japanese comfort foods including Karaage Don, Niku Jyaga, and Omurice.

It’s the perfect spot if you’re in the mood for steak, but don’t feel like going somewhere super fancy!

LOCATION: 254 Queen St. West, Toronto, ON

Ramen Isshin

Ramen Isshin serves up some of the best authentic Japanese ramen in Toronto, and their location on College is their OG spot.

They’ve got all the classic Japanese comfort food apps like Chicken Karaage and Deep Fried Pork Gyoza, alongside an extensive list of different ramen options (including vegetarian options).

Choose between red miso, shio, or shoyu ramen!

They’ve even got a few vegetarian ramen bowls with egg-free noodle options.

You can find them in Little Italy, on Queen West, and at Assembly Chef’s Hall in the Financial District!

LOCATION: Various locations

Premium Sushi Lunch from Minami restaurant in Vancouver, British Columbia


Minami is actually a sister restaurant to the popular sushi restaurant Miku, and I’m personally more of a fan of Minami.

They’ve got everything from oshi sushi to their own signature sushi rolls, and it’s all amaze.

Oshi sushi is pressed sushi in the shape of a rectangle, and it is oh so dang good.

They also have entree options, including their Charred Octopus Wasabi Niçoise and Charcoal Aburi Chicken and Foie Gras.

If you’re in the mood for a prix fixe menu, they offer a 4-course tasting menu for $125, which can be paired with wine and sake for $40.

They’ve also got an extensive sake list, as well as their own craft cocktails!

LOCATION: 225 King St. West, Toronto, ON


Zakkushi’s specialty is their charcoal grill skewers, which they grill over Japanese charcoal.

Try their assorted Premium Set or Zakkushi Set, which each come with 5 different skewers you can try!

Otherwise, you can order from a wide selection of seasoned skewers including US Wagyu Beef, Chicken Liver, and Cheese Mochi Maki.

Aside from skewers, they also serve up other delicious izakaya tapas including Beef Tataki, Ebimayo, and Karaage.

They have two locations in Toronto on Carlton and Queen West!

LOCATION: Various locations

Best Japanese restaurants in Toronto:

  1. Kinka Izakaya
  2. Katsuya
  3. Gyubee Japanese Grill
  4. Holy Cow Japanese Steakhouse
  5. Ramen Isshin
  6. Minami
  7. Zakkushi

These were some of the best Japanese restaurants to eat at in Toronto!

Have you visited any of these Japanese restaurants in Toronto? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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Food tours are another fun way to experience Toronto’s food scene, and this Kensington Market food tour, Canadian food tour, and craft brewery tour are all fantastic options!

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