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15 Best Spots for Drinks in Toronto

15 Best Spots for Drinks in Toronto

There are plenty of awesome spots to grab drinks in Toronto, whether you’re looking to visit a fancy cocktail bar on a first date or hit up a casual bar restaurant with your friends.

Though I love playing around at home and being my own personal bartender, there’s nothing like sitting on a gorgeous Toronto patio, soaking up the summer sun, with a perfectly-crafted cocktail in hand.

I absolutely love having a good cocktail or drink with a good meal – especially when it’s perfectly paired.

I’m definitely a beer gal at heart, but I love any good drink.

Here are some of the best bars and restaurants to grab drinks in Toronto!

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Best spots for drinks in Toronto


BarChef’s cocktails are literal works of art, and you’ll see what I mean if you check out their Instagram.

Molecular gastronomy is their specialty here, and they’re actually known as one of the top and most innovative bars in the world.

Though you’ll want to come for their unique cocktails, they’ve got a wide selection of spirits from around the world.

Their menu is a little pricy with the most expensive cocktail being $50, so it’s definitely somewhere to visit on a special occasion (unless you’re rolling in the dough).

Most cocktails are under $20 though, and you can actually buy their ingredients or ready-made cocktails to enjoy at home!

You can find them on Queen West.

LOCATION: 472 Queen St. West, Toronto ON

Bar Raval

Enjoy Spanish tapas and craft cocktails at this swanky restaurant by Chef Grant van Gameron.

They’ve got a menu full of classic and house cocktails, as well as local beers and ciders and local and imported European wines.

The interior of Bar Raval is super unique and romantic – the perf spot for a first date if you’re looking to impress.

You can find them right by College & Bathurst!

LOCATION: 505 College St, Toronto, ON

The Commoner Restaurant, Toronto

The Commoner

The Commoner is your spot for upscale Canadian pub eats, from Truffle Fries to Steak Frites.

They’ve also got a fantastic list of both classic and house cocktails, as well as a good amount of beer and wine.

Their OG location is in Roncesvalles, but they now have a location in Little Italy.

LOCATION: Various locations

Fonda Lola Mexican Restaurant in Toronto

Fonda Lola Mexican Bistro

This adorable Mexican bistro serves up incredible authentic Mexican food and margaritas, and they’ve got a gorgeous and cozy patio on Queen West.

Margaritas are the specialty here, but they’ve got a good selection of other craft cocktails as well.

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They also serve up Mexican brunch if you’re looking to try something unique, and you can peep out more of their menu in my Fonda Lola restaurant review!

LOCATION: 942 Queen St. West, Toronto, ON

Kinka Izakaya, Toronto

Kinka Izakaya

Kinka Izakaya is one of my all-time favourite restaurants in Toronto, and they serve up amazing Japanese tapas and craft cocktails.

From Takoyaki to Karaage, you’ll find plenty of great shareables, and they’ve also got some fun Japanese cocktails (some made using the popular Japanese Calpico soda!)

It’s a super loud and lively spot so you probably wouldn’t want to take a first date here, but it’s a great spot to visit with friends.

You can see more of their menu in my Kinka Izakaya restaurant review!

LOCATION: Various locations


Run by the same people behind Kinka, JaBistro serves up aburi oshi sushi and plenty of Japanese cocktails and drinks.

From sake, to specialty cocktails, to Japanese-imported beers, they’ve got plenty of drink options.

They’ve even got a few mocktail options if you’ve got a DD in the group!

LOCATION: 222 Richmond St. West, Toronto, ON

El Catrin Destileria

El Catrin Destileria is located in the adorable Distillery District, and they serve up amazing Mexican food in Toronto.

Their huge patio is the perfect spot to grab some cocktails, and they actually have the largest selection of tequila and meczal in Canada!

The patio is even heated if you’re visiting during the chillier months.

LOCATION: 18 Tank House Lane, Toronto, ON

King Taps Restaurant & Bar in Toronto Financial District

King Taps

King Taps is one of my fave spots in the Financial District, and they’ve got fantastic food and drinks.

Not only is their patio super cute, but the inside of the restaurant is two storeys high with plenty of seating!

They have plenty of beers on tap, including their own collab beers, which is pretty cool.

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They’ve also got plenty of craft cocktails and an extensive wine list if you’re not crazy about beer.

Here’s a hot tip as well: they’ve got some of the best pizza in all of Toronto, and you’ll definitely want to try a pie for yourself.

I’ve also got a blog post all about my King Taps restaurant review if you’re curious about the menu!

LOCATION: 100 King St. West, Toronto, ON

Craft Beer Market, Toronto

CRAFT Beer Market

You’ll find CRAFT Beer Market in the Entertainment District, and you can choose from over 100 different beers on tap, which is pretty epic.

You can also enjoy all kinds of delicious comfort foods alongside your drinks, including everything from Nacho Fries to their special AC Burger.

They also have locations in Alberta and British Columbia!

LOCATION: 1 Adelaide St. East, Toronto, ON

Bar Hop

I discovered Bar Hop because they had $1 oysters a long time ago, and it’s a fantastic spot for drinks.

They’ve got an extensive list of beers and ciders on tap and in bottles and cans, as well as a good wine and cocktail selection.

They actually have 3 locations in Toronto – 2 downtown and one on the Danforth.

The Peter Street location is my fave – it’s three storeys high with an awesome rooftop patio!

LOCATION: Various locations

The Dime Restaurant on Queen Street West in Toronto

The Dime on Queen

The Dime is one of the best cheap food spots to eat at on Queen West, and it’s part of the Warehouse family of restaurants in Toronto.

They’re known for their affordable eats, ranging from $5.95 to $7.95 per plate.

They’ve also got a massive drink menu with plenty of cocktail options, though it is a bit pricy (which balances out with their cheap food options).

LOCATION: 538 Queen St. West, Toronto, ON

The Fox & Fiddle on John Restaurant, Toronto

The Fox on John

The Fox on John is a British-style pub part of the Fox and Fiddle restaurant family, and they’ve got a really nice patio.

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They’ve got all kinds of amazing signature cocktails, plus a large selection of local and imported beers.

Enjoy your drinks with British pub-inspired eats like Fish & Chips and Bangers & Mash if you’re feelin’ hungry.

You can find them right by Adelaide & John downtown.

LOCATION: 106 John St #3, Toronto, ON

The Porch Rooftop Patio in Toronto

The Porch

Though they charge a hefty cover fee, I can’t deny that The Porch is a great spot for drinks in Toronto.

Their rooftop patio is the perfect spot to enjoy the sunshine and grab a frozen cocktail.

The CN Tower view is pretty sweet too!

If you’re visiting with multiple friends, order one of their epic drink towers to share.

Be sure to also wear plenty of sunscreen, and probably even sunglasses and a hat, unless you’re okay with turning into a lobster!

LOCATION: 250 Adelaide St. West, Toronto, ON

Sneaky Dee’s

Sneaky Dee’s is famous for its nachos and cheap drinks, and you’ll find this Tex-Mex haunt at College & Bathurst.

Come with friends and order some pitchers to share!

They also have “emo nights” where they play old school pop punk music, which is pretty fun if you’re a former emo kid.

LOCATION: 431 College St, Toronto, ON

Madison Avenue Pub

The Madison was one of my fave spots to hit up with my friends back in my university days.

It’s a massive British-style pub housed in 3 connected Victorian buildings, and they’ve got great music and cheap drinks.

It’s also one of the oldest pubs in Toronto, and they’ve been around for over 40 years!

If you’re a fellow youngin’, it’s a pretty fun vibe being with so many other university students.

You’ll see the occasional older group of people, but it’s mostly people in their twenties.

LOCATION: 14 Madison Ave, Toronto, ON

Cocktail bar in Toronto

Best spots for drinks in Toronto:

  1. BarChef
  2. Bar Raval
  3. The Commoner
  4. Fonda Lola Mexican Bistro
  5. Kinka Izakaya
  6. JaBistro
  7. El Catrin Destileria
  8. King Taps
  9. CRAFT Beer Market
  10. Bar Hop
  11. The Dime on Queen
  12. The Fox on John
  13. The Porch
  14. Sneaky Dee’s
  15. Madison Avenue Pub
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These are some of the best spots for drinks in Toronto, whether you’re looking for cheap beers or fancy cocktails.

What are some of your favourite spots for drinks in Toronto? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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