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13 Best Cheap Spots to Eat in Toronto

13 Best Cheap Spots to Eat in Toronto

Toronto has an incredible food scene with plenty of amazing cheap and delicious spots to eat at.

While it’s fun to sit down and eat somewhere nice every once in awhile, going to cheap spots in Toronto is much more friendly to your wallet.

Because Toronto is so large and diverse, there are plenty of high-quality and delicious food places that are budget-friendly as well.

I know the word “cheap” mean different things to different people, but to me anything in the $10 range is fair, especially if the portions are large enough for me to eat for two meals.

Here are some of my fave cheap restaurants and food spots to eat at in Toronto!

Banh Mi Nguyen Huong in Chinatown, Toronto

Banh Mi Nguyen Huong

If you don’t already know what banh mi is, it’s basically a Vietnamese sub sandwich, and Nguyen Huong is the best spot to get authentic banh mi sandwiches in Toronto.

It’s typically filled with meat, pickled veggies, pâté, and a butter/mayo spread, and it’s served on a French baguette.

At $3 for a small sandwich and $4 for a large, it’s a super affordable and cheap spot to eat in Toronto.

I’ve been coming to Nguyen Huong since I was a kid, and my grandma even used to make rice cakes for their store!

If you’ve heard of the other popular Toronto chain, Banh Mi Boys, you’ll be excited to hear that it’s owned by the sons of Nguyen Huong’s owners.

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Price range: $3 to $4

LOCATION: 322 Spadina Ave.

Banh Mi Boys puts their own spin on the classic sandwich here in Toronto!

Banh Mi Boys

Banh Mi Boys puts a unique spin on the classic Vietnamese sandwich with fillings like meatballs and deep fried squid, and they do the same with tacos and bao.

Definitely go for the Squid Banh Mi and Pork Belly Bao – they’re my go-tos!

I pretty much lived at Banh Mi Boys while I was studying at Ryerson because they have a location right at Yonge & Gerrard.

Price range: $4 to $9

LOCATION: Various locations | Website


Roywoods has literally some of the best jerk chicken you will find anywhere in Toronto.

I’m a huge fan of their BBQ chicken, and I usually get the plates because they’re less messy than the sandwiches.

Price range: $10 to $16

LOCATION: Various locations | Website

Mean Bao in Toronto

Mean Bao

Mean bao means “bread” in Cantonese, and Mean Bao serves up delicious baos, dumplings, and bowls.

Their offerings aren’t traditional at all, and they’ve even got a jerk chicken bao.

I love both the jerk chicken and pork belly baos the most!

Two baos are usually enough to make me full, and Adam usually eats three.

Price range: $5 to $11.95

LOCATION: Various locations | Website

Holy Chuck Burgers in Toronto, Ontario

Holy Chuck

Holy Chuck serves up some of the best burgers in all of Toronto, and the prices are reasonable.

They grind fresh meat in-house daily for the burgers, and they use locally-made ice cream and whole milk in their milkshakes.

They’re also known for their unique foie gras burger, poutine, milkshake, and pancakes!

Price range: $7.49 to $16.29

LOCATION: Various locations | Website

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Hot Star Large Fried Chicken in Toronto

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

Hot Star serves up some of the best Taiwanese crispy chicken here in Toronto.

Their large pieces of fried chicken are tender, juicy, and v delicious.

They’ve got locations across Ontario and around Canada as well!

Price range: $7.99 to $14.49

LOCATION: 374 Yonge St. | Website

Classic Salmon poké bowl at Rolltation Toronto


I’m personally more of a poké bowl gal than a sushi one, and Rolltation serves up some of the best poké bowls in Toronto.

You can build your own sushi burritos or bowls, or pick from one of their signature ones.

I always go for their classic salmon bowl – it’s amazing!

Price range: $8.99 to $14.99

LOCATION: Various locations | Website

Buster's Sea Cove in Toronto

Buster’s Sea Cove

Buster’s lobster rolls are some of the best in Toronto, and they’ve got so many amazing seafood dishes for a decent price.

They have three locations in Commerce Court West, Southcore Financial Centre, and St. Lawrence Market.

Price range: $5 to $14.95

LOCATION: Various locations | Website

Wilbur Mexicana is one of Toronto's favourite taco spots

Wilbur Mexicana

Wilbur Mexicana is one of my absolute fave taco spots in Toronto, and it’s pretty affordable.

I always go for the Carne Asada, Al Pastor, and Baja Fish tacos – so darn good.

It’s also a plus that the restaurant itself is pretty aesthetic as well – one of the most Instagrammable restaurants in Toronto!

If you’re into Mexican food, check out my post on the best Mexican restaurants in Toronto.

Price range: $3.95 to $11.95

LOCATION: 552 King St. West | Website

Everything on Queen Street Warehouse's menu is $5.95, which makes it a popular cheap food spot to visit in Toronto

Queen St. Warehouse

Queen St. Warehouse is one of my go-to cheap spots to eat in Toronto.

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Because all their dishes are only $5.95, you can expect to always wait in long lines to get a table at any of the Warehouse restaurants.

The portions are a decent size and the food is pretty good, so it’s worth the wait.

Their sister restaurant The Dime is pretty good as well, and all their dishes are also only $5.95.

Price range: $5.95

LOCATION: 232 Queen St. West | Website

Salad King

If you’re in the mood for delicious and decent-priced Thai food, Salad King is your place.

They’ve been a favourite of Ryerson students for years, and their prices are very fair for really great food.

The portions are usually enough for me to have for two meals, so it’s even cheaper for me 😉

If you’re looking for even more great Thai food, I’ve got a blog post all about the best Thai restaurants in Toronto!

Price range: $11 to $13.50

LOCATION: 340 Yonge St. | Website

Basil Box in Toronto

Basil Box

Basil Box is another great Thai restaurant in Toronto, except it’s more takeout-style than an actual restaurant.

You can pick everything that goes in your box, from the protein to the veggies.

I used to come here all the time when they first opened at Ryerson, and now they have locations across Canada.

The portions are also enough here that I can have two meals, but Adam usually finishes the other half for me 😛

Price range: $11 to $14

LOCATION: Various locations | Website

Roti Cuisine of India

Lamb korma roti is the best and I would eat it everyday of my life if I could.

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Roti Cuisine of India is located at Spadina and Dupont, close to the University of Toronto.

If you want something closer to the downtown core, try Indian Roti House at Church and Wellesley – I find that the portions are smaller, but the taste is also great.

I don’t have any photos because roti isn’t a very attractive dish, but take my word for it being absolutely delicious.

Since the roti is so huge and filling, I also eat it for at least two meals!

Price range: $10.49 to $13.99

LOCATION: 308 Dupont St. | Website

Best cheap food spots in Toronto:

  1. Banh Mi Nguyen Huong
  2. Banh Mi Boys
  3. Roywoods
  4. Mean Bao
  5. Holy Chuck
  6. Hot Star Large Fried Chicken
  7. Rolltation
  8. Buster’s Sea Cove
  9. Wilbur Mexicana
  10. Queen St. Warehouse
  11. Salad King
  12. Basil Box
  13. Roti Cuisine of India

There are plenty of fantastic cheap food spots in Toronto, but these were just a few of my favourites.

Have you been to any of these food spots? Where are your fave cheap places to eat in Toronto? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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