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6 Best Poké Bowl Spots in Toronto

6 Best Poké Bowl Spots in Toronto

You can find plenty of awesome poké bowl spots in Toronto.

It’s a simple, budget-friendly, and moderately-healthy dish (as long as you don’t pack on that mayo) that’s simple and easy to eat anywhere you go.

It’s the perfect picnic dish too – easy to pick up and easy to eat!

Poké is a traditional Hawaiian dish of raw marinated fish, and poké bowls are a modern take on them.

Poké bowls are typically made with raw fish, various Asian toppings, and rice, but you’ll often find other proteins like shrimp, tofu, and even chicken.

I often make poké bowls myself at home, but there are some ingredients I can’t be bothered to buy for myself, or flavours I just can’t replicate.

Here are some of the best places to get poké bowls in Toronto!

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Best poké bowls spots in Toronto

Spicy Habanero Salmon poké bowls from Rolltation Toronto
The Spicy Habanero Salmon poké bowl from Rolltation.


Rolltation is pretty much my go-to spot for poké bowls in Toronto because they’re amazing and so conveniently located around the city.

They have 6 locations in Toronto, and my favourite is probably the Yonge & Dundas restaurant because it’s so chic and spacious!

I pretty much always get the Classic Salmon poké bowl, but I do go for one of their other menu options every now and then if I’m feeling funky.

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The new Spicy Habanero Salmon poké bowl is also pretty dang awesome!

You can choose between their signature poké bowls or build your own, and they also serve up sushi burritos and salads.

I have noticed the portions have gotten smaller over the years, but that could be dependent on location!

LOCATION: Various locations

Poké bowl at The Poké Box Toronto
The Lava Blaze poké bowl from The Poké Box.

The Poké Box

The Poké Box is another spot I frequent in Toronto because I’m usually close enough to order ahead and pickup (through Ritual, one of my fave Toronto food apps).

They prepare their ingredients on a daily basis and craft their marinades in small batches to keep everything fresh!

I usually grab the Lava Blaze or the Poké Box, depending on what I’m feeling.

They’re pretty generous with their portions, so Adam and I usually both grab the regular size and he helps me finish the rest of my bowl!

They have locations in the Financial District and at Queen’s Park, as well as locations in Markham and Waterloo.

LOCATION: Various locations

Poké bowl at Poké Guys Toronto
The Surf’s Up poké bowl from Poké Guys.

Poké Guys

Poké Guys is another incredible poké restaurant in Toronto, and you’ll find their location near the Eaton Centre.

You can choose between their signature bowls or build your own, and they have a nice selection of marinated raw tuna and salmon to choose from.

I love that they’re super generous with the sashimi, alongside all the other toppings in their bowls.

Their Cali bowl is my fave – it features both salmon and tuna!

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The new Surf’s Up bowl is also one of the most unique poké bowls I’ve seen in Toronto – it has marinated surf clams, and it’s delicious!

Poké Guys also makes my absolute fave sauces out of all these poké spots in Toronto.

They also have a restaurant in Markham, and they’ll be opening one in Vaughan soon!

LOCATION: 112 Elizabeth St. Unit 1, Toronto, ON

Torched salmon and ahi tuna poké bowls from Pokéwave in Toronto


Pokéwave serves up amazing poké tacos and poké bowls, and my fave thing about this spot is their torched poké.

You can choose from torched salmon, tuna, shrimp, or tofu, or any of those protein options without the torching.

They’re also very generous with their portions, which is always sweet!

They also have a location in Markham, right across from the Markham Civic Centre (near Downtown Markham).

LOCATION: 514 Yonge St, Toronto, ON

'ONO Poké Bar in Toronto's Liberty Village

‘ONO Poké Bar

If you love your torched sushi, you’ll love the torched poké bowls at ‘ONO Poké Bar.

Both the ‘ONO Torched Salmon and Torched Ahi Tuna bowls are amazing, and they’ve got a bunch of other signature poké bowls to choose from as well.

Or, you can build your own bowl if you’d prefer!

‘ONO is located in Liberty Village, one of my fave neighbourhoods in Toronto.

LOCATION: 100 Western Battery Rd #2, Toronto, ON

Poké bowl at Calii Love in Toronto, Ontario

Calii Love

Calii Love is all about healthy living, and you’ll find everything from good-for-you lattes, to smoothie bowls, to poké bowls.

They have 4 locations across Toronto, and the King Street location is probably my favourite of them all!

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They have some super cute murals outside their King Street location if you’re looking for Instagram-worthy spots in Toronto 😉

LOCATION: Various locations

Best spots for poké bowls in Toronto:

  1. Rolltation
  2. Poke Guys
  3. The Poke Box
  4. Pokéwave
  5. ‘ONO Poké Bar
  6. Calii Love

Have you been to any of these restaurants? Where are your favourite poké bowl spots in Toronto? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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Poké bowls are something you'll find all over Toronto. They're a delicious Hawaiian-inspired dish filled with raw fish, toppings, and rice. Here are some of the best spots to get poké bowls in Toronto, Canada!


Wednesday 15th of February 2017

Love love love anything that includes salmon and avocado! @eliz_t16


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The Classic Salmon Roll is my favourite! MMMMmmm! (@loucheryl on Instagram)


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The rainbow roll is my favorite 👌 @kumaranng


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I really love spicy white tuna rolls! It's like the best of all worlds :) thanks! @antispamgirl


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spicy salmon roll for sure - @okayla.soon

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